Etude House Disney Princess Collection Part II: Snow White Lipstick and Jasmine Nail Kit Review

By Rachel L - 3:08 PM

Wow, what? A post that wasn't made 2 weeks after my last one? I'm on fire! Haha just joking...

Yay and we're up to part 2 of what was supposed to be my AUGUST review for the Etude Pink Box Disney Princess Collection. But hey, it's not entirely my fault, since we were sent these boxes pretty late alright? :) Part 2 is all about the Snow White Lipstick and Jasmine Nail kit - both items which I am totally in love with! Once again, I'm pretty sure that this is their latest collection, and it's super duper cute, with everything even more princess'd up than before. The packaging simply exceeds expectations~ Since you probably know all the general info about the collection overall by now, I think I'll just launch straight into the individual product reviews. Otherwise, if you don't know much about it, feel free to read my last post here

Snow White - Apple Red Lipstick 

Where to buy?
For some reason, this lipstick was a killer to find online if you just googled it. Luckily for you, I found it on Ebay for around $11.87, which isn't too bad. You can get it by clicking here. 

There are two types of lipstick shades in this collection. This first is the Snow White Apple Red, which I received. The second is a Belle lipstick that is purple rose and looks charming on the lips. The Snow White lipstick is a bright, bright red, which is reminiscent of Snow White's famous blood red lips. It's super vivid and also quite opaque. There are 3 key features to this lipstick: fast and glossy coating on lips, brand new vivid texture and moisturising and nourishing quality. It's a 3.5g product, with natural oil ingredients with high gloss effect to maximise the lipstick's adherence. The moisturising comes into effect through the natural bamboo sap that creates a protective layer. 

Personal thoughts:
I really adore this lipstick! I've always wanted a quality bright red lippy, to create a bold, statement look. It makes your face makeup pop a lot more and stand out. I've always had a thing against lipstick, because I'm scared it'll smear and get gross during the day, but this one has a great adherence quality, which prevents that. Also, it is SUPER slick! Applying it is so easy, and yet on my lips, it hardly feels like it's there. I'd advise getting a tissue and pressing it between lips after applying, in order to achieve a matte-ish, toned-down look and less MirandaSing's lips. :)

My rating would be, without a doubt:

Also, how cute is this packaging? The little red apples are so cute and symbolic of the classic fairy tale. I LOVE the colour scheme here, definitely my favourite out of all the princesses! 
And again, the lipstick itself is super duper lovely. It looks a little like play makeup for kids, but that's what makes us feel so youthful and fairytale-like when we use it. 
Applying ~~~~
And, tada! Makes my lips really stand out right? It's an awesome product and I would for sure buy this again, once I run out. Well...hopefully, before it goes out of stock, since this product is limited edition :D 

Jasmine - Jasmine Nail Kit 
Where to buy?

The Nail Kits are a LOT easier to find online! They are sold by the dozens on Ebay for around $9.78 (free shipping) and kbeauty shops like BeautynetKorea for $8.75USD. 


There are four different nail kits. You can get each of the princesses featured in this collection. There's a Snow White kit (Red and White), Cinderella (Blue and Silver), Belle (Purple and Pale pink) and Jasmine (Blue and Gold shimmer). They each come with 2 different nail polishes, and also a set of cute nail stickers, each fitting the theme of the particular princess. Since I received the Jasmine nail kit, I'll mostly be referring to that. The three outstanding features of the nail polish is: One coat, vivid nail polish; gel nail effect with a glossy coating; waterproof nail accessories. The polish bottles are 8mL each. 

Personal thoughts:

Firstly, I hardly ever use nail polish, because it was banned at my high school. But now that I graduated, I can wear it all the time (look out for some more nail polish reviews ahaha). But I really loved the one I received. The colours evoked that sassy, strong attitude of Jasmine from Aladdin, with a hint of an Arabian Nights feeling. Idk, it must be the rich, glittery gold in combination with the royal mint blue. Etude House has a HUGE range of nail polishes, a few which I have reviewed before and these are no different in that they dry super fast. It must be some sort of secret formula they use but it's very practical because that means the polish doesn't smudge easily and just go disgusting on my nails. The brush is also shaped nicely, so you can apply it neatly...none of that nightmare polish on the skin nonsense here. However, this polish does chip quite easily, so it should only be for short term use. In addition, it's got the terrible smell all polishes have....can we release a lovely scented nail polish anytime soon Etude? :)
That's why, I would rate this product a
I'm not sure I would need to buy this nail polish kit again, but I am certainly wanting to try out the 3 other kits! The Snow White one looks especially amazing to me, I love those little apple stickers! Too adorable :D 
The packaging is so UGH BEAUTIFUL ~ I sound like such a broken record....
Lovely little nail stickers. I really like those lamp ones.
I just decided to apply it alternating colours, because that's about as far as my nail polish prowess goes. I'll keep practicing though! I like that it looks very neat and tidy on my nails and has this glossy sheen to it. The gold is a little bit transparent at first, because I'd imagine it should work as a top layer for glitter, but if you apply a few coats, it can work very well on its own.

Alright, and that's it for August's Pink Box. Amazing enough, just as I finished this post, the September Box JUST arrived via our very efficient mailman. I've had a peek and boy are you guys in for a treat :D Anyway, here are all the swatches for the makeup in the August box. Hope you guys consider getting some of these products because they've really impressed me this time. Would love to hear about your thoughts on them! 

Thanks Etude House for sending this to me, I'm always grateful everytime I receive a box :D And everyone else, thanks for reading! I think I'm getting back into the groove of blogging, so hopefully you hear from me again in another couple of days. Keep visiting back and checking out my other social networking sites, which you can find in the lefthand column of my blog. 
xx Heylinni 
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  1. Oh my gooosh! I love these! ♥ I've never really seen a review as detailed and with as many pictures as yours, so I'm really grateful, thanks so much! I wanted to know more about the Princess Collection for so long!
    All of the colours are absolutely fantastic, Jasmine's nailpolish is exactly like the movies and hnnngh those stickers~ ♥
    The lippies look great on you too by the way~ You really look so sweet in the shades, I'm jealous. heehee ^^
    But I really can't stop looking at the packaging. ;A; I wouldn't be able to throw away the boxes if I ever got these which would only strengthen the pack-rat image my mum has of me haha.

    I absolutely love your blog! I'll definitely be following~ ♥

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. Thank you for such a meaningful comment ! :) And thanks for your sweet comments ;) I haven't gotten rid of the boxes either hahah! love them too much <3

  2. I love Disney so I'm totally going AHHHHHH that Etude House has such cute cosmetics for the princesses. Jasmine's nail polish looks great!

    ♥ Ellie

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  5. Nice post! I like the lipstick, but i think i like more the purple color one! ^_^
    Thanks for your comment in my blog! I'm following your blog! Is great!

    1. Yea, I'd like to give the Belle lipstick a go :D

  6. Cute nails and love the lipstick!

    Would you like to follow each other ? Let me know on my blog.
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  7. amazing makeup , i so want the snow white lipstick
    keep in touch

  8. Thank you for dropping by my blog! I followed you on Bloglovin & GFC! I hope you follow back, too! You & your blog are gorgeous! Lovely post, too! So much Etude House goodness n_n

  9. These products are adorable!! Love etude house ^^

  10. the color of this lipstick is so nice!
    thank you for your comment on my blog :) sure, lets follow each other..i have already started :)

  11. The nail kits look amazing and both lipsticks have a great colour! I'd personally choose belle :)



  12. I love Disney!! This looks like a good product. :D x
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  13. I love this collection so much! but sigh I have bought too many things in the past month or so to be getting any of this :( I really like the nail kit and oh my gosh, the packaging is so cute ^___________^

    steph | datewithsteph.

  14. I really wanna try the Lipstick from this Happy Ending Collection, sadly it only available in 2 shades :(
    anw thanks for ur comment on my blog, followed u , mind to follow back?

  15. I was really tempted to buy some of these products, but then I opted not to since I have dozens of similar ones. The only one I wanted was the Jasmine mascara, but it smelled really yucky so I didn't buy it in the end...

  16. I love your blog - Disney Princesses are my favourite. The makeup is also super, super cute.

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