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By Rachel L - 12:27 PM

Hey everyone!
I'm excited to be introducing to you the latest Etude House Lock n' Summer collection. You may have seen this one floating around now, since it's about 1 month old, but this post will just recap on all the products released within this collection. I received the monthly Etude House Pink Box again, and this July Box is all about Lock n' Summer, so I'll be showing my haul. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to actually try them all out yet, so I'll get out a review post in about a week. I'll probably do the reviewing in sections so I can go into a little more detail then.

You know me, I'm a long-time fan of Etude House and I've always loved their collections. What excites me, is the overall feel of each collection that is released. The packaging is always amazing, each product is innovative and fun and everything just fits together really well. In the future, I'd love to own a little bit of each collection Etude have released :) This collection is no different; I've seen some people complaining about the packaging, but I personally love it. The blue colour is lovely and kind of beach-y, exuding that image of 'fun in the sun' :D From what I've read, there are 6 different products in the collection, which can be used to create a perfectly made-up face. I also believe that it's quite light makeup, so it's perfect for casual summer days out.

So first up is the Precious Mineral Proof Any Cushion. This cushion is perfect for Summer Light and creates a thin layer on the skin, making it flawless and un-smudgeable. It's also a waterproof base makeup, which is really convenient for the summer time (if you decide to go to a water park with makeup The cushion makeup is able to protect the skin quite well from sun. Additionally, it brightens your skin and absorbs oils to avoid looking too shiny in the heat. There are 2 shades to choose from: N02 and W13. I think N02 is the lighter beige colour, so it's great for whitening skin as well, but W13 Natural Beige would probably be a better fit for me to blend with, because my skin is a little tanned.

You can buy this here, here or here (or just search its name in Google) for around $23.00. 

The next product is the Lock'N Summer Cushion Blusher. It's obvious that cushion makeup is the new trend in Korea beauty right now. I hope they come up with some kind of cushion lip tint next >_< This blush is a coral vivid colour with an extremely soft touch. It looks so pigmented in the sample photos, which I love because it shows the abundance of the makeup within that little cushion. It's perfect for adding this sweet, little undertone of blush on your cheeks, in your choice of 2 tones: PK001 (the more pinky colour) or 0R201 (a soft peachy, orange colour). They're both super cute and I look forward to trying them. 
Look it up and purchase here for around $10! Way too affordable :D

The third product is the hero, the one I've been extremely interested in since this collection was released. It really represents the innovation of Etude House, as they've created a cushion-type eyeliner. It comes with a lovely, angled brush to apply and 5 standard shades. The Proof 10 Cushion Lock'N Summer Waterproof Cushion Eyeliner is waterproof so there'll be no more of that smudging on the eyes. I always find that I do nice, clean makeup at the beginning of the day, and by the time I get home in the evening, there are literally dark circles under my eyes from the eyeliner. So it'll be nice to give this product a go and see if it solves that problem. I think the most useable ones for me would be the black or the brown because they are natural, simple colours which suit my look best. 

Edit: Okay, so I received a message on my Facebook page letting me know that these cushion liners have been recalled. I hadn't experienced a problem with them on the first day, but I've discovered that they dry up really quickly once you open them. It must be something to do with the sponge and eyeliner material not blending well together, so the sponge essentially dries up all the eyeliner, and you can't get it out at all. :( On the bright side, the brush that comes with it is still awesome :)

Browse and purchase here for just $12. Plus, when you use it up, you can simply buy refills to reuse!

The fourth products are the Lock'N Summer Colour Lips Fit range, which is the lip product of this collection. They are very similar to the normal lips fit range so I'm a bit iffy on this one. However, the shades look fantastic and I like that matte effect that they have, though I am worried about these drying out the lips, because I noticed that Etude House products do tend to be a bit on the drier side. My favourite shades are probably 0R203 or 0R205 :) 
Check them out or purchase them here for just $9 :)

This is another interesting looking product which is specially suited for the summer time. It is a Face Conditioning Fixer so apparently it gives moisture before and after makeup and can be used as a makeup fixer. Now what is it? Firstly, no it's not something you spray on your face and your makeup magically fixes itself. You're supposed to spray this on as a BASE so your makeup will stay on all day and help cool your skin down. You can also spray it on top after all your makeup is done, so its kind of 'fixes' that makeup to your face in a way. I think this is a really important product because I cannot emphasise enough the importance of moisturising your face before and after applying makeup!! Makeup is pretty drying and harmful to your skin so you need to protect it and keep skin youthful by moisturising. 

You can buy this here for just $12 :D

And finally, this is the Lock'n Summer Lash Perm Proof Shockcara Super Waterproof Mascara. WOW, what a mouthful! This mascara has adorable packaging and it seems to result in some pretty strong lashes. It's also waterproof, once again, to allow you to participate in water sports whilst wearing makeup. 

You can purchase this super cute product here for just $14

So that was my little intro to the collection. My overall thoughts on the items are positive, however I do feel like some products such as the lip tints are too similar to their previous products, so it seems like a little less effort went into this collection than the previous ones. Although, I'm looking forward to trying out the different products I received, and I'll be eager to purchase the rest of the collection soon :)

Now onto the July Pink Box that I received. Etude House sent me 5 products - Precious Mineral MagicAny Cushion in W13, Cushion Eyeliner in Brown, Cushion Blusher in 0R201, a mini Face Conditioning Fixer and also Baby Sweet Sugar Powder. Pretty Krystal is the main model for this collection :D
As usual, I've got the Pink Letter to read and it tells me all about the items that were sent :)
Okay, so here are my very basic first impressions of the products that I received that are a part of the Lock'N Summer collection. First up is the Precious Mineral Proof Any Cushion. I love the colour palette of the packaging, it's kind of fairy floss-like. However, this also really reminds me of the Magic Mineral Any cushion, which I reviewed last time. The physical construction of the cushion holder is almost exactly the same. It's nice and big and I like that it's quite multi-layered. 
There's also a big mirror on the inside, behind the lid of the compact. It's very simplistic, white yet chunky so I'm really loving it so far :) The application sponge (I never now what this is called!) sits nicely into a little groove and has an Etude House label on it.
The other side of the application sponge is blue, and it is sooo soft yet firm feeling. I know those are conflicting adjectives but that's seriously how it feels to me. It seems like it has a very good saturation texture and would just absorb the makeup straight onto it.
Then, when we lift the inner lid, we get to the actual makeup. I think this is a sort of foundation, which is applied as a base. It's quite saturated as you can see in the photos. I love that Etude House sent me this natural beige shade (W13) this time, because my skin is slightly tanned, so it would actually have more of an effect on me. It's got a beautiful bronzey colour and smells really nice as well.
Btw, I know my nails are gross, but bear with it please. 
Next up is the face conditioning fixer. This one is a mini version, sort of like a sample. But if you choose to buy it, you'll get a much bigger version! It comes in a fun, little bottle with a spray so it's super easy to apply and also very convenient to carry around with you wherever. I'm not sure about how well this works yet, but you'll see a review on that soon!
Here's the one I was waiting for! I'm so excited to receive the Lock'N Summer Cushion Lock'n Liner in the brown shade (which is exactly what I had wanted!). I think it's perfect for adding those wings to eyes, especially with the sharp, angle brush that they provide.
When you open the box, it looks like this inside. Very cute and compact and I like how it all just fits together. The cover for the brush is also a good, extra touch.
I've tested this brush and it's great! It's quite firm so it'll get you that nice, clean line on your eyes. It's also got a pretty small handle, which might be a difficulty when applying your eyeliner :3
I think that this cushion eyeliner was just a lot smaller than I expected, which was one of my disappointments. But it makes sense, since it's just eyeliner, and not something like foundation, where you need a lot of it.
When you open it, it's got a inner cap that holds the eyeliner. From this perspective, I don't think that the product looks very good, because it seems like something broke off it and now it's just left with this empty groove. But nevertheless, that doesn't affect the quality of the product itself.
This is a really lovely shade of brown and I love the cushion type of it. It's like a liquid liner mixed with the application technique of a gel liner so it's very very strange! Also, another good point for  this is that when you run out of the eyeliner, you can simply buy a refill for a pretty cheap price, and at any other colour you might want to try. :)
The cushion blusher is also pretty similar in size to the eyeliner (a little bit bigger actually) and the packaging is quite different. It's much more simple, as it's just one of those unscrew containers. The colour is a GORGEOUS coral that I am so excited to review :D 
The little sponge is really adorable as well. It's so small that I can only hold it with one finger :D But similar to the Any Cushion, the applicator sponge is very soft and absorbent. I have a feeling that I'll be using this blush a lot though because I am in love with that colour ... can't stop raving about it lol
And this is the Baby Sweet Sugar Powder, which I don't think is a part of the Lock'N Summer collection, but they sent it anyway as part of their main line. This product is loose powder and it reminds me so much of icing sugar, I literally just want to eat it. It's got SPF15 so it can help protect your skin in the summer, and it's got a powdery texture for a smooth, bright and oil free complexion.
This powder puff is also so so cute :D It's more cotton-y than the other sponges so it reminds me of a little cloud :')
To access the powder, you just peel back the plastic cover, then press the puff against the holes in the lid, so a little bit of powder is transferred each time.

And that's it! Huge thanks to Etude House for sending me this stuff :) I have a great impression on the collection overall, and I'll be looking forward to writing up some detailed review posts, as well as purchasing all the other items from the collection that I did not receive :D

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you love most in the comments below :)
xx Heylinni
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  1. cushion lip tint would be so weird though......i dont even get why etude house ~invented~ cushion eyeliner. i just dont get the point of it. i see reviews that it's more difficult to apply. cushion blushers are cool though!! this one receives more possitive reviews that the eyeliner ones. but somehow im not interested in any of this honestly :< except the cushion foundation since i have yet to try cushion base makeup and this one seems promising! (other brands have more of a wet finishes i feel like)

  2. They're really uping their game with cushions! I'm most intrigued about the cushion eyeliner, and I definitely want to try the cushion blusher. This is such a great and in-depth review! It's very informative and helpful. Thank you!


  3. I was actually going to buy the Lock n Summer cushion blusher but they only have two colours in the range and they were ones I already own. I wish they will expand the selection soon! It seems like everything is going to come out as cushion makeup soon ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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  4. fantastic post<3
    Thanks for checking out my blog, dear:)
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  5. The blush cushion is a pretty good idea but I think they went too far with the cushion thing on the eyeliner--it's not practical and I have read some negative reviews on it.

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  9. I'm so jealous hehe I wish I could have a whole box of Etude House products sent to me also~
    Thanks so much for sharing, those products look amazing <3

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

  10. I'm so jaleous of you getting the Etude house monthly box! Would love to get their boxes too hihi ^^
    The products looks great! Can't wait for your reviews of them :)

  11. Thanks for this beautiful post!
    Lockn summer products fro Etude House look really good (>w<) There are some I want to test!!
    I really envy you to received this pink box!

  12. omg, your so lucky to get these boxes! The collection looks really cool, can't wait to see your reviews :)


  13. I also like etude products! Ive been meaning to try the cushion foundation!!! I have the lip tint!
    Thanks for visiting my blog the blonde on you too ;)