Another outfit post: Urban Street Style

By Rachel L - 1:24 PM

This outfit post focusses on an urban street style that explores the Western side of fashion. Now that I'm on holidays, I have a little more time to actually go out and take photos :) I was very inspired by a Tumblr/alternative look that's becoming increasingly popular nowadays. However, as usual, I've managed to mix the slightest bit of K-fashion into the outfit. 

The overall look focusses on a green, fresh colour palette that complements the environment around it. There are a mix of cool, green shades as well as little touches of pink, which look nice in contrast. The fashion icons which I picked up ideas from for this outfit all come from, which is this lovely style website where you can post up outfit photos and see what kind of clothes other people are wearing. One of my main fashion inspirations is Chloe Ting, who I have previously mentioned on my blog before. She is also an Australian fashion blogger, and she's incredibly popular and absolutely gorgeous! I love every outfit she puts together and you should check her out at

This outfit is pretty suitable for a cool summer (unlike the one we're having now). I'm wearing a dark teal long-sleeved top with little horse (^_^) patterns on it. It's tight but light and cropped at just below the waist. With this, I've paired a pair of dark denim shorts and wrapped one of those flannel shirts around the hips (idk, this used to be daggy but I'm seeing more and more bloggers wear this style). To accessorise, I've got on my studded platform creepers (bought from Windsor Smith) and a Channel beanie. It's no Chanel, but it's still quite cute :) The fashion point for this outfit is pairing a slightly cropped shirt with short shorts to make the proportions between torso and legs seem longer. Then the beanie and the flannel shirt exude that casual, urban street style. In addition, the legs are lengthened even further by the platform shoes and super rolled down socks.
Oh yeah, steep hills + high angle shots can make you look a lot taller :D
With my friend who took most of these outfit photos along with usual photographer, Rosie :) 
Wine red and grey are a great combination!
Hope you enjoyed this outfit post :) Just to let you know, I'm starting a LOOKBOOK account as well. I'll be posting photos on it soon but just for now, feel free to start following it at: 
I will also be selling this cute Channel beanie in grey on my online shop at for an affordable price! Furthermore, the sale is ending soon on my online shop (prices at the moment vary from $11-$35 !!) so get buying in time for XMAS :) 

It's going to be Christmas soon too so stay tuned for my Christmas/New Years giveaway which will be a collaboration with LoveShoppingHolics :) 

xx Heylinni 
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47 replies

  1. I love your outfit, especially your flannel. Great post! xoxo


  2. Very smart outfit, I like the style if tying tartan shirt around the waist. Loved you Beaine
    Have a nice day
    Keep in touch,

  3. so cute dear. I love your style. :)

    Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA

  4. Cute look! I am seriously in love with your hair xxx

  5. I love your outfit and you look super cute <3

    HimeSara5h: Blossoming Wallflower

  6. Love the flannel shirt, I'm just starting lookbook too :) followed you

    Love, Leonita

    1. Aww yay! Haven't posted anything but I will start soon ahhaa

  7. Such a cute outfit!! Chloe is also an inspiration to me:) Just checked out your store! It's so cute!! I'm looking forward to those CHANNEL beanies! xx

    Chic Nikkie
    Bloglovin' | Facebook

    1. yesss she is perfect! thanks, ill be getting grey, studded ones instore soon, so cute!!

  8. such a pretty post!
    you have a really good fashion sense (。’▽’。)♡
    and followed you via gfc ahoho

  9. i cant see you in my followers :( would you follow me back?

  10. The short shorts really match the heals! *A*
    I'm quite the tiny girl myself, definitely trying the high angles out!
    Thank you for sharing! <3 You look amazing!

    1. hahaha us short girls need to use special skills to appear taller :D

  11. Hello Hello ~^.^~
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, congratulations! Be sure to answer my questions for you and follow me on Facebook, Google+, and Bloglovin :)

    x Saima x

  12. How do you like colour your hair? Do you get it done professionally or do you use those DIY boxes? I've been thinking about getting my hair blond - I have virgin asian black hair - and I don't know which choice is better.

    1. I've got a blog post about it, read it here :)

  13. perfect combo! you are so cool
    sure we can follow each other :)
    i'm following you now

  14. u look chic! Nice!
    would you like to follow each other?
    Gfc / google plus:
    Please, let me know! ;)

  15. followed you in bloglovin! mind to followback?:)

  16. great look beautiful
    love the look
    wanna follow each other via GFC and bloglovin
    kisses & happy holidays

  17. your blog is so cute! you've inspired me to make my own storenvy some day ^_^ would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin?

  18. you look so cute!


  19. Hi Dear!) ok)! I followed you in GFC,follow me back please in GFC!)


  20. You look so awesome! I love the flannel tied against your waist. I also loved how you gave the great tip of shooting on hills to make you look taller haha!

  21. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog lovely. This outfit is so cute! Love the casual but stylish edge of it, you look lovely!
    I have hopped on board via gfc, bloglovin and other social media and look forward to reading your posts in the future:)
    Alex from allurescent x

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