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By Rachel L - 12:16 PM

Another great lens review :) I feel like you guys are getting sick of these, but I promise these are my final few ^_^ I also wanted to mention that this set of lenses are particularly unique because of their colour and also the condition they came in set them apart from the rest. sent me these lenses ages ago but I hadn't had the time to get the review done (sorry, exams...or just lazy?). They came in this large box, much bigger than necessary but it provided a great deal of protection for the lenses inside. The box contained a set of Cacao Violet [Madonna] Lenses, a really good quality lens case, and this super useful lens clamp thing (I really don't know another name for it ahahah). The shipping time was decent, it took around the usual 7-14 days, so I've had no problems with that. Overall, the quality of service that KeautyStore have provided is way above average. They made sure to make this service and experience enjoyable and smooth for me, so I'm extremely pleased with that. In addition, they offered to use my photos as the model in their shop for this particular lens so I was totally flattered by their kindness at this stage :) 

Firstly, after researching on their site, I'll give you some information about the shop in general, since they don't just sell cosmetic lenses. In fact, the majority of their products is based on asian (korean in partiuclar) beauty. Their CEO, Youngsuk, is particularly passionate about creating a good experience in the distribution of korean products to the rest of the world, as it has not alway been so readily accessible. His goal is to 'do business focussing on everyone's happiness. We hope our customers are happy with our products and service, and I hope our staff and families and partners are all happy because of us'. I like that he doesn't just focus on the customer needs, but always ensures that all stakeholders within that business are satisfied as this just enhances the service and quality of the business. 
The store itself is online, distributing to physical stores. It was formed in November 2009, in Korea, and retails in women's and men's cosmetics, contact lenses, Korean fashion wigs and much more. Their prices are affordable, with special sales on daily. They also do wholesale for products such as etude, missha, tonymoly, thefaceshop, skinfood, holika and heaps more. The online website has many special features such as 'notified when out of stock' for items you love, a points and rewards system, referral programs, coupon codes, worldwide shipping, wish lists and a VIP system. It's definitely worth your time to have a browse on the website if asian beauty interests you in the tiniest bit. 

So now that you know a little bit more about the sorts of products they provide, onto the review! 

The specific model of lenses that I chose is called Korean Circle Lens: Cacao Violet[Madonna] (N023). Prescription settings go up to -10.00 and the manufacturer is NEO Cosmo which is made in Korea. These seem of higher quality than the GEO or EOS lenses because when I got them, they were more smooth in texture. 
Circle lens specifics:
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Diameter: 14.2mm 
Life Span: 6-8 months after opening
Okay, see in the above pic, there is the lens clamp thing (the yellow item) and that is used to pick up the lenses without having to touch them with your dirty fingers, hahah! This is the most useful item I've been sent, since I put prescription lenses in everyday and if they get filthy from my hands, then my eyes could get infections. So now I use this to pick up the lenses and keep them cleaner. 
I really love these lenses. At first, I was apprehensive since I thought they'd make me look unusual due to the colour, but actually, when you put them on they look dark and natural. They've just got this slight tint of purple which adds mystery to the character and a unique touch to your look. Usually purple lenses should be used for cosplay, but these ones are natural enough to be used in daily life.
Now here are my ratings and a bit more discussion on the overall experience:

Comfort ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎
I definitely felt that these were of higher quality and comfort than previous lenses. They were very smooth and slippery the moment I took them out of the bottles. They also felt fine in my eyes, and I had no problems with putting them in, or experienced any issues after using them. 

Effect ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♡
They are great for enlarging the eyes and adding a slight touch of purple, which I like because that means they won't look too unnatural when I go out. I found that they were a little too dark on the limbal ring though, so it still looks kind of strange when I'm wearing them. 

Colour ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎
The colour is amazing! The purple is vivid and a great shade. I adore this unique colour, and the fact that it doesn't just show an opaque purple colour when I've got them on, but more reflects purple in the light. 

Price ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎
These lenses are heaps cheap for such a great quality. They cost 12.45AUD$ for the lenses alone, which is much more affordable than average. But don't think that a low price equals low quality. The fact that they last only 6-8 months probably makes up for this price, since they don't last as long as other lenses. This can further substantiate quality of the lenses. 
✓ Natural Look
✓ Unique colour
✓ Super comfortable and quality is great
✓ Fast shipping
✓ High quality of customer service
✓ Low price
✓ The lens picker-upper thing TWEEZER is awesome

✕ Lasts for 6-8 months (less than average)
✕ Super dark limbal ring makes it a little bit odd

I really couldn't find too many cons with these. Overall, they are lenses that I really enjoyed and if you are searching for some circle lenses that moderately stand out, these are the ones to go with.
Here are some more pictures :)
You can find out more about at their social networking sites such as: blogger, facebook, twitter and youtube 

xx Heylinni 
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  1. Wow Rachel~ Those lenses look so pretty and natural on you ^^ I've never worn circle lenses before, maybe I'll try them out lol

    Much love <3

    Payton of

    1. yay thank you :) i hope you get into them :)

  2. Those lenses look fab on you. Nice colur, will check out the site for sure

  3. dude they look so good ! o:

  4. They look pretty cool! The yellow product (for lenses) looks like impressive product but I'd be too scared to use it for my lens ;)
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    1. aww thank you! it is soo impressive ahaha, much safer than hands to pick lens up

  5. The lenses do look amazing and totally add that mysterious thing you talked about, besides, they make you look super cute *O*
    I didn't know about this store, but is seems that they have great products for amazing prices O: definitely checking that out o/

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  6. The lenses look cute! I like how they'll only give a small tint of purple and not these super vibrant and light purple lenses. I don't think that they look strange or unnatural (at least on the photos) and the enlargement is just perfect it's natural considering the color~ Thanks for this review! I already shop on keautystore and order stuff there haha.

    1. aww thank you, haha glad you do! they;re really great

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  8. These look great on you, I wish there were more Circle Lenses that come in a Toric Prescription.
    These are lovely, I love the deep purple color.

  9. wow you can pull off any lenses tbh~ i love your shirt as well~ where did you get it? ^^

    1. omg im flattered ahahh :) i got it in america!

  10. they look so pretty in your eyes! awesome review.

  11. They make your eyes look so mysterious! I am still on the hunt for a pair of really striking and distinct violet lenses.

  12. they are really really pretty :D Really want circle lenses like that in the future ;)

    1. hope you get them :) they're not expensive x

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  14. Great post!

  15. they look really good on you :) suits u very well!
    i rly wanna try circle lenses as well one day :P

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