Kawaii Box November Review

By Rachel Lin - 3:37 PM

Wow! About a week into my vacation in China and I’ve finally found an O-K Internet connection. Too bad Blogger is blocked in China, but I’ll find a way through to post this somehow (gosh you have no idea the trouble I went to lol) J For those who are wondering, these holidays are passing by amazingly and I’m enjoying the super cheap food that you can buy here but I’ll be waiting to get to Japan and Korea before the heavy shopping spree commences. Anyway, this post is all about the Kawaii Box of November, which the Kawaii Box team kindly sent me last month, JUST before I left for vacation. I’ve actually worked with the Kawaii Box team before and held an awesome giveaway with them, which I am planning to do again, in time for the Christmas season~~
Just a refresher: Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box filled with 10-12 kawaii products and costing $18.90 a month with free shipping. The items in it can usually be bought on Blippo.com but they retail individually for more than if you just bought the box. I love subscription boxes because they remind me of birthday presents, where you never know what might lie inside :P

This is a fun gift to get for your friends or just a special treat to buy for yourself. You buy them individually each month so you aren’t locked in to a specific time-contract and you can choose whenever you might want to receive one. The box arrived very quickly for me, about a week and a few days. It came in a white box, smaller than last time, but with the same cute kitty drawings on it and the Kawaii Box logo. Something that I would bring up to improve in terms of this subscriptions box would be the packaging. It’s not very kawaii apart from the drawings and I wish they could improve its outside image to complete that total kawaii experience.
However, they have added an additional little touch of customer service, which I found very sweet. They now include a lovely note inside the box to give it a sort of introduction. This is on adorable paper with the words, ‘Welcome the Kawaii Autumn’. It looks very personalised to me and establishes a sense of connection between customer and the Kawaii Box team.
The rest of the items are packaged nicely into pink crepe paper, which you get to pull aside and reveal.  
Inside the box, there is also a nice Thank you note for purchasing their box. It’s also a really nice touch and I love the design and colour palette of the card.
And here’s the reveal J Usually in each box, they have at least one consumable good, which is super yummy. You are able to see previous boxes on their site at www.kawaiibox.com so you an check out if you like their older stuff to better decide if you want to subscribe.
In the November box, there are 10 items in total, with a range of cute plush keychains, stationary, clothing and food. I like the diversity of the box and how it isn’t all centered around one type of item, so you can experience all sorts of kawaii from Japan. So let’s look at each of the products individually: 
First up is the consumable good. They put a package of original chocolate Pocky in the box. At first, since the packaging is all in Thai, I thought that it might be a Pocky iPhone case as seen on the box, which would have been mega cool, but it turned out to just be Pocky. Not that Pocky isn’t delicious J Unfortunately, this one was a little less than desired, as the chocolate ended up melting and clumping together, making it one huge biscuit and chocolate mess, so I wasn’t sure if eating it would have any negative effects on my health. I had to throw it out :(
Next is another disappointing product. The OMG keyring itself is totally cool and I was so excited to hang it on my bag. The key ring is a pastel pink and made of silicone-y material so it’s quite stretchy and flexible. BUT it also had this awful chemical smell, which made me think it was toxic so I also got rid of it. But I still reckon it looks amazing as an accessory hahaha
I also received this Little Talk sticky notes, which I love to use! I find these little stationary bits and pieces to be incredibly helpful for me in the academic year and I’m always in need of some Post Its or Stickies, so these will come of great use to me, not to mention they are absolutely adorable.
There was also this strange but pretty ribbon/tape/lace. It’s super cute and comes in a roll. I think it’s a perfect scrapbook decoration piece, used to pretty up your creative pieces. It is also quite a long roll, with plenty of lace to spare.
This plushy kitty keyring is probably my fave item in the box. It is so cutee and reminds me a little of Pusheen cat. The material is soft cotton and it’s very very comfortable to touch, plus it’s small enough to attach nicely onto a backpack and make it more kawaii.
Another very cool item in the box was this zipper bracelet. I think the blue and green colours are very cool and refreshing and the premise of this item is really fun. You can easily wear it as a bracelet, but it’s also a little ‘fiddler’, which you essentially fiddle with whilst bored. I don’t know about you, but the repetitive actions of unzipping and rezipping this bracelet can actually be quite a zen thing ;)
The next item is this cute, cake cabochon with a small loop on the top so it can be created into a keyring also. It has some awesomely sweet detailing and accessories but it also emits a slightly toxic smell that worries me :S I’ll be keeping this one in the packet until I really need it lol.
They also included these kawaii Panda stickers, which are puffy. They’ve got all sorts of different Panda stances, which I find adorabubble and I can’t wait to use these on all my personal items like iPhone cases, computer stuff etc
Another great product was the My Melody ankle socks. I thought they’d be a little longer in length, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they didn’t come up much higher than my ankles (The reason being that wearing ankle socks actually makes your legs look longer). They have a vivid, lovely design and are super comfortable to wear so I was overall really happy with these socks.
And finally, the last item I received in the November Kawaii Box was this Sheep calendar for 2015. It was a perfect time to include this since the New Year is coming up so soon. Furthermore, this calendar has the added extra touch of including dates from November 2014, so I could start using it immediately. It has a small backing that allows it to stand up by itself and each month has a unique sheep design. Strangely, most the sheep designs seem to be super worried or sad, but it’s still very cute anyway.

So that’s everything I received in the November Kawaii Box! It can be a great subscription box with some quality products, but it always depends on the products of that month. Sometimes you won’t get stuff that you really love, or not everything in the box will be something great, but there is always something there that you will appreciate. It’s pretty decent value for money and the service and communication with the Kawaii Box team is really good, so if you ever come into problems, solving them is quite easy.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and look forward to a Kawaii Box giveaway coming soon :)

Xx Heylinni 

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20 replies

  1. I've seen so many good reviews on the Kawaii Box and it's making me want to subscribe to it.
    The zipper bracelets seems so cool. Thanks for this post, loved the review!

    xx Yu from Spine Breaker Blog

    1. You def should! It's like getting a bday present every month :D

  2. ahh I want that box too!! Nice unboxing article :3

    A C Y H O Z - blog

  3. The socks are hella adorable!~ And the panda stickers *-*

  4. I want those socks~! Everything is super cute <33


  5. All so adorable, I love them!!!

    恵美より ♥

  6. Subscription boxes are always fun! I loooove the tape. And the calendar! So handy!

  7. What cute items! I want to get a Kawaii box now...

  8. i got this box as well. my fave was the macaroon! its so adorable.

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

    1. yeah i love the look of it, but it smells a little strange right?

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