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By Rachel L - 12:05 PM

This is one post that is LONG overdue! Firstly, I want to apologise to the lovely ScentedCandleShop who got these awesome products to me so quickly, from halfway across the world! And a huge thanks for understanding the delay in this review. They were so accommodating and relaxed with my situation. :)

So David from ScentedCandleShop actually messaged me last term about collaborating. They let me choose whatever products I wanted from their online store, found here, for up to £30.00! Since I'm operating in AUD, that is heaps and even better, it didn't include the shipping costs either. So I managed to make up a list of all the different wax candles/melts that sounded absolutely divine to me :) I definitely have to say that in all my blogging experience, this shop has had the best communication and quality of service so far! 

ScentedCandleShop is a large online shop located in the UK, that sells a huge variety of anything to do with candles. I honestly could have spent all afternoon just browsing their site and being fascinated with the delicious sounding scents of the candles. They have an amazing range of brands and types (over 2500 types!) such as Advent candles, aromatherapy candles, floating candles, jar candles, memorial candles pillar candles etc etc. I swear, there's probably a candle for any occasion. Their recommendation on their site is to start by taking a look at the Yankee Candles, Price's Candles and Colony Candle's, 'which offer the biggest and best candle fragrances around!' 
The shop has super low prices, for great quality candles and offer Free First Class Delivery when you spend over £40.00. Maybe if you're interested, you could combine your shopping cart with friends to save some money on shipping, because you can actually get heaps of candles with 40 pounds worth :) 
If you want to find out more information about the shop itself, feel free to contact them at 0845 4 300 705 (9-5pm, Mon-Fri), Facebook page, Youtube, or just their contact us page. I've also had a look at their 'testimonials', and I'm really seeing some positive responses such as: 

 You see? It's not just me whose totally appreciative of their service and fast delivery. 

So I received a huge BOX of products from the shop. All in all, I ordered 4 Wood Wick Wax melts, 4 little votive candles, 4 Yankee Wax tarts, 2 colony/colonial wax tarts, a cappucino chocolate melt AND a crystal candle burner. SO MUCH for just 30 pounds! The price range for each of the melts is around 1-2 pounds. In addition, I placed the order and received these only a week after that. 

*Just a head's up, to use these, you need to have a candle burner, which can be seen later in this post. 
These are by far, my favourite products in the package. They cost £1.79 each and come in a whole range of different scents. These are definitely best return for money, in that they contain around 4 pieces each packet, and each piece burns for 8 hours. You can see what this looks like later in the post. Also, I liked that each of the different scents were coloured to suit that fragrance. It added an extra touch to the candles that just made them more appealing. I chose the scents: Sea Salt Caramel, Bakery Cupcake, Paradise Blue and Havana Nights. 
I've only actually used Sea Salt Caramel so far (experience is down below in this post), but I can smell the rest, even outside of their packaging, because the smell is so strong. 
Sea Salt Caramel is very rich, but it's a little hard to describe. I reckon the packaging describes it best, stating that it is composed of 'the scents of slowly caramelised sugar and fresh cream sprinkled lightly with sea salts'. I can definitely detect a little salt in there! 
Bakery Cupcake is my brother's favourite. It smells exactly like a sweet cupcake bakery, and reminds me of sweet breads! The description reads, 'a sweet treat of moist yellow cake topped with rich butter cream icing'. Mmmm, beware though, this one can get you really hungry and craving for a sweet treat. It's also a very heavy and rich fragrance. 
Paradise Blue has a much lighter, beachy smell to help you relax and feel like you're in paradise. It is described as 'an aqueous blend of tranquil waters and calm sea breezes with touches of jasmine and musk'. I can't say that I can smell the floral scents, but it definitely is very light, sweet and refreshing. 
Finally, Havana Nights is another water-inspired scent, that reminds me of the beach and paradise. It is very faint, and basically just freshens up the atmosphere of the room and helps you 'escape to a steamy summer night in paradise with the scents of rich tobacco, black orchid and a whisper of fresh lime'. This one is really overpowered by the other melts so it's good for just adding a hint of fragrance in the air. 

These are the temptations votive candles made of paraffin wax, which I ordered 4 of. However, I ordered three of them for my mum because she loves candles. They're very cheap at only £0.99 which I thought was great, because they burn for up to 15 hours. These are very small (5cm high x 4.5cm diameter) but very strong-scented. I like their little description as the wrapper. Also, the names of these sound so yummy and fruity like this 'Passion fruit and nectarine sorbet' one. Another votive candle that I'd recommend is the 'White Tea and Ginger' candle which is absolutely divine!! 

Yankee Candle Wax Tarts -

I found the Yankee Wax Tarts quite novel as they have these odd sounding flavours like 'Candy Corn Wax Tart' or 'Fluffy Towels'. They range from around £1.20 - £1.25. I love scrolling through this series and trying to imagine what all these crazy labels would actually smell like. I received the Soft Blanket, Loves me Loves me Not, Pink Lady Slipper and Pink Sands wax tarts. As you can see, I've already used the 'soft blanket' one, and if you're curious, it's got a vanilla, homely smell which provides great comfort. It burns for 5-15 hours on a wax tart burner (i.e a candle burner) I also really like images on the candles, they look so cute

Some detail on the other Yankee Wax Tarts:
Loves Me Loves Me Not: This epitomises that daisy, youthful smell. It really smell's EXACTLY like fresh flowers in the garden, and brings back memories of childhood ;)

Pink Lady Slipper: This one is also very flowery, just like a flower bed. I really love the scent of this candle as I find it has the right balance of sweet but not intoxicating.
    Pink Sands: I also love this scent. It's got an odd mixture of citrus, flowers and vanilla, which really should not work together, but surprisingly it does! Also, that picture on the wrapper is so idyllic :)

    Colony/Colonial Melt -

    I find that the colonial melt collection is a little more fruity and less milky. These two have a similar, very strong scent which is EXTREMELy citrus-y. They both cost only £0.99 and burn for up to 5-15 hours. It exudes a powerful summer scent so it is optimally utilised in the hotter weather, to remind us of cool, fizzy drinks :)

    Cappuccino Chocolate Wax Melt -

    This was the only candle which I am not quite warmed up to. I expected a lot out of it because who doesn't love the scent of chocolate? However, it's got a very odd smell and isn't appealing to me at all. I wish it could have been a little more chocolatey. We've all got different tastes so you might like it though... give it a go and decide :) (it costs £0.99)

    So those were all the candles I ordered! In addition to those, I needed something that I could use to melt them! Therefore, I decided to buy the oil and tart burner for only £8.99. It's got a very beautiful, crystal design which I felt looked very classy on my table. Here's the box it came in; it was very well protected and was perfect in condition. 
    And now to try out the sea salted caramel wax melt! 
    For these Woodwick wax melts, you need to peel off the top sticker. This is a good packaging system as it allows me to reseal the package when I'm finished with one block of the melt.
    The melts can be broken into 4 pieces and really look like blocks of chocolate! I'm so tempted to eat one, because it smells soo good as well (though it is advisable not to!). Just using one piece per time is enough as it will burn for up to 8 hours.
    Then all you do is place the block on the glass plate of the wax burner. This sits above the candle holder (it doesn't come with a candle though so you just need to buy ordinary tea lights) and melts as the glass surface becomes hot. The melt piece then becomes that oily wax and emits a strong fragrance around the room :)
    And that's all there is to it! It's easy to use and fun to play around and choose different 'flavours'. Definitely check this site out if you're interested in interior design/ redesigning your room because these add a touch of personality and sweetness. I found that these were awesome for relieving stress and I used them every single day when I had exams and assessments due. BIG THANKS to the ScentedCandleShop team for sending these to me! 
    Oh and also, did you notice that I've started making my pictures HUGE? What I love, when I go on other blogs, is that their photos are big and clear to see, so I decided to try that out with this blog as well. Tell me what you think of the new development :)
    Thanks for reading!!
    xx Heylinni 
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