Outfit Post: Vivi-inspired Collared Kitty Shirt ft. 'ALemonsLife.storenvy.com'

By Rachel L - 1:25 PM

Summer's definitely approaching here in Australia, and I find myself more and more often trading in the bulky jumpers and jeans for lighter t-shirts and shorts. However, it's often difficult to make these summer clothes look 'cute' or 'kawaii', the same way that layered outfits do. 

I decided to breeze through my Vivi magazines and Tumblr pages to search for inspiration for J-fashion styled summer outfits. In particular, this shirt caught my eye. It was modelled by the popular Japanese icon AMO, and it looked so pretty on her! The shirt has a peter pan collar, frilly sleeves and a print of a pastel cat on it. Who could ask for anything more? In addition to this, it's perfect for the hot weather as it is very light and reasonably stretchy too. I especially love the strong blue eyes of the cat, that's kind of creepy, like it's staring right at everyone else. 

I then bought a couple of these tops off an online site, since it was cheaper if I bought a few of them (^_^) and they came really fast. I'm looking forward to wearing this top in the upcoming holidays! 
So it was the perfect time for an outfit post for you guys :) This time, I really wanted to bring out the J-fashion element of the outfit by pairing the Vivi shirt with ombred pastel shorts, a patterned 'mask' and a cat ear beanie that was actually purchased in Japan. Although the mask can be perceived as a little weird here in Australia, it's actually a very popular fashion statement in Japan. I've also got the classic knee/thigh high socks on (: I also suggest wearing platformed sneakers with this outfit, or creepers to complete the look. My makeup was very inspired by the Gyaru girls in Japan, with both bottom AND top eyelashes that give you the anime look. Hope you enjoy these photos! (A huge thanks to my friend Rosie for taking them!)

So the best part is that you can also buy this top, in preparation for the heat of the Summer. If you are looking for a cute and unique addition to your wardrobe, feel free to purchase it from my online shop, ALemonslife.storenvy.com 

The link to it is here:

And it is currently on sale, for only $16.00, which is a total steal! Go check it out and feel the cute this holidays :D 

Until next time!

xx Heylinni
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  1. Your top is way too cute
    Happy Weekend

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  3. Ahh, the shirt is really cute and I love your eyemakeup! <3
    I've just followed you, looking forward to all of your new posts! ^_^

    - ♡ ゆずる

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  5. You probably get this alot but I think you're really pretty~
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    Loving the colors of your outfit btw.

    Clarie C.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Your t-shirt is sooo cute!
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    Secrets Of Camille

  7. The shirt is so adorable! ///A/// That beanie is as well!
    I love the collar~ It give it such an innocent and stylish look! <3
    (whispers can i have that beanie)

    Thank you for sharing! <3


  8. What a cute cat shirt >.<
    great blog :)

    Love, Leonita

  9. great post. your blog looks really cool by the way! how about we follow each other? just let me know.

    love, M.


  10. The shirt is really cute >`<
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  11. OMGG~ you look so cute, i love your top and shorts x3
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    -cheer, michelle

  12. hello ... you look so cute dear...
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  13. Very cute outfit. I really like the kitty T-shirt.

    I'm also here to tell you that I nominated you for the Liebster Award, if you would like to check my post


    1. aww thanks! and congrats on getting nominated yourself :)

  14. oh man, your shorts are super-cute. :)



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    These pictures are really cool! Kepp up the good work <3

  16. The shirt has a peter pan collar, frilly sleeves and a print of a pastel cat on it. ... icatshirt.blogspot.com