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By Rachel L - 1:13 PM

So the weather's been pretty bipolar here in Aus as per usual. There were a few sweltering days last week and now it's full on cold and raining at the moment! I can't tell which one I prefer more =.= So what's been happening since I last posted and now? Well...firstly, I turned 18! Yay! Finally legal to go clubbing, drink alcohol, smoke too bad I'm so boring that I don't do any of that stuff. But having my birthday did give me the encouragement to start something new and so I eventually decided to lunch my Youtube channel, which I've been talking about doing for a very long time now. You can actually watch my first vid here and then subscribe to me (I hope!): 

I've also been just hanging around, waiting for university to come around. I'm excited to be studying a combination of business and information systems but I'm still nervous since I have no idea what to expect of uni! I figured that I might have more time for stuff so I'm looking for a part time job too. Gosh, you guys don't understand how hard it is right now! Such a struggle looking for a job D: If any of you Aus readers know of any openings coming up, hit me up won't you? ;) Since it's a month into the new year, I kind of came up with some resolutions or goals to achieve like expanding my online store 'A Lemon's Life', growing the blog and Youtube and start learning some Japanese! Who knows how much I'll actually get done but I'll give it my best shot. 

Anyway, you're pretty much all caught up now, so let's get on with this outfit post. I'll probably be doing most of my outfit posts as Youtube videos on my channel now, so another reason to subscribe and stay updated with that! But I'll also be embedding them here and adding some extra photos with the blog post. Don't worry, I won't be neglecting my blog just because I'm making videos now. I'll still be posting heaps of unique content on here as well. 

So enjoy my new video here and just keep in mind that I should be posting up to 2 times a week :D Yay for frequent posting -- crossing fingers for some views! ^_^

wai so many dislikes...idk.

Here are les photos (details on the outfits after the jump) -> 
Sorry, mouth was gross in these two pics ahahah

As it was pretty hot last week, I chose to go with a babydoll plaid print dress. I think this pattern is totally cute and on trend recently. I saw it a LOT in Japan and Korea when I went over there for a holiday last December. This dress is actually from a Korean brand called BANANA that I found in Myeongdong. They were having this massive sale and I managed to get the dress for just 10,000 won! Super cheap ^_^ It's got this innocent, school girl-ish vibe that makes it a mix of rock yet adorable at the same time :) The high waist of the babydoll dress also shortens the torso and creates an illusion of super high hips so your legs are effectively elongated. I kind of made the dress the main feature, with it's bold colour, then worked some dark accessories around it, so they would complement but not overtake the outfit. I'm wearing a print headscarf from H&M, which I bought for $6.95. I find these really difficult to wear tbh. They never sit quite right on my head and when I tie the knot at the top, it looks pretty awkward. But usually I just tuck the extra strips under and hope for the best. When it's worn right, it looks amaaazing. 

I'm also wearing thigh high sheer stockings, which you can get from the brand Doll's Kiss. They're very light and easy to wear and add an extra cool element to the outfit. I think that when you wear higher socks, these also add to an effect of slimming and lengthening legs. And to extend that effect even further, I've chosen to wear my platform creepers, which add heaps of height! They're studded so they give off that rocker look, but they remind me of creepy kawaii mostly. These are often my go-to shoes because they go well with most outfits. I bought them from Windsor Smith a year ago and they remain as one of my favourite pairs of shoes. 

Finally, finishing off the coordinate, I've got a strappy bow backpack in light gray. I bought this in Morning Glory quite a while ago and really love it! The annoying thing about it is that it's a drawstring backpack that you're supposed to tie in a bow, then velcro over. This results in my bag always popping open and stuff falling out quite a bit. Not exactly functional... but cute :3 

This was just a fun outfit I've been thinking about recently. Been doing a lot of style brainstorms in my head, especially since the start of uni means no more school uniform. But hey, what's the bet that by the end of the semester, I'll be wearing casual tracksuits//pyjamas to school? ^_^ 

Hope you enjoyed this post and the video! Let me know what kinds of Youtube vids you'll be wanting to see from me in the comments below!!

Thanks for reading
xx Heylinni 

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31 replies

  1. dw gurl, haters are your motivators! love this btw!

  2. You're super pretty, Rachel! I absolutely love that dress on you~ Too cute!

    xoxo Payton
    My Blog

  3. Pretty girl! So cute and quirky!

    Janine | Lime & Life

  4. So pretty - loving your dress!

  5. Wow I love watching and reading your videos/posts! I'm looking forward to watch more ! :) Btw which video editor do you use?:)
    And the dress does give you a lengthening effect! :)
    Love, Jenny

  6. Heylinn, you are just the cutest, prettiest blogger I came across with! Don't rush things, university life is sometimes hectic and combining it with a part time job won't be that easy just to fill the time gap, but I know you're a pretty strong young and responsible gal who can ace these two simultaneously! :)

    I love the baby doll plaid dress, it really suits you and add up to the youthfulness of your aura, stay gorgeous! :)

    with love,

    1. Wow, thank you so much! For the advice as well :) I'll try keep a balance and remember to relax as well sometimes :) xx

  7. woooot, happy belated 18th birthday!! that's wonderful that you took the occasion to make a youtube channel- that's really productive :) Also, love the plaid dress here- I'm such a sucker for dresses like that. They're so cute and can be dressed up in such a fun way.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  8. Oh wow that's so inspiring - your channel looks awesome! SUBSCRIBED! <3

    Little Moon Elephant

  9. Happy birthday! Absolutely love this outfit! :)


  10. omg Rachel you're soo pretty and don't let the haters bring you down I think your video was amazing that I had to subscribe and like it and comment.... and the plaid dress is soo adorable~ xx

  11. You're soooo cute and pretty~
    When I saw your youtube channel, I had to subscribe immediately!!
    your music and editing for your videos are amazing!
    I love your blog <33


  12. so lovely!!

  13. Lovely outfit and photos! You look so cute!


  14. Such a great head band!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.