Etude House 'MY CASTLE' hand cream review

By Rachel L - 6:59 PM

I am FINALLY BACK! Gosh, I wasn't sure I could make it through those past 3 weeks, since they were major exams for me, but it's all finished :'D The stress has been kind of relieved and now I have so much time to blog and chill and watch tv shows and just be free hahah. I also announced my '500 follower' giveaway winner this morning, which was Jessica Lee (congrats!) Stay tuned, because I'm preparing a giveaway for one of the items in these pink boxes also, as well as a collaboration giveaway with Kawaii Box soon to come. I have many many plans for these holidays, as well as a few scary uni interviews but right now, it just feels like an expanse of freedom ahead of me ;)

I was so stressed, I had no time to review this month's Pink Box, let along last months! But luckily, I'm going to post BOTH reviews within this week, to make up for my lonnggg absence. To those who are still with me (thanks for sticking by!) I hope you enjoy this post and continue to check up on this blog cos exciting things will be happening :) 
Anyway, the lovely Etude House sent me an awesome October box, with the full set of their latest collection of hand creams. They are the Etude 'MY CASTLE' creams from Etude House's Beauty Toy series. You can buy them individually or get them in a set of four, which was what Etude sent me, so I could test out all the yummy scents. This is actually the 5th series of the Beauty Toy products designed specifically to model after Princess castles and follow that princess theme that Etude House aims to achieve. It allows every girl wearing it to feel like a princess, whilst carrying this super cute product in their bags. 
They each come in a 30mL sized container, which is shaped as a little coloured castle. It's super cute, with a twistable roof and the pattern of the house papered around the sides, each with their specific themes. The cream is meant to be scented differently for each theme, ranging from rose floral to sweet vanilla to ice floral and fruity floral. They actually do have very distinct scents, all pleasing depending on your tastes. 
When you buy the 'MY CASTLE' creams in a set of four, you actually get this amazing box that holds them all. It's really cool because once you open it, it becomes a backdrop/scene for the pink houses inside. I found this adorable and an extra nice touch to their already parfait packaging. Each of the houses are a different colour, so they can be distinguished from each other. The cream inside is also different colours. 

1. Pink Wish

Pink wish is the fruity floral fragranced hand cream. It is labelled as 'Magical Cat Ettie's Pink Castle where beauty wishes are granted'. It has a bright pink colour with very feminine, floral prints. It is very sweet looking and has been featured in the korean drama, 'My Lovely Girl', where it was shown in Krystal's room :) (fun fact). 
Now all you have to do is unscrew the roof to reveal the pink cream inside :) It's quite firm texture, not soft at all. So in a way, it reminds me of body butter. It has the most wonderful scent, kind of like a perfume I suppose. It's quite strong as well but not exactly something I would get sick of. The cream is moisturising but not too oily and it's a refreshing feeling to apply to the hands. I don't know if it should be applied anywhere else, but can't hurt right? :)

2. Ice Frozen

This has an 'ice floral' scent, and is described as, 'mysterious snow castle with crystal mirror to make dreams come true'. It's very Frozen-ish in my opinion, because of the linkage to fairy tales and ice and snow :) Maybe if you are Frozen obsessed, this is the one for you. The packaging is much more neutral and blue with some snowflake detailing. In my photos, it seems to have a purple tinge, but in real life, it is much more blue.  
But enough abut packaging. What you really want to know is the effect, texture and scent right? First of all, it is also great to apply because it is kind of light on the skin. Though that means it'll dry pretty quickly, there's plenty of cream in one container for an incredibly affordable price. Furthermore, this scent is much more subtle than the Pink Wish fragrance, and it sort of reminds me of sweet jelly. But you can't smell that well anyway so it's not overwhelming. 

3. Sweet Cookie

This is for all the dessert lovers out there! This one is much more 'Hansel and Gretel' style house, with sweets decorating its walls. It is a 'sweet vanilla' fragrance, with the backstory, 'sweet and happy castle with a magic oven for the sweetest girl'. I like that this one is less fruity, because it provides some variation for those who don't particularly like a fruity smell. 
Once again, similar effect and texture to the other two (of course). It's a creamy, beige colour and smells artificially-cookie sweet. It reminds me of cookies and cream ice-cream. It's not exactly my cup of tea, but some people will for sure LOVE it!

4. Forever Rose

Finally, here is the rose floral fragranced castle, with an extremely alluringggg scent. I love the colour of this castle, since that mint-ish blue is my favourite ;) It has a peppering of roses across the walls and is very 'darling'. This one is very much like the first Pink Wish castle, because it's strongly floral scented, with a distinct flavour of roses. The cream itself is actually purple/lavender. 
Overall I was extremely pleased with the qualities of these hand creams, though they do tend to dry out quite easily. Luckily enough, Etude sent me the whole package so I'll have heaps to use anyway :D I think that for now, I'll hold off on them, then plan a quick giveaway for one of your choice later on, as I've only taken so much as a sample of them. Look out on my Facebook page for an announcement of this giveaway!
The Etude House 'MY CASTLE' hand creams can be purchased individually on the Etude House store for just $6.00 each. You'll be able to find them here, if you are interested. Shipping with the Etude House online store is pretty decent and sometimes they do special deals with free shipping :)
Otherwise, you can purchase a whole set, exactly like the one I received for $24.00 altogether and you get the cute carry box as well! This is a perfect birthday gift for a friend or just a special treat for yourself. You can find it here on their online store as well. 
They are all a beautiful set of bright colours and fun, but for me personally, the Ice Castle is probably my favourite because of its delicate, subtle scent and lovely packaging.
(Also, on a side note, if you like the dress I'm wearing, you can purchase one for yourself here at for a pretty decent price ^_-)

Hope you enjoyed catching up with me on this review. In other exciting news, I'll be heading to China, Japan and Korea soon for some hardcore shopping and relaxation. I'll be making updates then, so you get to see some awesome posts on their culture and my experience. I'll try to make a few videos as well, so I can start off with my YouTube channel soon, which you can pre-subscribe to here so when my first vids are released, you'll be the first to watch them :)

Thanks for reading and come back soon to see my second review on Etude House's Pink Wish Tree products, which go towards supporting a great cause to school girls in parts of Africa! 

xx Heylinni 
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    1. Cool giveaway, thanks for letting me know :)

  2. Oh my god. These seem really good. Also the packaging is so so adorable. You're so lucky.
    Finally, might I add that your outfit in some of the pictures on this post is absolutely gorgeous. I love the elegant girly look which is particularly demonstrated in your skirt. WOW!

  3. I love the packaging for these! And it's nice that the handcream is thicker- probably more moisturizing. I have one of their handcreams but it's not the best in terms of moisture. I should try these out c:

    1. Yeah, I think these ones also are not AMAZING at moisturising for long periods of time, but lucky there's a lot of it in one container :)

  4. I love them so much! My favorite one is definitely the 'Forever Rose'!! The color is amazing and the packagings are so cute~~ Finally, you are back!! How went the exams? In December I'll write a bunch of exams... It's so exhausting!

    1. Thank you!! The exams were okay, I'm just glad they are over :) Good luck to you!!

  5. whooa I was just about to ask about your dress! hahaha... yes it's pretty and I like it. thanks for mentioning the store ♥

  6. wow! so cute!! :))

  7. OMG SO CUTEEEE!!!! I'm gonna get one set myself!!

  8. These hand creams are SO cute!! I was just looking for a nice one to keep my hands soft in the cold winter!
    -Ally Gong

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    1. For sure, I always love Etude House packaging :D

  10. The packaging is very cute and nice. Beautiful pictures :)

  11. I actually saw them when I placed my last etude house order and right now I kind of regret not buying one of them. They look so much cuter on your pictures than in the shop... ;;

  12. How cute! Great review :)

  13. So cool! I love Etude House's stuff!