Rings & Tings Accessories Review #2

By Rachel L - 5:27 PM

Hey everyone! I received some awesome goods from Rings & Tings a week ago and I am really excited to share my thoughts on them with you. I've reviewed stuff from Rings & Tings previously, which you can check out here, to also read a little introduction abut their shop. Basically, they sell really cute, unique jewellery at affordable prices. Recently, they've also updated the features of their shop and sell a whole range more, including clothes, bags, lucky dips and subscription boxes! Plus, is it a good time to mention now that they are having a 75% off sale? 
There's also global delivery but it's for orders over 55USD. I'd say the delivery time is average. It took abut 8-16 days for this to arrive. 

The packaging is very clean and convenient. Each piece is packaged in it's own little plastic bag, to keep them from tangling together. You also receive a patterned business card which is a nice, professional touch. I adore receiving jewellery from Rings & Tings, because I never know what it's going to be like. The designs are sometimes very chic, whilst other times, quite crazy and different. 

Cost: £3

This is a lovely silver ring with a simplistic design. It reminds me a little of a pretzel which is kind of yummy :) The diameter of the ring is 1.8cm and is the biggest of three rings I received. It's easy to put on and quite comfortable. I love the minimalist design of the rings and the single silver sheen that makes it so sophisticated. 
This would be a subtle piece of jewellery to wear with an outfit just to make it more elegant and classy. 

Cost: £3.50 

I liked this cross ring as well, and how the cross is incorporated and just melds into the shape of the ring. It's a lovely lighter than copper colour and is 1.6cm in diameter. The cross is a little odd though, when shown sideways and I feel like it would look better if it were straight (though that'd cause some practicality problems). 
I'm not really sure what the dot on the other side is for, but I suppose that's just the design of the ring. 

3. Heart Ring - http://www.ringsandtings.com/collections/rings/products/heart-ring--2
Cost: Cost: £3

I really love this heart ring :D The shape is a little vague but it's adorable and just my style! The ring comes in two colours, gold or silver, but I prefer the silver because I reckon gold can look a little gaudy sometimes, if it isn't real gold. The ring is 1.6cm in diameter and stays on my index finger comfortably :D

4. Curve Pendant Bracelet - http://www.ringsandtings.com/collections/bracelets/products/curve-pendant-bracelet
Cost: Cost: £4

Ok, this bracelet is no doubt, my favourite thing that they sent me. It's my favourite colour and features a gold tone curve pendant, with an adjustable turquoise strap. It's super comfortable and is an amazing touch to any outfit. It's super pretty and simply looks amazing. Like, I could not say better things about this bracelet.
Plus, it's super cheap and easy to purchase at Rings & Tings ahah :) Highly recommended !

Oh plus, while I was looking for this on the site to link to you guys, I noticed that there is a HUGE range of products, especially in the bracelet section which look SUPER nice, so I suggest you check it out :)

Cost: £3.90

Finally, I also received a crazy, unique necklace which looks like one of those crystal pieces, but actually, it's just plastic. It's interesting in the way that it reflects all these different colours and can seem different at every angle in terms of shade. I like that the chain is black as it gives the necklace character and it's very light and easy to wear. In addition to this, the chain is quite long and the pendant ends up dangling at around the ribcage area. It's an awesome accessory that adds uniqueness to outfits. :) 

So that's everything I received from Rings & Tings. They are a wonderful shop filled with hundred of different designs, accessories and clothing alike. It's a great place just to window shop as well, and buy yourself a little treat since it's not too expensive either. 

I know I've been hardly posting recently, but now that exams are almost over (got two more to go), I can get back into it. Look forward to my next few blog posts, and keep checking back because I will be doing a really GREAT giveaway soon as an apology for my laziness :) 

Also, have some selfy-ing. Lol, I was sick of studying on the weekend! T_T Should I do a makeup tutorial for this look? :)

xx Heylinni
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  1. I love how simple each piece is~ you're so pretty ^^ you remind me of Heart from ThatsHeart on youtube

  2. the all of are lovely & you look so pretty! (^o~)/

  3. those rings are so nice..
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  5. You got so beautiful rings! ^^
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  7. awhhh the bracelet and rings are so cute~~!! ^^

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  9. Those are really pretty rings! Love them xx

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  12. I think about buying the first one...The knot. It's so pretty! Thanks for the great review.
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  13. I love the rings and the bracelet. Especially the rings, they are so delicate :3 You look really cute!

  14. Cute rings, so simple and elegant!
    Adorable blog, I love it
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  15. the cross and heart rings are super cute; the quality seems really good!!

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  17. Love all these beautiful accessories! So simple and chic at the same time :) they're those details which make the difference :) How about following each other via GFC/Bloglovin'/Instagram/FB page? I would love to :) just let me know on my blog and I'll make sure to follow back asap! Have a nice day babe xx
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