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By Rachel L - 7:29 PM

Wow! What a long break I've had! For those who don't know, I've actually been away for the past 10 days, at a computer science camp (haha so nerdy), which I'll probably talk a little about in a later post. I didn't bring my laptop with me so I've had no chance to write up a post while I've been gone. Plus, the quality of the photos posted would've been super dodgy -.- 

THEN I decided to give my site a makeover and come back with a fresh and newly coded blog, with different features and a relaxing colour scheme! Check out my little slideout sidebar for advertisements :) Pretty neat right? 

Before I left though, I had ordered a 9-pack of temporary tattoos (revisiting childhood) from the lovely online shop 'Wanderlustiny'. It's a totally cute and unique accessory shop that sells a huge variety of products from tattoos to phone accessories. I am in love with all their products. 

I've seen the temporary tattoo trend slowly returning on my Instagram and Tumblr feeds and I definitely love any opportunity to express yourself through design on the skin! Though I don't think I'd be able to get a permanent tattoo Q.Q The best thing about these temporary tattoos are that they're so flexible. You can change up the design whenever you want and you aren't locked in to having a specific design inked in your skin forever. They're just like accessories such as rings or necklaces. You might wear them on a night out, but the next day you can just remove it, much like removing a piece of jewellery :) Plus the designs are endless! I want to be able to try all of them out :D 

I received these in a tightly bundled pack of 9. They were on sale (and still are!) for only $6.00 plus shipping. I think the designs are great and the black and white colour scheme is very simple and minimalist, which I prefer. You can find them here, if you are interested in purchasing this bundle. 
This is what my package looked like this morning. I'm sorry you can't see all of them, I was so excited to use some as soon as I got the package :) There are 6 bigger sheets and 3 small squares of super cool temp tattoos ^_^ 
 First set is quite lovey-dovey with all these heart and cupid designs. I really like them and I think they're quite adorable. They don't exactly suit my kind of style but I can definitely make it work! You can see that I've already used a couple of these :)

 I really love this set! The sun symbols are so beautiful and intricately designed in all sizes :) They're perfect to have on the wrist as a elegant and somewhat meaningful looking tattoo.

 I'm not so keen on the chains in this set as I think they look pretty tacky, but the hints of red are a nice touch and I do love the angel wing design in the bottom left corner of the sheet :)

 This is one of my favourite sheets! The designs on this set are the main reason I decided to get this bundle. They're so cute and cartoon-like, girly but with the right touch of toon. The little camera is so sweet!!

There are designs I like and ones that I don't like in this sheet. The skulls are a bit much for me but I do love the anchor tattoo's a lot. I always love that navy/sailor kind of theme.

This is another set I love. The writing is so elegant and pretty and would look perfect situated just at the collarbone c:

These three smaller squares were well worth it. Although they aren't as long-lasting as the other sheets I find that these designs are a lot better looking! Barcode, elephant and fish....who could ask for anything more?

So today I've decided to try a phrase tattoo, which I think is meant to say 'True Love'. The handwriting is very sophisticated and flowy, which I love. It's small so I'm placing it on my wrist.
I think most of you already know how to apply temporary tattoos though (you must! didn't you do it when you were young?) so I won't bother making some kind of tutorial.
Basically its just: Peel off the top sticker, place it on your skin, wet the paper against skin, hold for about 30 seconds, peel off and TADA IT'S THERE.
 So it looks really great right? I love the overall effect as it is simple and pretty. But there is a HUGE problem with this specific tattoo, which I had not realised until I put it on. Instead of saying 'True Love', it looks like it actually says, 'Ture Love'. What?? It doesn't matter since other people probably won't notice, but it is a bit of a bother to me.

Update: Also, as I am writing this now, it's only been a day since I put htis on and it is already starting to wear off. I'm really questioning the quality of the tattoo, but who cares...it still looks cool :)
I really love the products at this shop. They have a few other tattoo packs available (on sale right now) as well, like this adorable 'hipster' pack, complete with full colour sheets of triangles, galaxy shet and some arty sketches. I would have bought this one if I had the money ;)

But apart from temporary tattoos, Wanderlustiny also sell some great accessories, especially for phones. I adore their range of dust plugs which feature little Starbucks mugs and cups - so cute! Not to mention, incredibly inexpensive c: If you're interested, find them here

Oh and one last product I loved. This iPhone case is so pastel and trippy! Kind of looks like a rainbow oil spill or something? And the words on it are truly wise. It's a sweet case and I doubt it costs much either. :)

Hope you enjoyed this review and once again, I'm sorry for the huge break I've taken. I'm so lazy these holidays, what with it being Year 12 and all (haven't studied...oops) but I'll try motivate myself into posting twice a week again :) It shouldn't be too hard, especially with this new blog design to come back to xD 

Oh yeah, GIVEAWAY is still on and I've extended it a little bit to make up for the past few days of closing my blog. REMEMBER, the giveaway is INTERNATIONAL and you can win a pair of your favourite lenses from LoveShoppingHolics. Don't forget to enter and good luck! More details here

xx Heylinni 
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  1. love your new design ! <3 lel

  2. Great review! i've been looking for temporary tatoos! and thanks for the sweet comment on my bloggg! i'd love if we followed eachother! following you now on GFC! :)
    xoxo Randa

    1. of course! hope this review helped. wanderlustiny really do have some great products ^_^

  3. Good post!
    Want to follow each other ? :)

  4. Hi! Those tattoos look so nice! I used to use those things all the time when I was little haha. I saw your comment on my blog post and came to tell you that I've already followed you on bloglovin since a while ago :) Hope you can follow me on GFC :D


    1. yess revisiting childhood ;D of course i will x

  5. These are so cool! *A* I think I like the one with the feathers and the pretty writing a lot. <3 I'm all for slightly native and realistic tattoos! One on your collar bone would be really pretty for a party. ;v;
    Thank you for sharing! <3


  6. Hey! You have a very lovely blog! ^_^

    Lets stay in touch! Lets follow each other on gfc, g+, bloglovin' .. DO let me know will follow right back!



  7. Your blog is so cute! x)

    Thank you your nice comment on my blog! Let's follow each other! :))

    ✿ Rinako ✿

  8. Those tats are pretty sweet! I hate needles, so I could never get a real tattoo.

    1. Hahah same here T_T i don't think i could handle the pain~~

  9. Love the tattoos! My favourite ones are the barcode and the wings! x

    Now following you on GFC! Follow me back maybe? x

    1. mmm i love the barcode one too (: it's so unusual to have on

      Sure i will x

  10. Hey,
    thanks for your comment. I'll gladly follow you, your blog seems quite interesting :D

    I'm not really a fan of temporary tatoos (which is weird cause I plan to get a non-temporary one), but I like the dust plugs o v o

  11. Thank you for your comment on my blog post it was so so so kind of you >///< followed you via GFC and on bloglovin'! Your blog is pretty damn awesome and this one is so cool as well!
    As I have my own (real!) tattoo's I think these are great if you are planning on getting a real one because it gives you an idea on where to put them and what design you want as too many people just go out and get a tattoo without thinking about it and then regretting it later so thank you for this!

    1. Thank you !
      That's awesome!Tbh im a little scared of getting a permanent tattoo! Oh that pain ;D

  12. Hi~
    These tattoos are so cute! I didn't even know they are coming back to fashion!
    Love your blog, wanna follow each other? I followed you~

    Stella's Ice Age blog
    ~kawaii shooting star bag GIVEAWAY~

  13. aww I want one! I hope I can find one here :))) thanks for visiting my blog! following you on bloglovin and gfc :) hope you can follow me back :)

  14. Awesome! i just ordered yesterday some tats and its really fashionable and easy, plus u get to change them everyday. Really convenient. Thanks for vising my blog and commenting ;) Lovely blog as always hehe

    amz88 Blog, xoxo