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Hey, do you guys ever have perfectly fine clothes lying around in your room that you just won't wear anymore? The best ways to deal with them is either giving them to charity or selling them to others who will love them more! Now, you can decide what you want to do, but if you choose the second option, I've got one of the best websites to introduce to you. Youtuber/Blogger Wengie has developed this project called 'StyleAlley', and their new website launched pretty recently. It's a place where you can exchange or sell your clothes's amazing! It's also fairly new (about a month old?) and so there aren't many prominent sellers at the moment, so it's perfect to get your name/brand established on there :) 
Honestly, I'm not sure if the site is open to the public yet, but you can sign up to send a request to join, or become a Style Ambassador here. I'm just going to take you around the site in this post and show off all the great features, that makes selling your clothes super duper easy. This is a great community to discuss various fashion as well, and also find some new treasures for yourself. It's kind of like an online Vinnies, with good quality clothes. Prices are amazing, some garments are even being sold for just 5$~
So, firstly their main spotlight at the moment is on a StyleAlley giveaway, where you could get the chance to win this adorable black singlet top, with a cutout heart on the back. All you have to do is head to their site,, find the item which says 'Win this Top!' and comment on it with your best first world problem. Best one is the winner, too easy right? I love this top for Summer, it looks totally cute and the back is so interesting :P Also make sure to follow their various social pages like their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter !

Now onto the main page of the site! It's pretty simple, the landing page is immediately a collage of all the newest products put up by users of StyleAlley. I'm pretty sure every few hours, the items shuffle so even if you posted something ages ago, it'll still pop up every now and then at the top of the page. This is perfect because it would be so frustrating if you put something up that got totally buried by other listings in a matter of hours and never even got seen. Hehe, at the moment, you can see my listing of the Floral Dress for just $5 at the top ^_^ You'll get a whole range of prices here. Some things, which are second-hand may be 5 dollars, whilst other newer/luxury items can get a little more expensive.
Plus if your a buyer and looking for some specific type of clothing, you can just click on the search bar and type in a few keywords :D This is because sellers can 'hashtag' their products, a little like insta or tumblr, so they'll show up in those tags.
Another special feature on this site is the forums! I'm a long time addict of fashion and beauty forums, so I'm always happy to jump into another one. It's a great place to discuss random stuff,! Also I love meeting the new people commenting there! Since the site is relatively new, there's not much activity there yet, but I'm sure it'll be flooding with people soon :) 
Next to the 'Our Story' section. This just introduces StyleAlley, it's purpose and backstory. 
I think clothes swaps are always a good idea, because in our society today, it's all about the materialism. When we have something, we just want more, more, more. So, it's really good that there's a place to recycle something like clothes, and not be wasting outfits just because we've worn them once or twice (I'm guilty of this :S). It's environmentally-friendly, plus, you can find some real treasures at affordable prices sometimes :)

Now, let's move onto the user interface and profile stuff -->
It's very easy to make an account and it's a bit amusing how they make it required to put in your favourite quote. I thought it was a nice touch, because it really had me thinking of some quotes that inspired me and made me feel fuzzy~~ When you hover over your little profile picture in the corner of the page, a column pops up with all the options for you. You can visit your public profile, messages, look at items or just toggle some general settings.
Here's currently what my profile looks like. Basically, it's got all my information at the top and then underneath, shows all the items that I've listed (I'll post some photos of those at the bottom of this in case you're interested!) I like that this is a place where you can follow others as well, because I always love little social networking features, being the social network addict that I am. I only have 16 followers at the moment, you guys should go sign up after reading this and follow me on my profile: :P I'm not sure why my banner in the background is only in the header part and not the rest of the page's a little odd looking.
Here are some of my super cheap products on my profile currently! 
And if you click on any item, you get led to their product profile, where it shows all the details of that specific product. The websites got quite a cute layout and gives you a lot of options when listing a product. You can see I'm selling some 3CE lip balm at the moment for just $10 :) Just going to put it out there that this smells beautiful and I've been using one myself and it's very moisturising for the lips as well as adds a slight tint of colour. 
Next, I'll take you through the process of putting up an item yourself. It's super easy! Honestly, I don't think I've experienced a quicker or simpler method to selling products. It's one page, fill in the details then click to upload and you're done! 

Here's what the page looks like when you click on the 'Upload an Item' link. 
I always start by putting in some pictures first as visuals are SO important when selling items (duh). For example, I'm listing this cute Korean Flannel Asymmetrical Skirt. I think it is so adorable and goes amazingly with some neutrals. Then just fill in the item name, category, size, price etc
Some additional information you can give is the brand name, colours, material and a description to the item. I always advise filling this all in anyway, just because buyers feel more comfortable purchasing something when they actually understand what the product is. 
After pressing 'Upload my Item', you're done! It'll take you to your newly listed item, which will also be listed at the top of the main page feed :D
If you get people interested in your items, they'll click 'I want this' on your item and it will go straight to your message box. Sometimes you might get more than 1 person wanting the product and so they'll have to negotiate it out. One thing about this is that your listed price doesn't include shipping rates, so you'll have to discuss this with a potential buyer afterwards in chat. This is somewhat good because then there's no flat rate shipping price and you can calculate the lowest price shipping for someone, specific to where they live. It also increases that personal touch within the sale, which I always love. I've actually made a couple of sales already so I like how effective this site is :)

If I've piqued your interest by now, you should head to this site: and read a little more (or scroll right to the bottom, take the pledge and sign up to join or be a style ambassador!)
It gives some extremely interesting facts such as,

'it takes 2700 litres of water to make a cotton t-shirt. Just by trading one cotton shirt, you couldsave enough water for one person to drink for 900 days

Isn't that crazy? I guess it has something to do with the 'hidden water' which is used in the production of the shirt, such as to grow the cotton, transporting it etc. So get your eco-warrior on and take the pledge :)
There are some other really notable fashion bloggers Tickled Pink (Aley Greenblo), Anniepop, Metallic Paws (Izzy)  and of course Wengie who have taken the pledge. :)

Oh and some of the items I've got up at the moment are....

(I've only got one of these left!)

Finally, just letting you know that I'm going to be on semi-hiatus for the next term because of FINAL EXAMS this year. It's getting crazy lately so blogging long posts is so difficult now :( Stay updated with me on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter though, so you can look forward to my full return by the end of the year! 

I'll try post soon!
xx Heylinni
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  2. I've always been wanting to sell my pre-loved clothes, but it always seem like such a hassle :P plus, I still think I will get another opportunity to wear them... this is the 1st time hearing about Style Alley.. will check them out! X

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  3. I'll most likely use this website too since I have a lot of clothes that I need to get rid of. :3 You're really gorgeous and I love your blog! Followed :D

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  4. Oh wow! This site is actually pretty convenient! I think I'll sign up myself. :) I have a ton of clothes I don't even use :\ Thanks for the post!

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    1. yep, it's a really great site :D thank you for reading!

  5. This site looks wonderful and really practical *___* I love your 2-piece mint dress, it's super lovely!

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