The Ultimate Ulzzang Series: Circle Contact Lenses ft. PinkyParadise

By Rachel L - 7:03 PM

I've been a keen follower of the Ulzzang trend for these past few years and like to think that I know quite a bit about this style by now. I've collected their pictures, watched the shows (Ulzzang Shidae S1-7) and constantly check out their online malls! I'm not sure what it is about these plastic-perfect people that is so intriguing, but their style has become prominent across Asian countries. Whilst 'Ulzzang', meaning 'best face' originated in Korea, the trend has become very popular overseas as well, with many famous Brazil Ulzzangs or Latin Ulzzangs. 
The look focusses on classic doll features with big eyes, a tall nose and a very small face (preferably with a V-Line). Examples of popular ulzzangs include Han Areum Songgi, Hong Younggi, Park Tae Jun and Lee Chi Hoon. My personal favourites would be Park Sora, Kim Shin Yeong, Song Ah Ri, Park Hyung Seok, Yoon Ara and Park Hye Min. :) 

So I thought that I should share my gathered knowledge with you all! Today is the first instalment of my Ulzzang Series, where I will be discussing CONTACT LENS SHOPS. Also note that whilst this is an Ulzzang series, I do also make reference to some net idols and gyarus like Tsubasa and Huang Yilin, because their values when it comes to appearance are so similar :D 
So what are contact lenses? If you have any interest in Korean culture right now, I think you'd have come across circle lenses before. They are also known as cosmetic lenses that have the ability to change the colour of your eyes or make your eyes appear bigger. They are one of the most essential accessories for any ulzzang. In fact, ulzzangs who have appeared in Ulzzang Shidae state that contact lenses have become a part of them, and taking them out makes these 'pretty-faces' feel incomplete ^_^ 

Although circle lens initially became popular through the Korean Wave, after Kpop celebs began wearing them, they were actually first made for the Japanese cosplay/lolita style. As the Princess theme was growing big in Japan, the Japanese people created lenses to change their eye colour (making them look more Western) and create large, dolly eyes. Lenses often range from 14mm-16mm and don't cover the iris of the eye, so you can still see normally when you wear them. As the circle lens craze grew, the contact lens industry boomed! There are now hundreds of styles of lenses with all different kinds of series. Along with these, there are many online stores where you can easily buy contact lenses :) 
One of the leading and biggest online contact lens retailers is PinkyParadise.

They sell a whole range of different contact lenses, and are one of the most trusted sellers online. Their beliefs is that 'circle lens are more than just coloured contact lens, they redefine the beauty boundaries of eye makeup'. I personally think this is a great way of thinking of circle lenses, and they are a very professional group. Their Facebook page has almost 100k likes, with many satisfied reviews from customers. 
I love the overall design of their website. Their navigation is very easy to follow and you can find yourself spending hours on the site, just browsing page after page of contact lenses. In fact, their site even states that there are over 600+ designs! WOW
As I have said, the variety at PinkyParadise is endless. You can choose based on ☞

Colour - From choices of blue, green, brown, black, red, grey, pink, violet
Brand - Top brands including GEO, Super Pinky, Vassen and EOS
Diameter - 14mm-15mm
Effect - Colourful, enlarging, natural, no black rim, vibrant
Prescription - You can get from no prescription (for those lucky ones with perfect eyesight) to -10.00

This makes finding the perfect pair of lenses for YOU very easy and convenient! You'll be clicking that checkout button in no time ;)
What's more, the shop accepts PayPal so the transaction is totally safe c:

A few of my favourite styles that I suggest you take a look at are the Princess Mimi Bambi Series, designed by Tsubasa (found in the 4 pictures below) and the Grang Grang Choco Lenses! Those are the most natural and ulzzang like, just to enlarge eyes, however, some ulzzangs do like changing their eye colour as well :)
(NB: I'll be making a post later on detailing more about my favourite contacts, shops, contact care, how to wear them etc. for a future ulzzang series post)
Another type of lenses that have caught my eye on the PinkyParadise website are the new Panda Series. They are so cute and come in a range of colours, plus the patterning on the lens is so delicate and pretty!

The advantages to shopping online at PinkyParadise are:

  • Free Express shipping on orders over 130$
  • Free cutie animal lens case
  • 100% secure online shopping
  • GEO anti-fake assurance
  • PayPal secure payment 
And to my lucky readers who have got this far, there's a special treat for you as well! By using 


as a coupon code, you are entitled to receive a FREE cute animal lens case as well as a MYSTERY gift :) 
In addition, the coupon code can also be STACKED so if you get three pairs of lenses, you'll get three mystery gifts. 
Only condition is that you have to buy at least one pair of lenses to receive the mystery gift :) 

An extra incentive to go check out the PinkyParadise site is that they sell other things apart from circle lenses. In fact, they have sections dedicated to Beauty and Accessories related products as well! Take a look at that, and I'll leave you with these 2 lovely makeup how-to's found from
Please look forward to this Ultimate Ulzzang Series, where in the future I will talk about everything Ulzzang related including makeup, fashion, plastic surgery and photoshop!
Until then,

xx Heylinni

Thank You for Reading! 
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  1. I just love wearing circle lenses.. :)
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  2. yay!!! sosososo excited :DD

  3. I really love the panda circle lens series too haha :D Ulzzangs are so so pretty! I love their style more than gyaru honestly because it looks more natural and without lower eyelashes :D I will enter your code when I ever plan to order there again ^u^

    1. yes i agree! sometimes gyaru is a bit overdone, especially with the tans! :D

  4. I love Ulzzang style too! They're so cute and pretty, it makes a nice change from popular makeup looks here in the UK~ Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge about circle lenses, I don't really wear them at the moment, but I might like to try them in the future^-^ x

  5. omg you're so cute.
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    1. prices usually vary, but average to be about 19-21 dollars :)

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