My Asian Weekly: The Heirs [K-drama]

By Rachel L - 11:43 AM

So generally my posts seem to fall under fashion and beauty with all my outfit posts and reviews. But I've also often got the odd little post about an anime, or an online shop, or even a video game. So I've been considering recently, what to label these sorts of posts? And I came up with a geeenius idea! Make a new corner for my blog called 'My Asian Weekly', where I basically discuss to my hearts content all the Korean/Japanese/Chinese/etc things that I am enjoying recently. Because trust me, there are so many ideas that I have to discuss for this corner. 

(Oh and I know that Music of the Moment hasn't come out in a while, but that is because I haven't really been addicted to any songs these days. I don't get to listen to that much music at the moment because I'm so busy from school work. But if you were wondering, yes, that is still ongoing) 

So this week, it's all about K-drama, namely... 'The Heirs'. 
Yay, always glad when there are new Korean dramas out. My favourite genres are the high school ones, just because they seem slightly more relatable than the historical dramas for me. A little while ago,I started to watch the new drama of 2013 (supposedly) 'The Heirs'. Instant addiction! 

To be quite honest, the drama itself isn't all that great, but I think it's just those cute little moments that make you feel all happy, as well as the creation of some really nice characters. 

The drama features Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho as the leads, with a classic (and cliche) poor girl meets the handsome, tall and rich guy story. As overdone as these are, I never get tired of watching this same story play out in drama after drama. The drama is currently on episode 6, and my main complaint is HOW SLOWLY everything is moving. Sometimes I watch an episode and I feel like nothing has really happened. So a short summary, without giving away too many spoilers, is that there is this girl who is from a working class family. Her mum is mute and works as a maid at some rich mansion place. The main girl, Eun Sang (played by PSH) has hopes of studying abroad in order to fulfil her dreams but she has this belief that she is limited by what she can do since she isn't rich. Then she goes to America to visit her sister, and there, runs into this hot guy called Kim Tan (played by LMH) who helps her out (and they develop a close relationship). When she returns to Korea, she finds out her mother has moved into the rich mansion to work as a full-time maid. But COINCIDENTALLY this is where Kim Tan's family lives and they meet back in Korea. 

Pretty cliche, pretty predictable right? I feel like I already know what's going to happen by the end of this. But my summary just depicted the two lead's storylines. Of course there are a HEAP of other characters who come into this and have sub-plots, but it'd be too difficult to recount them all. I generally find that in every drama, that lead girl just has the best luck in the world, and although she isn't particularly smart or seems to have the worst family background, she manages to suddenly find the most well-off guy in Korea. Which is totally unreasonable and unlikely. But hey, this is a drama right? 

Watch this video for a little more information: 
Okay, so because this plot is so common, I won't be discussing it as much, apart from reiterating that everything moves so slowly for me, especially episode 5 T_T 
Instead, I'll chat about what I found most interesting in this; which is the huge range of characters

Firstly, everyone is connected in some way. Like EVERYONE is somehow intricately linked. There are also so many smaller storylines between these supporting characters that sometimes, I forget who they are. But I really like how the writers try to tie everything together quite smoothly. 
So this is a REALLY BASIC character map that shows the relationships between some of the students. Obviously the character relationships are much more intricate than this, but I thought it would be a good start for people who just started watching.

The main cast

So we've already talked a little about the leads, Eun Sang and Kim Tan. Here are some of the students that attend the school they go to. (Tbqh, I don't pay as much attention to the older characters but I do really like Kim Tan's brother :) )

Young Do played by Woo Bin 
I don't really find him attractive in this drama, but I really like his character for some strange reason. Like, he's the horrible 'king' of the school, who bullies the weak but oddly enough, I love his appearances in the drama. He's evidently going to start liking Eun Sang, and has a rivalry against Kim Tan so that could be good. 
Yes, I am part of that minority that ships Young Do and Eun Sang. Idk why, I just think they are so cute together and UGH IDEK, BECAUSE SHE OBVS DOESN'T LIKE HIM T_T

Myung Soo played by Park Hyungsik
I don't really know if I like this guy just because of the actor idol, but I also enjoy his character's personality. He kind of seems like the middle man at the school, or the guy who is pretty nice to everyone - plus his bromance with Young Do is gold. 

Chan Young played by Kang MinHyuk
♡♡♡♡MINHYUK. I am so biased towards his character because he's from CNBlue (one of my favourite Kpop bands) and plus he's so nice! But I don't ship these two, I think they are much better off as best friends and that he is really cute with Bo Na. He is basically Eun Sang's best friend and attends the rich people school but is ranked really low in terms of social class. (Oh and if you're confused as to why Eun Sang attends the rich school when she is dirt poor, watch the drama and it'll make sense)

'Rachel' played by Kim Jiwon
Okay, maybe I like this character just because she has the same name as me. I love her style and find her mean attitude really funny. She is the ultimate bitch of the drama, Kim Tan's fiance and Young Do's stepsister. And yet, I think that she is misunderstood and we should just try to see things from her perspective, because her life seems pretty sad sometimes. ^_^ (wow, I am so empathetic towards fictional characters)

Bo Na played by Krystal Jung
She is the jealous and clingy girlfriend of Chanyoung. I love her relationship with him even though she is really irritating sometimes. Her character's kind of refreshing though and seems the most relatable for teenage girls. I predict that she will help out Eun Sang in the future of the drama and form some sort of slight friendship with her (well that's what I'm hoping). 

That random bullied kid
HAHAH I don't even know his name[His name is JoonYoung], but I don't understand why this kid is bullied. He's pretty cute though. I hope he comes into this drama more and becomes friends with Eun Sang but if this drama turns into one where ALL the guys fall in love with the lead female, I will legit stop watching. Q.Q

So those are just a select FEW of the characters. There are tons more such as Kim Tan's brother/birth mother/listed mother/father/Eun Sang's mother/sister/other students/some cray American guy etc etc. 

Yup, definitely suggest you watch this drama because it's just full of feel good scenes that keep us teenagers hoping for a love story like this one :D (but cmon, let's be real here...) 

So if you have been keeping up with 'The Heirs', what do you think of it so far? 

Look out for my next 'My Asian Weekly'! 

xx Heylinni


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14 replies

  1. OMG I love this drama, it's my current main K-drama. I watch it every weekend when it comes out and I really like it so far, but Eun Sang's mom is not deaf she's mute. I'm looking forward to what it has in store ^^

  2. I was considering watching this drama, so thank you for the great article i will defininetly watch it now!
    and your asian weekly idea is very nice <3

    xx May


  4. omgg!! i'm currently watching this drama too and i also think it's moving rather slowly BUT it's getting there... lol
    minhyuk and krystal love line is pretty cute though, lol and i agree how minhyuk and psh should just be best friends... LOL

  5. omg oops! That;s what I meant hahaha ,fixed it now :)@Bunny

  6. I am absolutely OBSESSED with this drama, I think this is my favourite drama of the year!! Hehe, I love the fashion sense in the drama to especially Rachel's!

  7. OMO OMO OMO!!!! I thought I would check out your blog too and I'm so glad you messaged me on my blog because if you hadn't I may have never found your awesome blog!!! It is sooooo cute.. I love it!!! and I love this post on The Heirs!!!! it's my current fav K-drama and i'm so sad it's ending soon but excited to see what happens at the same time ~^.^~
    Please follow me on bloglovin, facebook, twitter and Google + and I'm defo going to follow you too ~^.^~

    x Saima x

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