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By Rachel L - 6:19 PM

I bet you see a lot of posts on blogs about this particular topic. The incredibly heavily discussed and attempt-to-be-inspiring topic of 'your goals and your future'. I know that I've certainly read quite a few of these and finally it is my turn to write up a post about this for my special readers :)

Honestly, I don't even know how to start off with this right now. I have a strong opinion regarding 'my goals in life' that has been shaped by various people in my life. I think it's important to note that everyone should have particular aims or dreams that they'd like to fulfil in their lifetime. These goals give us a purpose in life, and act as motivation to continue working hard in whatever you do in order to achieve them. These goals may be short-term ones such as getting high marks in the HSC or losing a certain amount of weight, or they could be long-term ones like starting a family or even becoming a leader of your country! Regardless of what they are, I'm sure each and every one of you have a list of what you'd like to achieve one day. 
So what does your list look like? If you haven't got one, maybe you could just get a piece of scrap paper and jot down some ideas, just so it becomes clearer what you are working so hard towards every single day. I think having them right in front of you can be a good idea because they can then act as guides and a daily reminder to continue keeping you pumped! 

I reckon these would be some of the 'goals' on my list:

But then comes the totally confusing and headache-stimulating question that bothers all of us teenagers. 'What do I want to do after school?' or 'What do I want to do with my life?' 

We've all asked ourselves this. And it's definitely not something easy to answer. I'm lucky because I'm pretty sure of the kind of things I want to do at the moment. But for those who don't know, it's really no rush to decide I guess. After all, a human being changes careers multiple times in our lives. All you need to do is consider what you enjoy in life and there's sure to be some sort of career that links to that hobby. I think that what you truly want to do will come to you at some point naturally, and it will be something that you sincerely love and is the reason that you get up every morning :)

I've changed my mind loads of times regarding the career I want to have in the future. As a kid, I always wanted to work at McDonald's, just so I could get the free food. In Year 1, it was decided that I'd be a farmer in the outback with my best friend. There was even a point in life where I thought I'd follow the path of being a doctor just because I thought my parents would be so proud of me. That career choice was a huge mistake (it ended up with me taking up chemistry as a subject, which I dropped after a week in the class). And this is where I can't stress enough:

  Do what you love, for yourself, and not for anybody else'. 

Obviously, it's hard to make up your own mind, if you are surrounded by people who tell you, 'Oh, artists/fashion designers/models/bloggers earn nothing unless you are the top of the top, you will live out on the streets and never get a job. A job as a lawyer/doctor/accountant is much more secure'. But what if your passion is in the arts? In my opinion, people who do what they are told rather than what they personally want, will never truly succeed in their jobs. How could someone be their best at something they don't like? You only shine brightly when you follow your heart and dreams.

Ok so maybe adults may read this and be thinking, 'You are a 16 year old. You have no idea what you're talking about, the real world has many more complications than that'. But isn't that exactly it? This real world doesn't need to have those complications and barriers, if you just cast aside the fears of failure and really went for your dreams. Maybe you don't succeed the first time. Or the second. Or even the third. But I believe that persistence and passion really pays off. Hmm, just like Jessie J said, 'It's not about the money, money, money'. When you are doing what makes you happy daily, maybe money does become less important and you'll always get by somehow. This was just something that one of my close friends told me as her own philosophy and I whole heartedly agree with it. 

My second piece of advice is:

  Go for what you want, no matter what other people say

This is pretty similar to what I said before. It's all about the perseverance, determination and affirming exactly how much you want this particular goal. Right now, I honestly feel that persistence is a huge factor in success. I'm not saying that if you just want something, you'll automatically get it though. What I mean is that your desire for something will drive you to work 100% for it - and even if you fail to get it the first time, you just need to pick yourself up, rethink the situation and find another way around it. Let me give you an example. I know that I want to do Business and Management when I'm older, because I really have a passion for that field (which you might notice). I want to do everything I can to maximise my chances in succeeding in this field. This is why I researched the best business universities - even amazing ones overseas such as Wharton and Stanford Business School. Then I decided to find out more by talking to a school figure. I was really let down though, as she explained to me that it would be next to impossible to get into a school like that and that I shouldn't aim quite so high. In that period, I basically gave up all hope on my dreams as I caved in to reality. But, if you've watched DanganRonpa (lol), you'll know that hope is one of the strongest weapons and is instrumental in happiness and success! There's definitely no harm in trying to study abroad, since I'll have nothing to lose. And plus, by aiming high, I'll at least achieve the next best thing :) Even if I don't get into a renowned business university, the world is not over, and I can just find another option to achieve my dreams. ^_^ Like I said, it's about not giving up, and finding ways around things to reach those ultimate goals. 
btw you guys should watch this anime ;) [DanganRonpa]

Now if you already know what you want to do, that's a good sign ! Congrats, you are already halfway there :) Basically then, you are just doing whatever you can to achieve those goals. It's a lot easier when you know what you want because then, you're just doing things to build up to that final goal. It acts as a constant motivation in your life. I was told this when I was really young, and think that it is just a good old, wise story to share. I was about 11 or something, waiting at a bus stop with my grandma, when this old man came and sat next to us. He started up a conversation, then asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Obviously, at that time, I had zero idea. What he then said really stuck to me. He told me that when you knew what you wanted to do, then you would would achieve that in the future. He gave me examples of his sons, who wanted to be engineers as kids, then became engineers in their adulthood. As an 11 year old, I had no idea what he was talking about and I brushed it off, but now that I think about it, this guy was completely right. Our goals really shape the way our lives play out, and by knowing clearly what your goals are, you just need to put ideas into action to achieve them. 

For me, this is especially evident in successful people. Pretty sure you've all heard stories of Walt Disney, Vincent Van Gogh, Steven Spielberg, The Beatles and Michael Jordan. They were all people who had many failures in their lifetimes, but their persistence to do what they love kept them going, and look where they are now. Fear of failure, not failure itself, is the demon which stops people from achieving dreams. This fear is normal but I suggest that you just remind yourself of this insightful quote from J.K Rowling: 

'You might never fail on the scale that I did. But it is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default'.

On a more personal level, someone who I am inspired by is Kaila, the blogger from RainbowHolic.com. She was someone who had dreams of living in Japan, despite her highly unlikely chances due to a very normal life in the Philippines. However, Kaila did everything she could in her power to reach those goals. Her story is absolutely amazing to me and can be found at Kailaocampo.com (seriously, check this site out. It's motivational). From setting mere goals, she has been able to achieve SO much, such as becoming a Kawaii Leader of Japan for a popular broadcasting show, as well as setting up and gathering many Kawaii Lovers in her own country for successful events. The things that she has achieved in a short amount of time despite the odds, continues to inspire me to also go for my dreams.
So finally...MY DREAMS. You've got a basic idea of what they are by now. I really have a passion to run a successful business in the future. This kind of dream requires the persistence because of the HUGE failure rate of businesses in the world. I have to continually remind myself that passion and hard work pays off, because it is so easy to give up when there are times of hardship!

That's why, I decided to start now. I have plenty of time now to work towards this dream and a couple of months ago, I (after being really inspired by Ulzzang CEO's) told myself that I would set up a small online shop where my readers and others could buy clothes that were totally my sort of style! :) This shop is more of a trial, to understand how the field of business works.
It really was supposed to come out a month ago, but honestly, I had that nasty fear of failure. I constantly second-guess myself, often asking 'what if nobody buys from me?', 'what if this is a complete waste of time?' etc etc. Since then, I've realised that it really doesn't matter. If the shop isn't successful, I'll try again. If I don't make a profit, I'll have gained experience anyway. And if people don't purchase anything, I'll just change tactics and techniques until it does work out.
For a while, I felt that if I kept this shop developed, but not open, I could delay that possible chance of failure. But through those actions, I was already failing! What is the point of having a shop if it isn't open?? So I finally got over this and convinced myself that whatever happened, it wouldn't matter because I tried my hardest :) And that's what you guys should be doing too.

If you have an idea, don't delay it, try to figure out how to put it into action.

And so, now I have opened 'alemonslife.storenvy.com'! I hope that you will all be supporting it and continue to suggest ideas or give me advice to improve it. I will be holding a month long trial first, and then will be adding more and more cute and stylish products to it! (let me know what kinds of clothes you like!)

I also want to give a HUGE, HUGE thanks to WENGIE.COM for supporting me with this. She has been so helpful and kind, even aiding me by modelling some of the clothes for me. Of course, she looks absolutely amazing in them! I really hope you all check out the site and maybe like the clothes enough to buy them :D 
argh she's so stunning O-O

WOW, this post went for a lot longer than I expected, and I hope you read to the end (though I doubt it) because it is pretty heavy stuff here. Remember that it is my personal opinion from what I have experienced so far in my life. Maybe my opinions will change as I grow up, but I sure hope not. This obliviousness towards the complications of LIFE is what keeps me active and hopeful. ^_^

So now, what are you still doing reading this post? You should be working on steps that will help YOU achieve YOUR goals :) 

xx Heylinni


Thank You for Reading! 
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13 replies

  1. omg #inspirational you are my idol!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good luck on your online store, dear! I actually envy you 'cause my online store only runs on Facebook. Haha! I hope to have my store's own site too, someday. :)

  3. And oh, I also wanna share something. Like you (somewhat), I'm launching my own handmade accessories soon! I'm extremely nervous and excited. You know, thinking that maybe the buyers won't like my designs. But hey, try and try, right? :) Good luck to us! ;)


  4. This is awesome Rachel, it's really great to see people like you working towards your dreams^-^ Really wish the best of luck to you and your shop, hopefully all your hard work pays off! ~ x

  5. congrats! looking forward for your store to expand :) btw can you do a room tour? :D

  6. Hi!
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog :)
    I loved reading this post, it is so true! At the moment my life has kind of gone upside down, I have no idea what I'm going to do next. Like you say, 'If you have an idea, don't delay it, try to figure out how to put it into action' , but it's the putting it into action part that is hard!!!
    Best of luck with your online store! Hope it really kicks off and you do well :)
    I'm now following you on GFC and bloglovin, feel free to follow back ^^
    Take care

  7. hahah yes, i hope to be doing some YouTube videoes soon too :) @Anonymous

  8. I know what you mean :( It truly is much easier said than done. But I guess trying not to procrastinate will help at least a little, it's better than not trying at all :)@Bel McCall