Christmas Gift Ideas for 5 Types of Girls + Kawaii Box Giveaway!

By Rachel L - 12:23 AM

Christmas is literally right around the corner (omg one day, i'm so late with this post; perhaps use it as a birthday gift ideas post also?) and tis the season to be sharing happy memories. For teens and younger kids, this is never complete without our superficiality of gift giving (but hey, I’m not complaining). You may already have had your purchases already wrapped up and ready months ago, or you might be like me, whom does everything last minute, grasping for ideas. Personally, there are times where I have issues deciding the perfect gift for a friend and it seems like my mind is completely blank of solutions. Don’t worry; today I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of different items that could perfectly fit the interests and likes of your receiver (well for 5 types of girls). And if you’ve already bought your gifts, click save on this post for next years ideas haha ^^

Firstly, you need to identify what category your receiver lies in. Obviously, one person could fit into all different types of categories, since we’re so complex and whatnot, but if that’s the case, that just means you can pick pretty much anything from the list below that you think she’ll like the most. There are a few prominent questions to ask yourself:

  • What activity does she spend time on most throughout the week?
  • Is she an indoor or outdoors person?
  • How many hours does she spend on the Internet?
  • Is her time online spent on social networking, video games or ebooks?
  • What does she most prefer to do in order to relax?
  • What kind of gift would she get the most use out of?

    I think that when you find answers to these questions, the type of girl she is becomes pretty obvious. Another way to source ideas is to hop onto her social networking sites (instagram, facebook, twitter) to find out her favourite things. If she were posting heaps of fashion type pictures on Instagram, then it would be best to get her something fashion-related. If the majority of pages she’s liked on Facebook were for sports stars, perhaps she’d be more of an outdoors person. If she doesn’t have any social-networking pages at all, maybe that says something in itself!


    Now that you’re more certain on her interests, you’re ready to head out and hurry up to buy that gift in time for Christmas!! Or get it online and hope that there’s rush delivery. Let’s head onto the different lists in different categories:

         The Beauty Guru

    How can we identify the Beauty Guru? Well, she’s that type of girl who is always on trend, with makeup on point whenever you guys head out. She probably has her own blog and spends heaps of time on social media. The Beauty Guru may even have thousands of followers on each of her pages, and uses free time to be corresponding with other beauty or fashion lovers. She’ll often talk to you about the latest Youtuber gossip, keeping updated of course with people like Zoella or Michelle Phan, or discussing the newest products that she’s wanting to buy. Not only a beauty lover, she’ll likely also be a fan of all things fashion-related, so here are a few gift ideas that could be perfect for her.

    a. The easy way out: Store gift card
    This is the easy, convenient gift for Christmas. Buy her a gift card to her favourite fashion or makeup store, load it with money and let her make the choice of what she wants for Christmas! It's a lot less off-putting than just giving them money, but saves heaps of time and risk of unwanted gifts for you. 
    Estimated price: Ranges according to you

    Lately, Zoe Sugg aka mega Youtuber star Zoella released her debut novel called Girl Online, which is all about a girl and her experience becoming a blogging sensation of the Internet. Huge swarms of fans have purchased and raved about this book! And it's often likely that if your friend or family member is a fan of makeup, gurus and Youtube, she'll probably already have Zoe's book on the Xmas list.
    Price: $20

    c. Subscription to a beauty box
    Buying someone a subscription to a beauty box such as Birchbox or Memebox is always a great idea. They get the pleasure of receiving a surprise box full of amazing branded cosmetics for a set length of time (e.g a couple of months). It isn't too expensive and it's always exciting to be receiving a box full of unknown goodies. Plus, you don't really have to put TOO much effort into it at all! 
    (Img source: Price: Starting at $30 for 3 month subscription

    (Img source: Price: Starting from $23 a box

    d. Makeup Palette
    This is pretty much a must-have for any beauty fanatic. A decent enough makeup palette...something like the Urban Decay Naked Palettes can get pretty pricey, around $50-$70. However, there are also some great quality and affordable eyeshadow palettes you can get at Myers such as theBALM's Nude 'Tude Eyeshadow palette for like $30-$40 or simply a Sportsgirl's palette for like $10-$20! Easy! 
    Price: $54
    Price: $36
    (img source: Price: $16.95

    e. The Luxury Gift: Complete outfit 
    Now the luxury gift suggestion tends to be a bit expensive and probably something you'd buy for a super close or loved one, or team up with a group of friends to gift to someone. For a beauty and fashion lover, a great idea for a gift is buying them a complete outfit that fits their style; top, bottoms, shoes and accessories included! It's something that is super special and shows you really know your friend well, but might get a little too OTT for a Christmas pressie (maybe bday gift?) 
    Estimated price: Ranges according to you

    The Tech Head
    (I can't remember where this pic came from...)

    This girl is all about TECHNOLOGY. She’s on the computer 24/7, and she says she can stop anytime but we all know that that’s not true. She probably feels a little empty inside without her techy gadgets (phone, iPod, iPhone, laptop) and would not be able to survive properly on a weeklong camping trip. Wifi is an essential of life. Maybe she tampers with her tech stuff a lot…her iPhone is jailbroken, her computer runs both Mac and Windows, she probably even thinks in code (perhaps not that extreme) but it’s OBVIOUS that this girl has a passion in technology and the newest gadgets.

    a. Easy and simple: Phone and laptop accessories
    Ok for convenience and price, you could get her some fun or cute accessories for all her techy gadgets. This includes stuff like stickers, the little dust plugs, phone cases, speakers, mice etc etc. The list is really endless and all quite affordable! 
    Laptop or Phone stickers - Price: Less than $5
    iPhone case - Price: $9.97

    b. Something from Photojojo or ThinkGeek
    Now, a perfect site for getting a techy girl some fun, kooky stuff is ThinkGeek (which pretty much has everything - from slogan t-shirts to remote controlled balloon sharks) or Photojojo, which sells a heap of incredible camera stuff (all very sophisticated and functional). Photojojo is probably the more pricey option though.
    Estimated price: Depends on what you get 

    c. New headphones
    Anyone who deals with technology is in need of a nice, strong pair of headphones. Perhaps your tech-head friend could be a gamer - in that case you might opt to gift a good quality gaming headset. Or maybe they're obsessed with sound quality for purely music and laptop usage, thus you would choose a brand like Sennheisers or Bose. It's best you look up reviews of Google for the perfect fit. 
    Estimated price: Depends on type of headphones - maybe $80+

    d. Portable Hard drive
    Okay, it might just be me, but as a technology lover, I find that I breeze through portable hard drives and disk space in no time. Thus, a portable hard drive is a sensible, usable and affordable gift, to help create more storage for her endless programs, files, music and tv shows! 
    Estimated price: $80 for 500gb

    e. Luxury gift: A new piece of technology 
    Once again, we're getting a little pricey with this luxury gift, which is a new piece of technology like a computer or a laptop (perhaps something a parent would buy for their extra well behaved child?). For something a little cheaper but still up there in the price range, you could group up and get a friend an iPod shuffle and fill it with their favourite songs or song suggestions for a meaning touch. 
    Price: $55

    The Bookworm
    These are perfect gifts for a girl that LOVES her books. In fact, she’d probably prefer reading a great book on a rainy day over going out with friends to the beach. Or maybe she spends weekends at the library. Or bookstore. Her passion for books is amazing and this also makes her quite the intellectual, creative and imaginative friend! It’s not always difficult to think of a good gift for a ‘bookworm’, since a good book would be enough to satisfy her, but maybe you want to go a different route and buy something that’ll really be quite meaningful and memorable for her.

    a.     Easy and simple: Bookstore gift card
    Once again, if you're running out of time, this is a life-saver, allowing your receiver to pick out their own favourite stories to read.
    Estimated price: Ranges according to you

    b.     Nice reading basket: candles, pillow, book, bookmarks, snacks
    I always think that putting together something yourself for a friend is always a better and more memorable gift. It shows that you've put time into it and you really considered the receiver well. By combining scented candles, soft pillows, a good read, some snacks and a cute bookmark, you can create a perfect sanctuary for your 'bookworm' friend. 
    Estimated price: Depends on what you buy

    c.      Journal set to write for herself
    This'll allow her to write her own stories or express her own creative mind, taking inspiration from the books that she reads! 
    Kiki.K journal - Price: $35

    d.     Her favourite series or a series you think she’ll enjoy
    This speaks for itself. If she's a booklover, of course she's going to love some books as a Christmas gift :)
    e.     Luxury gift: Kindle or e-reader
    I think this is a fantastic gift for any reading fanatic. It allows them to access a whole library of books on one device, as well as make it more convenient to carry around with them. Kindles and e-readers also have a heap of funky add-ons that allows reading to become easier, such as reading lights, in built dictionaries etc. 

          The Athlete
    (img source: ..ok pic isn't exactly athletic

    Quite the opposite of the bookworm…I’m sure we all have a friend who is crazy about sports. She’s that outdoor girl, with that healthy, glowing tan and amaaaazing figure that everyone else is jealous of ^^ She’s in pretty much every single club or sports group there is at school and probably captain of quite a few teams too. This means that she’s a positive leader with strong relationship skills so she gets along well with most people. At least, this is what I would picture (but obviously, this doesn’t apply to everyone haha…we can’t just box people up and categorise them completely. I am aware that humans are more complex than that!) Anyway, however she might be, you can tell that she’s a sports fanatic, so it could be a good idea to gift her with these items:

    a. Piece of equipment related to their sport
    New equipment is always fun to have, because it's very much like that shiny new toy to play with. For example, for swimmers; a new pair of swimmers, for soccer players; an awesome soccer ball, for softballers; a super softball bat.
    Estimated price: All depends!

    b. Snapback with their favourite team on it
    It's pretty cool to be able to proudly support the sports team you go for and with snapbacks pretty on trend nowadays, this is a gift that is likely to be appreciated. It's easiest to find them for basketball fans, with snapbacks for teams like Miami Heat available pretty much anywhere. 
    Estimated price: Around $15-$30

    c. Tickets to the next game
    Is there a game or event that's coming up soon for the sport she's obsessed with? I know for one, that the Australian Open is starting soon, so tickets to that could be pretty cool for tennis lovers! 
    Estimated price: Depends!

    d. Pair of running shoes
    Most athletes need a good pair of runners (unless they're aquatic based, in that case, get them flippers or something....:P) and receiving shoes from brands like Nike or Adidas is an exciting gift to receive. 
    Nike Free 5.0 - Price $180

    e. Luxury gift: Go pro
    Okay, this is pretty damn expensive, but these things are awesome! And they're perfect for recording action. Have you seen those videos filmed by Go pros during skiing/mountain biking/other sports? It's totally cool to be able to see things from your perspective, after doing that sport, since it allows everyone else to relive those moments with you :D
    Entry level GoPro Hero - Price: $163.88

         The Artiste

    And finally, another type of character: artistic and dreamy right? This is definitely the out of box thinker, with some crazy ideas that you would never come up with in a million years. She’s visionary and strays from the norm rather than consider procedures realistically. Maybe she spends a lot of time drifting off and doodling in class, or lives in the art classrooms! A creative mind like this should receive some cool gifts to help her imagination come to life!

    a. Prints of meaningful art
    Meaningful art is defined as stuff that links you two together as friends, or maybe something that she's created. It'd be a cool gift idea to get those pieces of art and get them printed onto a larger canvas or onto shirts/drink bottles/mugs etc, adding a little bit of a personal touch. 

    b. DIY items
    Since these artistic minds are so .... artistic (wow, great word choice), DIY kits are a heap of fun for them to mess around with. Likely, they won't even follow the instructions, but it allows them to create their own final products and make it according to their personality. 
    c. Set of brushes
    Idk, imo a really quality set of painting brushes would be very fun to receive. I think that it being a set makes it more exciting and stimulating to paint some amazing masterpieces! 

    d. Copic markers
    Another fun gift to receive for art lovers. I've seen the effects and what can be done with these markers and they are incredible in terms or colouring and shading! They are a little expensive though, which might deter some artists from being able to buy a whole set for themselves, so you can just help them out a bit by getting a few key colours, then allowing them to grow their own collection :)
    e. Luxury gift: Camera
    This is super expensive, but receiving a good camera is like the best feeling ever. It gives them an opportunity to develop photography skills and capture the beautiful things they notice around them. It's something that costs a HELL OF A LOT, but also results in a hell of a lot of joy. This is probably on the wish list of every single teen girl. But it doesn't have to be a DSLR...Polaroid camera's are also a great and more affordable gift idea for artistic girls (or anyone for that matter) 

    So that was my list of Christmas/overall gift ideas for 5 types of girls. I thought it was just a fun list of come up with and I hope it helped you in coming up with some ideas for Christmas girls for your friends. BUT now it's time for my gift to you! I'm collaborating again with Kawaii Box, to gift ONE LUCKY WINNER the Kawaii Box December, which I'm pretty sure is filled with all sorts of Christmassy treats! It's super exciting and will be running until the 1st of January 2015 (gasp, this year has flown by). It is an International giveaway, with just one mandatory action to enter, which is following my Instagram account (@heylini) ^_^ Good luck to all of you and I'll be announcing the winner on my facebook page on the 2nd of January! 
    Thanks for reading and hope you enter the giveaway and enjoyed this post!

    xx Heylinni 

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