Etude House Disney Princess Collection Part I: Cinderella Eyeshadow and Belle Blush Review

By Rachel L - 4:12 PM

I'm back, and Etude House's new Disney Princess Collection is out this month! It's a limited collection, with each of the products categorised by 4 legendary princesses: Jasmine, Belle, Snow White and Cinderella :D It's such a nice surprise, especially after one of my most recent posts was making a list of my favourite Disney songs, so I'm super pumped about this collection~~ Overall, it has eyeshadows, lipstick, blush, nail polish, mascara and bb cream to make yourself just like one of the 4 princesses.

The products received this month were: Cinderella Fairy Glitter Eyeshadow, Belle Rose Cheek Blusher, Snow White Lipstick and Jasmine Nail kit. I love that they sent me a product from each of the princesses so I could have a little taster of them all :) The Pink Letter this time around was also nicely informative, providing some cute images and tips for each of the items.

Cinderella - Fairy Glitter Eyeshadow #1 Pink Glass Heels 

Where to buy?

You can get it for $9.99 at KollectionK or $7.80USD at KoreaDepart 


The Etude House glitter eyeshadow comes in a container about 4.5g and is based after Cinderella, 'the princess who always believed that someday her dream will become true'. There are 3 glittery, creamy shades called #01 Pink Glass Heels, #02 Magic Pumpkin and #03 Evening Party. The basic shades are therefore, maroon, coffee brown and darker brown. They're shimmery, smokey and perfect to add a touch of shine for a night out :) They have a jelly like, yet still firm texture with a great, pearly sheen.
Other items in the Cinderella collection are the blue and silver nail polish set (really pretty!).

Personal thoughts:

Ok, my first thought was 'OMG HOW CUTE IS THIS PACKAGING??' Whilst some people thought Etude's Lock'N Summer collection was a little plain on the packaging, they definitely won't be thinking that this time! It's super adorable, with the pastel colour combination and pattern on the box. Definitely epitomises the theme of princesses! I received the maroon coloured eyeshadow glitter and it does a great job on the eyes. There is seemingly a LOT of product for a little, compact container. The colours are very vibrant and shiiinny, and while it seems a little flaky in the photos, the eyeshadow is very firmly packed and only comes out when you use your fingers or a shadow brush. Furthermore, it has a great adhesive quality and a subtle effect on the eye. For it to be strong pinks, you'll need to apply heaps, so I like that it makes your eyes sparkle but not be too over the top.

My overall rating for this glitter eyeshadow would be
Because it perfectly suits the look I try to go for, and it's a very beautiful colour with great shimmer. My favourite thing is that it's quite light and sweet, and the packaging is a definite plus! 

Would I rebuy it? YES!

I'll show you how it looks on my eyes (barefaced apart from eyebrows and bb cream so it's looking a little strange lol)

You can apply using a shadow brush or your fingers. I started by applying with my fingers, to put it on roughly as a base, then I used the Etude House 402 Shadow Brush to clean the lines and make it neater.

I had to put quite a few layers on for it to actually show up in the photographs, but you can see that when it's on, it looks much pinker than in the container. I like that it gives off a slightly romantic look :)

You'll also be able to find swatches for the eyeshadow and the blush (reviewed next) at the bottom of this post, so you can see the shimmer of it closer up~

Belle - Rose Cheek Blusher #1 Pink Shine Rose
Where to buy?

For $10.30 on Ebay, $10.99 at KollectionK or $13.26 at W2Beauty


This blusher is based on Belle, 'the princess who could see inner beauty rather than external beauty'. It's in a simple, yet cute compact of 4.8g and comes in 2 shades, #01 Pink Shine Rose or #02 Coral Rose. The blush is moulded into a rose, which is a famous symbol in the Beauty and the Beast movie. It's very beautiful and 3-D. The powder features straight dough method technology that allows for a natural look and shimmering makeup, plus lightweight and moisturising coverage. Other products in the Belle collection are the Belle Nail sets and the Belle Lipstick (a purple-y colour).

Personal thoughts:

I thought that this was a nice, pinky blush and the shade made it almost look anime-like when applied. Once again, the packaging is amazing, as it looks like a book, which probably represents either Belle's love for books, or the 'fairytale' theme. Although the blush looks quite glittery in the promo pics, in real life, it is a little more chalky and matte. It's easy to apply with a big powder brush for a soft look. It's also quite subtle when you apply it, so it might not show up as much as you'd like. For example, in the photo below (of me with it on), you can't really see it that well, so the effect is quite weak.

My overall rating for the Rose Cheek Blush is

Because whilst it has a great colour to create a cute look, the effect is quite weak and chalky. 
Would I rebuy? Maybe, but not sure

You might only be able to see the slight tinge on my cheeks here, but I actually put quite a lot on!

And here are the close-up swatches of both products on my arm. You can see how glittery the eyeshadow is, whilst the blush is very light and matte. (Snow White lipstick will be in Part II)

So that's Part I of the Etude House Disney Princess Collection Review! Thanks Etude Global for sending me these products, they will be put to good use. :) 

Thanks for reading~ Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr! Oh an btw, you can buy the jumper I'm wearing at A Lemon's Life, by clicking here

xx Heylinni

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  1. wish i could get that box too
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    1. Thank you for reading :) Yea, I feel really grateful to receive it ^_^

  2. Oh you're so lucky to get sponsored by Etude House! The packaging is so so adorable >.< ♥
    I love the snow white blush color and the pigmented eyeshadow, they're so pretty *-*
    Thanks for this review, Rachel~ !

    1. Hahah thank you for reading it! The Snow White swatch is for their lipstick though! :)

  3. Oh wow these look amazing! I love the packaging. :)

  4. i always love etude house packaging
    love their packaging for this series <3

  5. These look like amazing products,and etude always has great packaging. You look gorgeous w/out makeup btw.

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  6. The packing is so cute!!! XD
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  9. The packaging is indeed very cute. I also liked the labels and messages.
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  10. Do you know if they sell these in the states babe? Loving how pigmented the shadows look on fair skin!
    Thank you for the blog visit sweets, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  11. This collection is so cute, Love the packaging for everything! Etude house always comes up with the best themes :)


  12. I'm so envious of how you get to receive Etude House products in the mail monthly :3 lol~ Lovely post!
    Btw, I've just nominated you for the Best Blog Award!!! Check out the details on my blog <3

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  13. You have the best facial features!!

  14. I love the eyeshadow! It's really pretty =D
    Nice review :)
    I followed you!

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