Fresh Colour Brown Contact Lens [Sponsored by LensCircle]

By Rachel L - 4:24 PM

Yay! New lenses have come in, this time kindly sponsored by LensCircle. They said I could pick any contacts on their online shop, so I decided to go with something more natural and ulzzang-like, by choosing the Fresh Colour Brown Contact Lens. I absolutely adore the look of these, because they seem to enlarge the eyes, whilst also staying VERY natural, almost like you aren't wearing lenses at all. It's perfect for daily or weekly wear, rather than special events. 

LensCircle is an online lens shop, whose mission statement is to: 'Make eyes beautiful, one lens at a time'. The site is easy to navigate with a navigation bar in the top right hand corner which allows you to view all the different series of lenses they have. In addition to this, they provide a lot of information on their website about circle lens which is especially helpful for first time users! They are located in California and you can check out their Facebook Page here for more information. 

One more thing I'd like to mention about LensCircle is their customer service. They are excellent! Seriously the person who was emailing me was absolutely amazing, quite personal and very helpful. They obviously put a lot into making every second of the customer experience enjoyable and convenient. 

So I was very excited when the lenses arrived, as they are my second pair to review! These ones are super different to my first pair of lenses which I reviewed (EOS Candy Pink) as they are natural and toned-down. They arrived in a package containing a leopard print bag filled with the lenses, lens care cards and a lens case all safe in bubble-wrap. 
It's very thoughtful of them to send these cards about lens care, especially if you are a beginner with contact lenses. They provide important information like how to put the contacts in, how to open the vials (because trust me, I got it very wrong the first time) and how to store and wash the contacts. Plus they have cute designs on the cards, so I kept them :) 
So onto the lenses! These are the Geo Fresh Brown Colour Lenses. They are trusted as real Geo lenses, as they've got the Geo reliability sticker on them. You can purchase these at LensCircle for $34.95 here. Along with the purchase of the lenses, you also receive a free lens case, lens care card and a gift bag like I showed you before.
Prescriptions are available from -0.5 to -10.00 for the especially short-sighted :) I'm a -4.00 so I'm pretty blind myself D:
 The contact lens main job is to enlarge the eyes. For those with brown eyes, it creates a very subtle dolly effect that looks natural yet adds something extra to your appearance. It expires one year after opened, which is pretty normal. 
The base content of the lens is 8.60mm whilst the diameter of the lens are 14.2mm. 

Note: If you buy lenses, just ALWAYS remember to soak them for 6-8 hours in multipurpose solution before trying them on, or they'll burn and damage your eyes. 
Now here's a shot of my eyes before I put the lenses in just so you can see the subtle enlargement that it creates. 
And here are the contact lenses applied! Whilst they look very natural, you can definitely see that my eyes seem a little bigger :) 
Overall, I am very pleased with these contact lenses. They've done exactly what I'd hoped with the enlarging factor yet I am able to wear these in everyday situations. These lenses are a must-have for the ulzzang look, which focuses on being beautiful whilst seemingly natural.
The lenses are very comfortable to wear for a couple of hours. I cannot feel them, and they do not obstruct my vision in any way. I really love the colour of them as well. They are a soft brown, very close to my eye colour :D
Here are my ratings ^_^ 

Comfort ♥♥♥♥♡ 
When you first put them in, there is some slight irritation, but after it sets in, I could hardly tell that they were there at all! 

Effect ♥♥♥♥♥
I LOVE the overall effect of these lenses. They might not be unusual or stand out brightly, but they are perfect for the natural beauty ulzzang look. They have enlarged my eyes in a subtle, innocent manner. 

Colour ♥♥♥♥♡ 
The colour is soft and the lenses are speckled beautifully so that the colour is natural and pretty. It slightly lightens my eyes and gives them a sparkle. However, I think that I may get bored of this colour because it is quite ordinary and nothing too special. 

Price ♥♡♡♡♡
Here is my central complaint about these lenses. They are $34.95 before shipping! The price is quite steep in comparison to some other online lens stores, however I understand that the quality makes up for it because LensCircle is very professional and quality-controlled. 
✓ Very comfortable and feels like it isn't even there!
✓ Amazing customer service from LensCircle 
✓ Natural and sweet 
✓ Comes with a lens care card and information on contact lenses in general 
✓ Free lens case with the lenses
✓ Perfect for the ulzzang look
✓ You can wear them on a day to day basis 

✕ Expensive
✕ Slight irritation when first putting them in
I really do adore these lenses overall and think that they'll be used very often by me for future blog post shoots as well as shoots for my online fashion shop

I really wanted to thank LensCircle for the amazing experience they have given me with these lenses and its been wonderful collaborating with them :D Please do go check out their shop as it provides such a huge variety of different lenses that are fantastic quality! 

xx Heylinni

Thank You for Reading! 
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