4 Seasonal Fashion Outfits

By Rachel L - 11:19 AM

Do you ever have those days where you just don't know what to wear at all? Or the times where you've got 5 minutes before you have to be somewhere, but can't decide what looks good? I certainly do...and it takes me a good half-hour before I can find something D: Well, I recently read that you can solve this 'fashion block' by planning and preparing beforehand. How? Easy! On a creative day (yup, we all have them), just put together potential outfit ideas that you might like to wear for later. Perhaps start a fashion journal or scrapbook and take pictures with great outfits on, then stick them in the book so you can use them on clueless days. Some people might choose to look online for inspiration, but I often find that I love what fashion guru's wear but I don't have any clothes similar to them! So it's best to find stuff similar to what you own and put it all together yourself. It's a lot of fun and a great way to relax.

After thinking about this post, I remembered this site called Polyvore, that I used to go on all the time when I was younger, and I'd spend HOURS making different sets. I just visited it again this morning and have rediscovered the magic of it. It's so much fun to put items together and browse through all the different clothes. It's pretty much like window shopping :D Plus, you get info on all the items like where to buy them and how much they are, so you can obtain them afterwards if you love your outfit that much.

I decided to put together 4 seasonal fashion outfits. It's much easier to work on a theme so I went with seasonal fashion. This way, each of them was different and had their own unique concept to them. I have a lot of pride in creating them, so without further adieu...I present my 4 seasonal fashion outfits from the maroons of Autumn, to the pastels of Summer :D (haha, and yes, I did use the most generic titles for them!)

Fall Fashion
I love wearing reds and blacks in the fall. Not sure why, but it just suits it and seems so autumn-ish. Another thing I love is layering! Outfits always look more complex and interesting when you've got a lot of layers on, and the windy days of fall just allow you to layer to your heart's desires. In this outfit, I chose the red plaid jacket from StyleNanda as my key item, since I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Then I kind of built around it, sorting out that colour palette and finding items that coordinated well. I picked the white TOKYO sweatshirt from House of Fraser since I thought the outfit needed a plain 'base' to complement that jacket. There needed to be a neutral item so that the jacket could pop out more in terms of patterning and colour. Then I chose these ripped jeans from TopShop, since I'm recently loving the style where you've just got slits at the knees. It adds some character to the jeans and spices up the coordinate. For the shoes, I've chosen closed Doc Marten platforms, which are very cool and add to that 'Rock' vibe I've got going on. I felt like the shoes had to be enclosed to suit the breezy weather. I chose a Lipsy quilted backpack and Superdry knit headband for the accessories. The lipsy backpack kind of reminded me of the Chanel quilted backpacks, in terms of the texture, making it seem classy and the headband once again, reinforced that maroon/red colour in the outfit. And finally, I added a makeup inspo pic, of Barbara Palvin with some sharp, thick eyeliner and bright red lips to perfectly match the items! :)

Seasonal fashion outfits
MANGO long sweat shirt
37 AUD - houseoffraser.co.uk

Topshop super skinny jeans
80 AUD - nordstrom.com

Dr. Martens zipper booties
55 AUD - blackfive.com

Lipsy backpacks bag
88 AUD - lipsy.co.uk

Superdry bow headband
32 AUD - superdry.com

Chilled Out
Another set for the cold weather, but this time, even though it's for 'Winter', I've cut down on layering (despite my love for it ahah). This time, I've gone with a chilly, blue colour concept with a touch of yellow to brighten it up and contrast the cool tones. I chose a cropped sweater/hoodie, which I LOVE! It's cut and style is super cute and slightly sporty too. Then, I paired it with a yellow Batman skirt that flares out. This is so the combination of the cropped sweater and the skirt make your figure look really nice and helps the waist look smaller, as they cut at the waist. Then I added navy blue stockings for warmth and black JC's with an awesome, spiky platform. Accessories are important in this coordinate, with Wildfox nerd glasses, a leather cap and super luxury Chanel earrings and backpack. They are all black and gold colours, muted to suit the Winter weather.

Seasonal fashion outfits

25 AUD - etsy.com

Ribbed tight
21 AUD - hannaandersson.com

Jeffrey Campbell leather boots
330 AUD - luisaviaroma.com

Chanel backpack

Vintage earrings
630 AUD - piperlime.gap.com

Wildfox eyeglass
195 AUD - wildfox.com

Elliott Label leather hat
135 AUD - revolveclothing.com

Spring Fever
Now moving onto warmer temperatures and rejuvenation of Spring. I love Spring because it's that perfect mix between cool and hot, so you can layer but also choose to wear summer dresses and bright, floral patterns. In this particular seasonal fashion outfit, I've gone super floral and light, pale colours. I chose an amazing, blue cutout dress from Topshop since I really liked the cross over straps on the back. I decided that it could be worn with a light pink, floral kimono. I've seen these kimonos around a lot lately, and they're perfect outerwear for 'fine' weather since they're light, sheer (almost flowing!) and super comfortable. Another trend I've been seeing more and more is the floppy, wide brim hat, which is SO SO cute and I must get myself one immediately! Top of the wish list :D I picked white thigh-high socks for a sweet look and some pastel shoes, though I do wish that their colour was better matched to the rest of the items. I'm not sure the mint and the blue of the dress go together that well :S Then, I picked a caramel MCM backpack (that we see a lot on EXO Luhan ^^) and some Tiffany jewelry in light silvers and golds. 
Seasonal fashion outfits

Topshop blue dress

Preppy socks
23 AUD - nastygal.com

Chicnova Fashion vintage kimono
37 AUD - chicnova.com

Pointed toe flat
57 AUD - modcloth.com

MCM travel daypack
1 005 AUD - neimanmarcus.com

Tiffany & Co. 18k earrings
630 AUD - tiffany.com

Tiffany Co open heart pendant necklace
225 AUD - therealreal.com

Sensi Studio sun hat
265 AUD - net-a-porter.com

Summer Lovin'
And finally, we're finishing the seasonal cycle off with the heat of Summer. This outfit is very boardwalk-next-to-the-carnival inspired. Kind of sunny California or a day at the beach :) It's very cropped, short and fitted for a beautiful day. I thought this mint Topshop top with pastel patterning was super cute, especially because of its off-shoulder look. It was paired with some high waisted, frayed Stylenanda shorts that help extend the legs. Then, everything else is beauty and accessories! We've got a combination of rollerskates and tube socks for a playful, sporty feel reminiscent of youth and the classic 'fun in the sun'. I also added the most adorable candy-floss coloured backpack with heaps of straps and pockets. I picked a hologram snapback, Wildfox round sunglasses and some edgy 'Radical' earrings to finish off the look. The pastel colours match perfectly and you end up looking a lot like candy :D Yum! Finally, we can't forget the sunscreen in Summer and pinky lip gloss to protect your beauty, as well as a natural coating of sweet nail polish :)

Seasonal fashion outfits
Topshop crop top
91 AUD - topshop.com

Wet Seal tube socks
7.88 AUD - wetseal.com

Grafea leather backpack
330 AUD - coggles.com

Gothic jewelry
11 AUD - etsy.com

Wildfox sunglasses
205 AUD - wildfox.com

Lip care

Fresh sun care
57 AUD - barneys.com

Etude House nail care
2.27 AUD - amazon.com

Fred flare shoes

So those are my 4 seasonal fashion outfits for today! If you want to see more of my sets, you can follow my Polyvore account right here, but I'll also be compiling them into future blog posts, so look forward to that :D Also, make your own Polyvore account and explore your creative side...it's heaps of fun! :) Link me to your fashion sets in the comments below.

xx Heylinni 
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44 replies

  1. You put together these outfits? You're so fashionable, Rachel lol I adore the Winter outfit! Too bad I hardly experience cold weather in California :(
    Lovely post <3

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

    1. Yup, thank you!! <3 Aww but at least you get the sunny skies and beautiful days ahah :)

  2. love the whole collection dear.
    you are good with pairing clothing items.
    love em!

    Ms. Kei

  3. I love all these outfits!:)
    Gorgeous post <3<3
    The Journeys' of My Beating Heart

  4. Amazing! I love all the outfits, but the first is my favourite :)
    - C
    Claudine Converses

    1. Thank you :) Yeah, i love the fall colours xx

  5. Oh wow I love Autumn and you've put together an outifit for it perfectly. My second favourite outfit is Spring as it's just so cute and bright!

    I love how much thought you obviously put into each outfit and the fact that you've described the combinations so well, you're really fashion-forward talented :3


  6. I like the outfit for summer the most, but everything looks very nice and is that kind of clothing I'd wear in given season! Great job! <3


  7. really like the autumn selection
    Have a great week

  8. love all of these outfits you put together.

  9. totally great, love what you are doing


  10. Love love love all of the chunky black shoes :)

    — Michelle | MXP STYLE

  11. cant wait you wear them!
    hey i just follow you, mind to follow back? thanks! keep in touch <3


  12. this is absolutely amazing!


  13. It's really fun to look at these collages... but I'm sure I'd get so frustrated when I create an outfit but can't wear it afterwards because it's too expensive... so I rather use the diy-option than any page that shows me great stuff I can't afford. ;D

    1. yeah i feel you. some of these are super expensive, but on polyvore you can filter to the cheaper clothes so it's kind of good :)

  14. I love your spring set the best but the other seasons are cute too!

  15. Love the outfits you put together! I used to be obsessed with polyvore, but I have no time to make sets anymore :(
    Here's two of my sets:


  16. Amazing! Love all the ideas!
    Honey, thanks for dropping by my blog @ www.revampspunkyrena.blogspot.com
    I am following you via GFC and would love you to follow me so we can stay in touch!



  18. That fall collection? AMAZING :o totally love 'em :D
    If only I could have it :|
    Great blog though. You seem to have great knowledge about fashion :)

    Sakshi | http://this-is-it-sg.blogspot.in

    1. hahah yeah, imagine if we could just put outfits together and get them sent through the mail ^^

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