Food for the Face: Etude Yoghurt Face Wash and Mint Lip Balm [Review]

By Rachel L - 12:10 PM

I'm back with a review for products from AU Shopping Spree :D This online shop holds a special place in my blogger heart, since they were probably my first ever sponsors and I've done exciting things like photoshoots with them :') The shop is run by lovely people and the clothes they sell are totally my style - fun, bright and a little bit out there (Check them out on their Facebook page) ! So it very much excited me when they offered to send me some beauty products to try out. 

I got an Etude House Yoghurt Face Wash and a DoDo House: Missing U Lip Balm MINT. They both came very quickly, wrapped nicely in bubble wrap. These are what the prices are for each - according to their tags on the products:

Etude House Yoghurt Face Wash ($10.00)
DoDo House: Missing U Lip Balm MINT ($5.50)

In my opinion, that's not too expensive for Korean beauty products. It's just shelling out some loose change to improve skin care and lip care.

Etude House Yoghurt Face Wash Pack:

I'm really enjoying this face wash pack so far. This product came in really good condition for me - no dents or open bits at all. It's mostly in Korean though so I have no idea what this product is telling me to do. I had to hop online and do some extra research Q.Q 

What I love most is the variety of this product. Each of the little packets is like a new 'tub' with a different flavour, playing on the Yoghurt theme. It's looks so yummy that I'm tempted to eat it! 
There's also another type of Wash-off mask that you can get, which is the Etude House Honey Wash-off mask or something like that, and it's got flavours like Ginseng...but I prefer fruity scents ^_^ 
It comes in four different 'flavours', and looks just like one of those yoghurt packs. The four different types within this product are Strawberry, Kiwi, Apricot and Green Apple extracts. Each of them have a different function for the skin. The strawberry extract is used for skin brightening, kiwi extract for skin revitalising, apple extract is for skin moisturising and apricot extract is used to remove dead skin cells. The below picture shows us each flavour, and explains what it's function is (I can't actually read it though tbh) It also shows us a 'swatch/sample' of the product, exhibiting it's colour and texture. I love that the colours are very pastel and look incredibly appetising for me. I also like how they match the colour of the fruit they represent and aren't all the same colour - emphasises the variety to the mix!  

Today I decided that I wanted to experience some brightening of the skin (that's always my objective !) so I'll try out the strawberry tub of wash-off face mask. As you can see, I've already used the Green Apple one, but I completely forgot to take photos then. Oops.. I'll just explain my experience with that now. 
Firstly, the Apple one was a light green colour. It had an amazing, fruity smell and creamy texture. I really liked the Apple mask. It was very soothing for the skin, and had a cooling effect that was very welcome, especially in these HOT days. You're supposed to leave the mask on for 10 minutes, then wash off with warm water. The apple mask was easy to wash off, leaving me with smooth and soft feeling skin. It did feel moisturised, but unfortunately that feeling didn't last too long. Overall though, I was really pleased with the effect of this mask. 
 The Strawberry one is the top right tub in the Etude House Yoghurt Face Wash packet. Like I mentioned before, it's supposed to brighten up my skin as well as soften it. Having bright and light skin is very important in the asian culture because it gives the person an aura of youth and is considered an essential for the stereotypical beauty.
The tub may be easy to open -just pull on the flap on the side- but it is impossible to reseal and use again. This is a one-time use face wash. I wouldn't usually complain about this but they give us such a large amount of product within the tub, I could have easily used this twice. Instead, I threw out a lot of leftover face wash...what a waste :( 
 The colour of the strawberry flavour is a candy-floss light pink. It looks so yummy! It's texture is just like yoghurt, very creamy and a little bit lumpy. I find the texture to be the most interesting thing. It's just so similar to actual yoghurt that it's a little absurd. The smell is also very fruity. It doesn't smell like strawberries in my opinion, it's almost exactly like strawberry milk or strawberry pocky. It's got that artificial candy strawberry and milk kind of scent. Really delectable at first, but you get sick of it very quickly.
After using this strawberry pack, honestly, I didn't see much change in my skin. Well, obviously it wouldn't just magically brighten after one use, but I don't think I'd be bothered to keep buying these products again and again just to see that sort of effect take place (haha just use BB Cream). The face mask felt quite sticky on my face. I didn't take photos with it on, mainly because it just looks like lumpy cream on your face and it's a little dégoutant. T_T Also, since there was no effect, it'd be pointless showing you before and after right? :)
When I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt this product gave my skin an oilier and sweaty-sticky look.Yuck! It washed off easily though and a few hours later, my skin was still feeling very soft, which is a positive.

Ratings ➢

Price ♥︎♥︎♥︎♡♡
You can get this from AU Shopping Spree for only $10. Just send them an enquiry if you are interested. That would amount for around $2.50 for each 'face-wash'. I think that's a decent price, similar to the price of normal face masks. It's definitely not too expensive to just give a go if you're curious :)

Effectiveness ♥︎♡♡♡♡
Don't expect your skin to immediately be brightened or revitalised as soon as you use this! I'm betting that you have to keep buying them and use them over a longer period of time in order for an effect to take place. But that's the same with any product. Only difference is that this product only gives you a one-time use that requires you to keep buying the product, which in my opinion, is annoying and wasteful.

Packaging ♥︎♥︎♥︎♡♡
The outward packaging of the Etude House Yoghurt Pack is SO cute! I absolutely love it. In terms of aesthetic quality, this is a five-star for me. It looks adorable due to the similarity to actual yoghurt tubs and plus the pastel colours of the product and creamy texture amaze me :) However, in terms of practical quality, there could be improvements. How about a resealable package for one? If they're going to give us so much product in one tub, I'd like to be able to seal it back up and use it later. However, Etude House didn't offer us this option and sadly I had to throw away the rest of the tub, though there was quite a bit left :(

Scent ♥︎♥︎♡♡♡
Okay at first, it's all 'mmm so good, smells like strawberry pocky or strawberry milk' but after a while of having it on my face, it developed that sickly-sweet smell that made me feel ill. I wish it didn't have so much of a milky scent, but just more fruity strawberry.
I haven't tried out the Kiwi or Apricot ones yet. Hopefully they are less like the strawberry tub and more like the lovely green apple face wash! 

DoDo House: Missing U Lip Balm MINT

The second product AU Shopping Spree sent me was this ADORABLE lip balm! I think it is the cutest beauty product I've received so far :) Lip balm is an essential piece to have with you at all times, because nobody wants the chapped and dry lips look. 
 So the this package came a little bumped up. You can see the box for the lip balm looks like it's been in the wars. The bottom flaps don't close properly, and there's a lot of dents everywhere. I personally don't mind if it comes like this, but some people really prefer to have a nice, clean and 'brand-new' looking box. It's not a big deal though because the lip balm inside is still completely safe and new.
The lip balm is made from natural ingredients with plant and plant seed extracts and added Vitamin E to keep your lips soft and moist :)
 This product comes in a range of different flavours. Each of the different types represent an endangered or threatened specie in this world. I've got the Mint Flavour which represents the Harp Seal.

The other flavours are:
Rose Flavour - Pink Dolphin
Lemon Flavour - White Tiger 
Apple Flavour - Fairy Penguin
Orange Flavour - Polar Bear
Peach Flavour - Panda Bear

They all feature a cute looking animal which you can unscrew to get to the lip balm. I think it's interesting how each of them portray an endangered species, because it does bring these specific groups of animals to light, however it doesn't really push us to do anything about this issue? It's definitely sent me warning signs about taking care of our world in a more serious manner. Like have you check out the GreenPeace website? Our Australian Government has agreed to the dumping of dredge waste IN the Great Barrier Reef area! Isn't that horrible? Everyone needs to be protecting our world and it's beauty, not destroying it for personal gain T_T If you want to read more about that, and share the message around, click here to head to the GreenPeace page :) 
Back to the lip balm! I think that it's a great little shape that's practical and cute. It's kind of like an egg-shape that stands up by itself. This is very similar to the EOS lip balm which is rounded at the top to make the application very convenient. The product contains around 7mL of lip balm, which is great price for quantity and should last a long time.
At first I was really confused as to what flavour this one was. I had to look it up, because initially I thought this was green tea flavoured (that's what it said in the ingredients). It turned out to be mint, which I guess it does smell like, now that I think about it ^_^ It's a minty leaf scent.
The lip balm is very effective. It does an excellent job in keeping lips from being chapped and dry. My lips feel nicely protected with a layer of the balm. Also, it doesn't rub off too easily. It's quite resistant to water and can last for a few hours.

Ratings ➢

Effectiveness ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎
The lip balm works really well in protecting lips from drying out. There's really not much more I can say here, apart from that it's excellent in doing it's job.

Price ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♡
The DoDo House Missing U Lip Balm costs $5.50 at AU Shopping Spree. I feel like this is a really great price for something that will last for quite a while.

Application ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎
Much like the EOS Lip Balm, this one is rounded and super easy to apply. Just give it a swipe across your lips and you're done! And plus, it stays on for a long time so you won't have to continually keep applying it.

Packaging ♥︎♥︎♥︎♡♡
SO CUTE! The actual product is adorable, I love the seal so much. It's face is so likeable and chilled out. I like that the colour of the lip balm is a mint green and the scent is also really nice. I DIDN'T like that the box that it came in was all beat up, but I guess that can't be helped. At least it didn't effect the actual product inside.
This is a product that I'd definitely buy again and I recommend it to everyone :)

I'd like to give a big thank you to AU Shopping Spree for sponsoring these products for this review. They're a great shop with a huge range of products so you should all check them out.

xx Heylinni
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  1. I want to try the face wash pack! It looks great! x)
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    1. its a really nice product :) just wish it worked better

  2. I'm glad you mentioned the endangered species bit...there are lots of animals out there people don't realize are endangered and there is nothing they can do about it--it's up to people to make sure they are not all destroyed!

    I like EOS lip balms--specifically the mint one--do you think it's similar in mintyness? I also love seals n__n I assume that's supposed to be like an Etude House dupe right?

    1. yes! i definitely agree, i get so upset that the gov hardly cares that they're contaminating one of the world's most beautiful structures!

      i think this one isn't exactly minty flavoured though:( idk i felt a tinge of green tea in there~

  3. Étude house always have best thing with amazing packaging.. I love the packaging is lip balm too,, will check out the website
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    1. mm i agree! they put so much thought into packaging :D

  4. Etude House is by far my favourite brand when it comes to packaging! :D
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