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By Rachel L - 9:57 AM

So I'm aware I haven't been posting as regularly as I should, but you know, it's the same excuse...Year 12 and all that. There's only 4 or so months to go until my final exams and I'm freaking out! There's tons of studying to do and assignments to finish, but I also know that I can't neglect my blog and you guys :) Now that it's holidays, I should be getting a couple more posts out in the next few weeks, but I can't promise anything after that. It definitely won't be until December that I'll start to blog seriously and also startup a Youtube channel (woohoo! you should just subscribe now anyway ahah) 

As you might remember, in May, I became an Etude House Pink Bird and received this wonderful Pink Box. But then, I wasn't sure if it was a one-off thing or a continuous campaign. Today, I'm excited to tell you that it is a continuous campaign and I'll be able to introduce and recommend Etude House's newest products every month! This June I received another box and this one is simply amazing! 

The box came early in the month, but I've been so lazy that I've waited until holidays to properly review it. It's a different box from last time, more of a lighter pink with an image of lace trimmings on the cover. It's much more princessy and sweet with the phrase, 'All of you are born as a princess' on it. 
When I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised. The information was better organised, and came in a little Etude folder with details about their newest products, The Play 101 pencils. There's also the customary tissue paper to maintain the image of beautiful packaging. 
Let's take a look at the folder of info first!
And here's the back of the folder with all of Etude's contact information on it. Some of you wanted to know how to become a Pink Bird blogger, so you might want to contact them through these links to inquire.
Now, let's open it up. Snugly inside is the Pink Bird letter, with a few sheets of paper about the current product. 
This shows the huge range of colours and types of pencils. There are 50 different types in total and I'm pretty sure they cost anywhere from 5-7 dollars on average. The best thing about these are that they are 'Multi' pencils meaning they can be used for eyes, cheeks, lips and as a concealer. I think they are so handy to have because they're compact and practical. As the information says, they are totally waterproof! I tried it on and went to rub it off, but it doesn't smudge at all and dries very quickly. Finally, the pencils come in 5 different textures: Creamy, matte, glossy, shimmering and glitter. You can see which one is which in the zoomed in photo of the range below. 
What's even more exciting is that Pony is the 'face' of Etude House's Play 101 collection. Pony is a huge inspiration of mine, she's a Korean power beauty blogger and her video tutorials on InsiteTV (youtube channel) are so detailed and comprehensive. Instead of just telling you how to put on the makeup, she explains each product's functions and WHY we apply it like she describes. Plus, you can tell...she is gorgeous! Pony reminds me a lot of Hyuna from 4Minute. 

All pencils that Etude House sent me are to recreate their Hey! Bad girl look, as seen above. So I received pencils 1, 6, 8 ,11, 43 and 44.

The last bit of information was about HOW to recreate the look. I will be following these instructions later on in the post when I try out the Play 101 pencils. This photo may also be useful for you to keep in case you ever decide to buy the pencils and achieve this look. It's a great, easy tutorial!
And here are all the products inside. Each of them is wrapped up safely in bubble wrap and there's actually a lot to review since Etude sent me so many pencils :) 
This was just the zoomed in photo of the whole range that I mentioned earlier
Additionally, Pony utilises a whole variety of pencils to achieve many different looks. You can go onto her Youtube channel here, to watch tutorials on how to achieve ALL of these makeup looks :) My favourite would probably be the Angel's Drop one, because it's so clean and angelic. 
Another product in the box was this 201 shadow brush, which is perfect for eyeshadows. It's a sturdy and minimalistic brush with a soft bristles. I like the white handle and the simple Etude House logo on it. It costs around $11 from what I've seen online (just google 'Etude House 201 shadow brush) and is supposedly a multi-functional eyeshadow brush suitable for contouring, highlighting or all-over shading. 

Play 101 Pencils:

The number #1 pencil has a black shade, mostly used for eyeliners. It's classified as creamy and would probably be a must buy in my opinion, because it's the most basic of the pencils. I want to mention that the packaging for these are super because the boxes are sturdy and cutely designed, so I was really happy with that. They have English instructions on the side which say, 'This is a gel type pencil that comes with vivid colours and various textures for easy and fun makeup play. Directions: Twist to dispense certain amount and use on desired area. Close cap after use. When using sharpener, insert lead and sharpen while turning slowly.'
The pencils all look the same except for the little bottoms, which show the colour of that particular pencil. 
The actual pencil is VERY creamy and beautiful to apply. It just slides on easily and when you need more, you just twist the bottom.
Oh and the best part...did I mention that there was an individual sharpener on EACH pencil? It's totally awesome as it is attached at the bottom and is super convenient to use.

Here's the number #6 pencil which is shimmering and suited as an eyeshadow or a highlighter. It's a pearly cream colour, with almost a white shimmer. I think it's perfect for bringing out and spotlighting features that you want to emphasise such as the cheekbones or the bridge of your nose. This was beautiful to apply and spread so give your face a shimmer and glow.

The number #8 pencil is a matte cream colour, which is used as a concealer for lips and face. This is very convenient for me, as I don't have a proper concealer, so I used this in shaping brows or hiding little spots and red marks on my face. Also, as the Korean ulzzang gradient lip trend is becoming so popular nowadays, this concealer is a must-have to act as a base on the lips and then putting colour over them to make your lips appear smaller and more dainty-looking. However, I found the matte texture quite dry on my already dry skin :S

The number #11 pencil is another creamy type pencil with a coral tone to be used on lips and also as a blush for your cheeks. It's an absolutely beautiful colour that'll bring the right amount of life to your face after applying all the whitening and concealing makeup. To use it for the cheeks, you just need to apply a few strokes across the desired area, then really quickly, rub it in. Be aware that these play pencils dry rapidly to avoid smudge. This one was also a dry type of pencil and when applied to my lips, made them look a bit chapped.

This number #43 pencil is a glitter type with a pinky shimmer which is perfect for the eyes, notably the waterline and inner eyes. It's similar to the shimmering pencil, but stands out a tiny bit more and the colour is a lot pinker than the box might suggest. By applying it on the inner parts of your eye, it will make the eyes appear bigger and more innocent-looking. I think this one is creamy and fantastic and appears subtle on the eyes. 

Finally, the number #44 pencil is also a glitter type and I used it as an eyeshadow. This is a gold colour and looks really good when you just apply it over your lids as a base so the eyeshadow isn't too distracting but your eyes don't look bare either. I really loved this one! It's too easy to apply :D
The only texture I didn't receive was the glossy type, which would have been great for my dry lips but I think I'll just purchase that next time to give it a go :) 

Etude House were also kind enough to send me a mini Etude drink bottle which is SO CUTE and special because it's not actually for sale. I haven't used it yet, but I'm quite excited to. On the other hand, I may include this in my Blogversary giveaway which will be happening next month to celebrate my 1 year of blogging :D 


I've come to realise that swatches are pretty important when doing makeup reviews so I'll start to include them more and more from now on. This swatch just shows how all the pencil types look on my skin, in the order of: Pencil 1, 6, 8, 11, 43 then 44. You can see that each of them stand out really well, especially that coral colour which is absolutely striking! 
And here they are on paper. You can see that the pencils have a very crayon quality which is really evident in the pictures below. I've also written their number, type and use next to them for reference.

Ok, so I've introduced you to the product; now onto Pony's tutorial for Hey! Bad girl makeup :D Firstly, starting with a bare face (except I cheated a bit, by already putting on bb cream and doing eyebrows) BTW I know my hair is gross but I'll have you know that I have since cut off all the split ends so it's looking heaps healthier now! 
Firstly, we had to apply the Number 44 glitter pencil on the lids. This, as said before, acts as a base for the eyes to make them really stand out instead of looking bare and unfinished. Pony's instructions had more technique than just 'apply' but tbh I didn't really understand that first step. 
Hahhaaha ok this is what it looks like with just the eyeshadow on. You can see that goldy glow added to my lids :)
Next is the eyeliner! This is creamy pencil #1, and I just filled in the upper line of my eyes and winged it out at the edges. Then, I filled in about 1/3 of the lower lash line and connected it to that top wing. 
Next, use the glitter pencil #43 to add shine to the inner corners of your eyes. Also fill in your lower lash line with it. Sorry, I couldn't really get a clear shot of this because it is so subtle!
Then onto the lips. First use the matte pencil #8 as a base on the lips. This will make it easier to shape the lips with the colour later on so they look nicer. This was where I felt the pencils could have been a little more hydrating, since my lips are so dry already and the pencils just made them even drier.
Then, apply the creamy pencil #11 which has this coral tone over the concealer. You can make it smaller than the actual line of your lips, to make your mouth appear a little smaller and doll-like I suppose.
You can use the number #6 pencil, which is the cream shimmer, to highlight areas on the face that you want to stand out. (i.e the arch of the eyebrows, upper edge of the lips, inner corner of the eye) Remember to blend! 
And finally, just pick up that number #11 coral pencil again and draw a few strokes across your cheeks and blend it in, to add life to your face after applying all this makeup ~ :D
And we're done! Here are some of my iPhone selfies with the finished look :) I was really happy with the overall effect of the pencils and I know that they're going to become my main makeup tool because of their multi-functionality, compact quality and easy application. Plus, they're so cheap so I'm excited to get some more for my collection :D

That's it for today! Thanks Etude Global for sending me this awesome Pink Box! I loved the products this month and I'm looking forwards to reviewing July's! 

To my readers, hope you continue visiting this page as I will be blogging a bit more these holidays before going back to school for my hell year D: 

xx Heylinni 

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  1. The coral color looks great on your lips! I really like #6. I've been looking for a shimmery highlighter like that for my eyes for a while.

    1. thanks! i thnk number 6 is really a necessity as a highlighter :D it works wonderfully :)

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    1. hhaha yeaaa they are soo convenient to bring out :) thanks lol!

  6. The 101 pencils are so tempting! Especially because they're so versatile. :) I love the finished look! It suits you really well. I'm really curious about the eyeshadow brush! I think I need to pick one of these up myself as I've been dying for a proper eyeshadow brush.
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. OHMY! That's perfect. I've always watched Pony's makeup tutorials, and i really love the way she uses the pencils. I think i must buy those aswell. They look amazing! Thanks for this post :)

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