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By Rachel L - 7:53 PM

Hey guys! Exciting new giveaway for my Kpop loving readers. This is kind of held as an apology for my absence in the past few weeks due to exams. Luckily, now they're over and I have all these reviews and other cool things lined up. 

So for those that don't know, I am a huge fan of Kpop and Teen Top is one of my favourite groups. They've got pretty catchy music and Chunji is one of my favourite idols in Kpop :) I used to be really obsessed with him in my twelvie days, but that crazed fangirlness has died down a lot since then. At Anythat time though, I bought a whole load of Teen Top albums, most of which I didn't even open since I didn't want to get them dirty and I just listened to the music online. 

So now, I've decided to giveaway one of my most special albums I bought, since I wanted to share it for my special readers :D This giveaway probably isn't very interesting for readers who don't like Kpop, but I assure you, I'll have more beauty related giveaways in the future as well ;D 
Anyway, this one is the Teen Top Class Addition Album and it has been personally signed by each of the members! 
It's one of their newer albums and was released in August of 2013. There are 7 songs on it, which are very cute and energetic. I reckon it's a pretty exciting prize for Teen Top fans and the entry is really really easy, especially for people who are already readers (since you basically don't have to do anything to enter). Entry details and competition details will be at the end of this post, but you can read on for more information about this band. 
So for those who don't know, who is Teen Top? Teen Top is a six-boy Kpop group, who debuted when they were still in their teens, hence the name. They are known for their dance skills mostly, since I don't think their vocals are particularly strong. They're hardworking and quite funny from what I've seen on reality shows. They're managed by TOP media, and released their first album in 2010. 
They released many albums over their years active: 
The Clap (2010) 
Supa Luv (2011)
Don't Spray Perfume (2011)
Crazy (2012)
To You (2012)
Be ma Girl (2012)

 Miss Right (2013)
Rocking (2013)
You can really see how much they've changed over these past 3-4 years. Now, let me do an introduction of each of the members (these pics are from 2012 photobook) 
C.A.P (leader)
DOB: Nov 4 1992
CAP is probably my least favourite member. He seems like a good rapper and a decent member of the group, but it's a little bit weird having him in a 'teen' group kind of thing, because the band's concept doesn't fit his image imo. 

Chunji (Vocals)
DOB: Oct 5 1993
Chunji is definitely my bias. He's pretty cute and a decent singer, plus he has an infectiously bright personality, which is very refreshing for me. 

Ljoe (Rapper)
DOB: Nov 23 1993
Ljoe is, from a nonbiased standpoint, the best looking member in Teen Top. He's probably got most fans and I see a lot of fanfics about him. Too bad he is short af. ^_^ 

 Niel (vocals)
DOB: Aug 16 1994
I have some conflicted opinions about Niel. Whilst his appearance is not my type, I think his personality is really bright and funny. He seems like a genuinely nice person and someone who is fun to be around (though what do I know; i just judge this from variety shows aha). He has a unique voice as well; kind of nasally but it works.

 Ricky (Dancer)
DOB: Feb 27 1995
Ricky is known to be a 'cute' member. He was a child model so his appearances seem to be above average. Being a maknae, he is also 'bullied' a lot by the other members, and he seems to have a good relationship with everyone. Though I have to say, in the beginning, his vocals were pretty weak :S

Changjo (Dancer)
DOB: Nov 16 1995
JEEZ, this guy is almost as young as me! It's crazy seeing the change he's undergone from a 15 year old to 18 year old. There is so much maturing sers. He's a good dancer and has a serious and responsible nature. 

Here's my favourite music vid of theirs:
Now that you've been info overloaded, how do you enter to win this awesome prize? 

WELL ALL you have to do is hop onto the Kmusic page on Facebook: 
1. Like and share THIS PHOTO (will be posted tonight at 11pm)
2. Like 'Heylinni' on Facebook

and for an extra entry to increase your chances:
3. Follow me on GFC and Bloglovin (which I'm sure you are already doing)

Good LUCK! Competition is International and lasts for 2 weeks, ending on April 1st 11pm

Hope you enter and again, good luck to all entrants :) 

xx Heylinni
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  1. Oh my god I love Teen Top HAHAHA...I bet no one knows this about me, they're probably tied for favorite group with MBLAQ because they have the highest ratio of hot members to not LOL!!! Chunji is my favorite with L.Joe almost tying with him, and CAP + Changjo are tied for sexiest hahaha. I love Teen Top *fangirls some more*

    Must. Win. lol!!! Thanks for holding this.

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  4. Good luck to everyone!

    Style Nirvana

  5. OMG I love Teen Top! I saw them live in concert in August and they're amazing <3 I'm excited for this giveaway~

    1. wow so lucky to see them live! id love that!

  6. I love how they all have such unique outfits :) Great giveaway !


    1. yepp, kpop stylists sure have some crazy ideas :)

  7. OMG, I never wanted to win a giveaway this bad. HAHA. Burning K-Pop senses alert!!! :D

  8. really interesting giveaway!
    Your blog it's really cute <3
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  12. This giveaway is awesome!! I hope I can win :D Chunji is also my fav :) Greetings from México! :)

  13. Thanks for the giveaway! I also love Teen Top, and CAP is my favorite member! I also share photo on facebook every day. Hopefully I'm lucky. Everyone as well! ^^

  14. You are so lovelyyyyyyy *O*
    Btw, you're blog is perfect ♥