What am I Loving on Tumblr #2 ☆

By Rachel L - 6:37 PM

I'm back with another chilled out, pic-heavy (and minimum text) post, to treat your eyes. I've really been getting back into Tumblr lately (wait I think I said that last post as well... :S) and I know I can spend HOURS on my feed just infinite scrolling. It's a nice break to just hop on Tumblr and check out what cute or interesting pictures have popped up lately. 

I especially feel like you guys sometimes deserve a relaxed, just 'pretty' post, instead of my usually LONG essays about some product or other thing (and I can be lazy here and just find inspirational pics ^_^) Maybe you can use these as wallpapers or pictures to print out and cover your books. Shame we can't print gifs :( 

So here we go! (Disclaimer: Obviously not all of these photos belong to me, so full credits go to the poster, and you can just click on the images to go to the 'reblogging' link) 

{ Btw, sorry to people with slow internet. This post may take forever to load }

Does anyone know what anime this is from? it's so cute^_^
Pony (Park Hye Min)
How good does this look!
Okay, so I'm obsessed with Last Game lately, all the guys are perfection!

These two are my OTP ;)
Gorgeous hair inspo. I want to do something cray with my hair when exams are over!
So excited to eat this in Japan :3
This is the beauty of our natural world ahah
Sweet and gorgeous fashion~~
Love it! This looks just like an anime :)
Of course, not to forget the cute k-fashion
So beautiful :)
Ahah how cute :3 Can I date you? (jks...not joking)
This is so classy; high tea?
OMG I want to coordinate an outfit like this
Adorable :)
The colours in this picture are so magical
Groovy gif lol
Isn't this what Naeun wears in Nonono?
Cute anime relationships are the dream
Omg her legs <3
I really love this style~
Japan just looks so awesome..in every picture
So delicious...it doesn't even look real though!

LOL reading back over this, my captions are so lamee but I hope you enjoyed the post and giving your eyes a break from super blocks of text! 
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Ok, that's it! If you want to recommend some Tumblr's for me to check out, or suggest what other things you want to see on this blog, please leave a comment below :)

xx Heylinni
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27 replies

  1. Brilliant post, I liked it. these beautiful and I love your natural style

    follow? let me know


  2. loving your sidebar pic! ahaha follow back? :)


  3. Cool images very inspiring.

  4. Some pretty pics!! :3 But now I want an ice cream... x)

    1. ikr ! those pics of the icecream looks so divine :D

  5. I absolutely adore visual posts~ I love all the gifs, especially of Pony <3
    Thanks for sharing <3

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

  6. Love this post, it's so cute! I'm a big fan of all the colorful pastels :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I'd be happy to follow each other! I've followed you on bloglovin and would really appreciate it if you did the same. Keep in touch!

    xo, Dolce

  7. I was hoping some comment would have the anime name, but seems like noope ;-; The second hair picture is SO beautiful, and all these asian girls <3 really nice pictures you chose, thanks for showing!

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

    1. Oh, the anime is Love Lab, don't know if you found it already :3

    2. ah! thank you so much :) i might check it out

  8. Great post ! Beautiful pics !

    Follow me on GFC and/or BlogLovin', I always follow back :) ! X


  9. I have tumblr too. I can spend hourssss on it. <3


  10. I absolutely love this post! The pictures you chose just sum up the k-fashion / manga side of tumblr completely and they're so pretty that I'm really considering to be more active on that blogging platform as well. I also want to do something crazy to my hair but I've just gone back to my roots colour-wise. :S

    1. ahahah, yes that's basically my whole feed! i love that side of tumblr ><

  11. Love the fashion posts :D it reminds me of my tumblr harumurakami ^^ The ice cream looks sooo good too :D

    changed my url from 19th-tealeaf --> http://clothespinshanging.blogspot.com

  12. Nice pictures! Especially I love fashion pictures :3

  13. Nice pictures!

    Xxx Cécile

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