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By Rachel L - 11:02 AM

(hehe, hope you didn't notice my 1 month absence *O*) 
I know that my blog is all about the fashion and beauty, but I also like to talk a bit about lifestyle and what's happening in my life so I figured this post could still be relevant here. And if it isn't, oh well, you're all going to enjoy it anyway because I'm going to talk about the god of a movie that is FURIOUS 7!!! Ok, so I'm sure you've all been aware of the quite new release in the Fast & Furious franchise, which is particularly sad because of the passing of Paul Walker (RIP :'() that occurred during the filming of the movie, due to a car-related accident. 

For those that don't know what this series is about, let me give you a brief explanation without ruining too much. Since, I rewatched the entire series a few weekends ago, when I should have probably been studying, it's still fresh in my mind! Oh yeah, be careful of spoilers -- basically watch 1-6 first, cos there are a heap of spoilers in here :D 

Let's start all the way back in 2001, the beginning; we were blessed with the first movie, The Fast & the Furious 1. This introduced us to the main characters Brian (Paul Walker) and Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and also smaller characters like Mia, Letty, Vince etc. etc. The basis of the movie is that Dom's team are stealing electronics from poor truck drivers on the highway. Brian, an undercover cop is assigned to investigating this crime, and in the process, fatefully becomes good friends with Dom's team, through street racinggg and also gains a love interest in Mia ;) THIS IS THE START OF A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY, GUYS. Their main antagonist in this movie is the asian mafia, led by Johnny Tran :'( Anyway, Dom eventually finds out Brian is an undercover cop, and since he hates cops, feels like Brian betrayed his trust. Then there's some angsty nonsense, Jesse (one of their team) gets killed by the asian mafia, Dom and Brian revenge and they end up in this great final scene, where Dom is in his Dodge Charger and Brian's in a Supra and they race across train tracks. Important to note down this very scene guys, for it will make you tear up later on, when you think back on it. 

Now, I'm no expert on cars, but I still appreciate the finer things in life. So, the main cars in this movie? (If you think I missed any, comment below!)

Then we move to 2 Fast 2 Furious, which Dom is not in :( This one is all about Brian working with Roman, a longtime friend, to take down Miami drug lord and super rich guy, Carter Verone. I liked this movie because it had characters like Suki and Tej, who sported a great-looking afro. Legit, when I watched this movie at the age of 6, I LOVED Suki and her pink s2000. She was actually my idol AHAHAH. Anyway, Brian and Roman work undercover for Carter, doing money laundering but then find out that they're going to get killed after the job, so they create a plan and successfully stay alive. Really, the main thing we got from this movie was the introduction of Roman and Tej to the Fast & Furious family. 

Notable cars: 

In 2006, we were given Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, which is probably the most random of the series, since it has nothing to do with Brian or Dom and it completely breaks the chronological ordering of the movies. The great thing about this film was that it was based in Tokyo (amazing cars) and we got introduced to pretty much the best character ever; Han. But it centres around Sean, an American kid who gets sent to live with his dad in Tokyo, after getting in trouble for street racing and destroying property at his US school. So he gets shipped off to Tokyo, which makes no sense at all, seeing that Japan is one of the biggest exporters of cars, and the objective was to get him to stop street-racing. Please, that's like putting a fat kid in a candy shop :) Anyway, he gets on the bad side of Takashi, the main antagonist, who thinks that Sean is stealing his 'girl', Neela. They race, but Sean sucks so bad at drifting, that he totals Han's car. So in return, he becomes Han's pickup guy, to repay the car debt. Han teaches him how to drift -- cue epic montage of improvement -- but then, climax. Turns out Han has been stealing from the asian mafia, and they come after him. He ends up dying in this terrible crash (tears shed), and Sean decides to challenge Takashi to a final race, for honour and freedom. Ultimately, our hero wins and is named the new D.K - drift king. 

Japanese cars are so nice *O* 

OK, now we're back on track! Fast and Furious 4 revisits the original crew, with Brian and Dom. It also takes place before Tokyo Drift, and BEST THING IS Han is in this movie briefly as well, because he was working on Dom's team before his move to Tokyo.  I remember this movie was hella confusing and action-packed. After a highway job gone wrong, Dom decides to disband the team and move to Mexico by himself. That is, until he finds out that Letty has been killed, after doing a job for some drug lord, 'Braga'. So he goes back to find out who killed her and avenge her death. Similarly, Brian, whose a full cop now is coincidentally investigating Braga. Dom and Brian meet up again at a street race competition, to determine who gets to join Braga's team and work for him. Ultimately, they both make the team and they get shipped off to the Mexican border to complete the job. Dom finds out who 'killed' (ooh, why is this in quotations, I wonder...) Letty and pretty much destroys him, whilst Brian takes down Braga. All in all, it's a pretty great movie and includes the introduction of my favourite female character of the F&F franchise; Gisele, who turns into a major badass later on :'D 

Oh lord, getting closer to recent years. FF5 was one of my favourites of the series. This is where the movies become a little more mission impossibl-ey and less about street racing. Pretty much, Dom, Brian and their team pull off this huge heist, where they rob Mexico's biggest drug player. They manage to steal a safe with like $30 mill, from a police station. It's a very quality movie, with sik driving skills and some really good race scenes. I love the formation of the team here and the development of Han and Gisele's relationship -- my OTP <3 

CC amirite :')

Fast and Furious 6 was kind of depressing for me. Even though Letty was discovered to be alive - just with memory loss - we lost Goddess Gisele. Goodbye short-lived OTP. I kind of forgot what this movie was even about - all I can remember is that tragedy at the end. Oh and the villain was Owen Shaw, who gets defeated, causing his brother to seek revenge in the next movie. Oh, and also there were planes, tanks and ridiculous stunts that could never be realistic. :') 

So finally, we get to Furious 7. Look, it's so far away from racing now, that they're not even 'Fast' anymore. Ok, so let's discuss, let the spoilers for this movie BEGIN. 

I felt immediately in the zone and ready to watch as soon as I stepped into the theatre. We were in Vmax, so everything was at optimum levels, preparing me for a great 2-3 hours. I also came prepped, in pretty much my pyjamas, bed socks, a blanket and a box of tissues. I went with my friend to a night screening so there weren't many people there, hence the acceptable nature to dress like that in public. I thought that the Race Wars scene was a good reference back to the first movie, and the random cuts of the Race War party scene were a great, traditional Fast & Furious element to include. I think that with this movie though, if you haven't watched the ones before it, it can actually get quite confusing, because there's a lot of continuity from previous films. 
I don't want to be IMDB synopsis writer though, and just post up chronologically what happened in the movie. I'll just give a brain dump of my thoughts on certain scenes that stood out to me and also the characters. However, in general, the movie is about Deckard Shaw, Owen Shaw's older brother, seeking revenge on Dom's team. There's also a side-enemy of terrorists or something, but I didn't really get that lol. Pretty much the whole movie is Shaw and Dom seeking each other out and fighting haahhaah - I'm making it sound not that interesting right? 
There were some really touching parts of the movie, especially the ones that centered around the idea of family. I know it gets really cheesy, but watching the movie really made me appreciate my own family more and encouraged me to be more patient and grateful towards those around me!! I was also happy that I got the answer to an age-old query that I had always been wondering about - who won the race at the end between Sean and Dom in Tokyo Drift? Well, we got a scene in Tokyo, as Dom goes back to investigate Han's death, and yeah, Dom won (so is he the new Drift King?). We were also blessed with Sean's awful accent one more time - thank you FF producers. 
However, I am a little bit skeptical about all those action scenes in the movie. Why is Dom, a regular albeit pro streetracer able to equally match Shaw in fight scenes (considering Shaw is like a military trained martial arts expert...)? Also, how do they manage to survive EVERYTHING they went through, including driving/flying through 3 buildings? And why do they wreck every single gorgeous car they get their hands on? My favourite thing about this movie is probably the little snippets of references back to older movies, which I love, because it's kind of like an Easter Egg for long-time fans. Stuff like 'going old school' and driving under the truck, referring back to the 'tuna sandwich' of the first movie and of course, the final Supra//Charger scene (cried like a baby ofc -.-). It's like a little haven of hints, reminding us of how long it's been and how much has happened since that first movie release in 2001. Afterwards, I was just thinking - DAMN, has it really been 14 years?? That's crazy! Time really flies :') 
Overall, I thought it was an AWESOME movie. However I am really biased! I think that if you watched it without having watched any other FF movies, it would probably be just alright. There's no feeling or memories attached to the series, hence the actions scenes may be a bit too far-fetched and the film itself to be a little superficial. Like, my friend who went with me, enjoyed the movie, but didn't get any feels at the end so it wouldn't have had as big an impact on her. 

Does this look familiar? :')
Thus I guess my final statement is; if you're a long time fan, you've probably watched the film already. If you're new to the Fast and Furious franchise, MARATHON the first 6 movies first before you go and watch Fast and Furious 7. I promise it will be so much better!

Haha, so I'll going back to a regular blogging schedule soon with more on beauty and fashion. I'll also add some life updates in my next post. A LOT OF EXCITING THINGS HAVE HAPPENED! 
But thanks for reading and sticking around!!!

xx Heylinni 
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