What am I Loving on Tumblr #3 ☆

By Rachel L - 4:00 AM

Ahh yes, here comes the time where I decide that you guys need a rest from my huge posts of text and I need a break from typing endlessly (or truthfully, I'm just lazy), so I grace you with a post full of my favourite pics from my Tumblr dashboard. But hey, I hope you do like looking at these pics for a bit of relaxation, inspiration and enjoyment. I always try to look for the most aesthetically pleasing and kawaii pics so I can share them with you. This time, I'm obsessed with food and stuff from Japan since I'm going to be heading there soon hehehe :') Leee-gooo -> 

(Btw, all these pictures are not mine, I found them on my Tumblr dashboard)
I love this pairing of baby pastel colours!
Ughh, so excited to be heading to Shibuya 109 in 2 weeks ;)
And also, to experience the urban streets of Japan :P You can literally tell how excited I am
What anime is this? She is my spirit animal...jks ;)
Beautiful christmas photo! I'm so excited for the Christmas season -- snow, festivities and family !
I'm also obsessed with the fashion shots I'm seeing on Tumblr - asian fashion is way too cute ^^
Her makeup is so pretty! <3
One of my favourite things to do in Asia is getting my nails done :) They always have such adorable designs and intricate workmanship
And then there's the foooodd...
Optimism is the best mentality to live life by :) It makes the world a much more beautiful place and life a lot easier (hahah so cheesy) 
These dessert cartoons are great! I love it when people draw a set of anime characters with a certain theme in mind 
Ok, so this might seem a bit depressing but I am loving AHS Freakshow at the moment and Twisty's story made me feel so sad :( Reminds me to be nice and decent to everyone...or they might turn into homicidal psychos 
And finally...DOGS! Dogs have quickly become my firm favourite animal since Jaeger (our German Shepherd) joined our family so every time I see pics of dogs on Tumblr, I always save them to my Liked posts
And that completes this post of lovely, interesting images I sourced from Tumblr! It's probably my favourite procrastination activity to endless scroll through the Dashboard, so this was an absolute enjoyment to compile. Hope you enjoyed it too :)

Till next time!

xx Heylinni
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13 replies

  1. All every cute pictures!!! I love the pink sailor top !!!!

    恵美より ♥

  2. cute inspiration photos! :)

  3. thanks for posting these photos, I wish I have a pink keyboard and mouse like that, so cute ^^

    1. hahah yeah, tumblr items are always on my wish list :D

  4. I've been obsessed with tumblr lately!

    I'd also like to invite you to join my Korean cosmetics giveaway in honor of KPWP's 1st blogiversary! Feel free to join HERE!
    Have a great day <3

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

    1. yeah! i could spend hours on it lol. Thanks for the notif of the giveaway!