Arbonne Cosmetics Review

By Rachel L - 3:18 PM

Been receiving quite a few samples for different beauty stuff in the mail recently. This one was sent by Brand New Solutions, an agency that represents other beauty brands. They were super kind and sent me a lovely beauty care package, filled with heaps of interesting and useful products for me to test out and share with you guys! They included a nice handwritten letter as well as a comprehensive folder FULL of info about all the included products -- boy am I going to info overload you today! :) Since I was sent mini hauls from 2 different beauty brands, I decided to split them up and dedicate 1 post to each brand, so you could clearly focus on each their specific ranges. 

Today I'm starting with the Arbonne Cosmetics review, which contained a Mineral Powder Foundation, a Blush and a dark coffee coloured eyeshadow. I was extremely excited to receive these as I've heard of Arbonne before and they seem like a really high-quality and effective brand with a great reputation. Thus, I knew that I could easily trust these products to do a good job. They all came in their separate boxes, with uniform packaging so we could immediately tell that they came from the same brand. The packaging itself looks very sleek, professional and minimalist -- so super different to the usual packaging I get from korean brands, which is often fun and light-hearted. 

Arbonne is a Swiss brand, founded all the way back in 1975. It sells a lot of personal care and wellbeing products, stocked with premium botanical ingredients ~ so fancy ;) All their products are vegan friendly, gluten free, dematologist and allergy tested, so it's biofriendly and safe! I think that is quite an important factor to note as many beauty brands aren't that ethical or considerate towards the environment and the animals within it. It's nice to support a brand that takes those things into consideration :) If you're interested in finding out more, you can find them on their Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram


Wow, this one has got quite a mouthful for its name! The foundation powder is perfectly suited for a natural "no makeup" (but still wearing makeup) look, which is totally popular among ulzzangs. It has some sun protection and contains the key ingredients of Zinc Oxide, Linseed Extract, Rice Lipids and Ribose. It is available in 12 shades and you can buy it at the Arbonne online store,! It's around $53, which is pretty pricey but worth it for the quality of the product. 

It contains a super silky-smooth mineral powder, which feels really light on my skin! The shade and coverage allows it to hide any imperfections and really let my skin glow. It's also made without oil, talc or dye, so you can maintain the moisture in your skin. This is really necessary to sustain the elasticity and health of the skin, so it won't dry out and get all wrinkly.

The foundation compact also has an interesting design that improves its function. It has this innovative fabric sifter, which acts as a cover between the bulk of the powder and the brush, so it reduces the mess since powder can get everywhere! It's a really springy, effective cover to have and prevents problems of wastage or spills. 

So to use this powder foundation, you want to take a powder brush to press down onto the mesh sifter and pick up the powder. Arbonne also sells a matching mineral powder brush, which was apparently designed exclusively for this formula -- but I just used a normal brush lol. Then, for the best effect, sweep over your face in little, circular motions. By tapping the jar gently, you can allow the unused powder to sift back inside the container ~ just like a sieve ahaha. This is recommended to be applied 15 minutes before sun exposure.

I really liked using this powder! At the moment, I've only got one powder, from Tony Moly, which is decent but I prefer using this new one. It's got an interesting application function with the mesh and it feels a lot lighter and purer on the skin. The Arbonne Powder Foundation is great at reducing oily shine on the face, and helps to fix down makeup as well, if you lightly dust over a finished face.

Arbonne Cosmetic Eye Shadow

The second product I received from Arbonne was their cosmetics eye shadow. I got it in the Chocolat shade, so it's pretty much a light brown with a slight shimmer. This eyeshadow comes in 20 shades from ocean, to divine plum, to titanium, to snow and etc. ! These can be bought on the Arbonne International online store for $27 each. They are mineral-infused eyeshadows, inspired by catwalk makeup. They are developed in natural and botanical tones, highlighting and defining the eyes.

What's more, this eyeshadow provides heaps of health benefits to the skin! Its key ingredients are polypeptides, beddleja davidii extract, titanium dioxide, zine stearate, vitamins and cucumber extract. What really impressed me was that Arbonne infused each of their eyeshadows with Vitamins A, C and E as well as polypeptides to help maintain the moisture of the skin and support skin's natural structure. It's very hard for me to keep my skin around my eyes moisturised because of all the eye makeup I wear, so I'm glad to find a little peace of mind from this eyeshadow.

The eyeshadow is really easy to apply. It transfers onto the brush from the palette, very easily and vividly. It allows blendable and long wearing colour. I also discovered that these Arbonne Eye shadows are suitable for all skin types and the Arbonne team have included Zinc Stearate to ensure that the colour does remain smooth and even.

To apply this eyeshadow, you want to sweep lightly on the palette. Otherwise, you're gonna get a lot of eye makeup and end up looking like you're ready for a hard night out, rather than the natural, casual look you might have been seeking. If it's too light, you can just reapply until you get the desired colour. This eyeshadow allows you to layer really effectively, so you can change up your look from sultry smokey eyes to natural highlights for summer in just a few strokes! I personally had to apply it a little stronger in this post, just so the shadow would show up better on camera :) 

I really love the golden shade that it turns into when applied to the eyes. It's less of a brown and more of a dark gold, due to the shimmer of the eyeshadow. It really adds a subtle hint of magicality (is that a word) which is almost fairy-tale like.

Arbonne Cosmetics Blush

Finally, I also got the Arbonne mineral-infused cosmetic blush. I got the Blossom shade, but this blush comes in 8 different shades: Merlot, Blossom, Tafetta, Ballet, Sunset, Dusty Rose, Apricot and Berry. Do you find that shadow/blush colour names are usually so strange and random and reveal nothing about the actual colour of the product? lol. This is another product that can be found on the Arbonne International online store for a value of $41. 

This blush is also infused with Vitamins A, C and E and cucumber exract, to once again retain skin moisture. It's a super lightweight powder that accentuates and sculpts your cheeks and create that natural, shy blush. It is once again, suitable for all skin types and can be reapplied and layered, just like the eyeshadow, to achieve the desired colour.

I absolutely love the coral/peach colour and the golden shimmer specks in this blush. They add sparkle to your cheeks and highlight them flawlessly. The colour looks natural, subtle and sweet if done lightly, but overdoing it can make you look a bit unnatural.

I always find it difficult to get blush right, but with this one, I just circled it on the apples of my cheeks, then lightly dust back upwards in a diagonal direction. I find it easier to do these in smaller strokes, then blend it together in the end, as it lessens the possibility for huge error.

And here is my finished look with all the Arbonne cosmetics used! They're natural looking and comfortable to wear :)

And that concludes my Arbonne Cosmetics Review! The products are definitely more expensive that what I normally prefer, but the quality of the makeup really shines through. It's not only a good look, but it is also healthy and pure for the skin, which is a definite benefit. 

Keep an eye out for my next Youtube video on my channel, which will come out either today or tomorrow! I'm going to be talking about my Korea beauty haul, where I bought products from Etude House, Skinfood and The Face Shop! :) 

Thanks for reading, 
xx Heylinni 
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  1. The eyeshadow looks good on your eyes.As always,you look cute with those poses:)

  2. You're so cute with the cat ears headband! Arbonne is also expensive for me, but I've heard it's very good quality. Your skin looks great btw! I'm holding a giveaway for a set of sheet masks, it would be great if you were interested in entering ^^

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    Cannot wait for your first video to be live too~!

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  6. Lovely pictures :) I've heard a lot of wonderful things about arbonne!

  7. You're too pretty, Rachel~ And I really like Arbonne's products btw! I have a few of their products lol
    Thanks for sharing <3

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  8. Oh very cute makeup, I love it the color of that eye eyeshadow
    Thanks for this lovely review

  9. Hi! I'm wondering if the powder gives off a matte finish?
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