Etude House April and May Pink Box Haul

By Rachel L - 6:14 PM

Hey everyone! I fell a bit behind with my Pink Box posts, so today it's a double post featuring the products from the April AND May Pink Boxes. A lot of stuff has also happened since my last post, so I might make a little life update post soon, to let you guys know what interesting things have been happening in my life (apart from exam finals of course :[ )

So both pink boxes are quite related as they both contained some form of the Precious Mineral Any Cushion. I've now got so many Any Cushion's that they're just building up in my drawers! But I love them a lot, since they act as a base, BB cream, light foundation and concealer. The April Pink Box contained a new collaboration between Etude House and Kerrie Hess, called the 'Dreaming Swan Collection'. It was packaged so beautifully, with a Precious Mineral Any Cushion, a Dreaming Swan compact, a Dreaming Swan Value Kit, Lipstick and Cheek blush. It also contained a K-Beauty Princess Manual - Volume 5, which is Etude House's relatively new beauty magazine that gets sent every now and then. The May Pink Box was a a little bit more plain, with a Wonder Pore Black Mask Sheet and a Precious Mineral Any Cushion Pearl Aura Kit.

Let's have a complete look at the April Pink Box first, then move onto the May one :) 

The recent collaboration with Kerrie Hess is really lovely. She is an Australia born fashion illustrator, who has featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Talter. Her talent as an artist enabled a gorgeous packaged collaboration, with the illustrations being so elegant, water-coloured and princessy. I love the ballet focus of the collection, since it makes each product look even more dainty and cute. 

As you can see in the box, the two products are wrapped up really nicely and safely. As soon as I opened this box, I was super excited, especially with the value kit, because when you opened it up, there were just more and more products found inside - kind of like that passing-the-package game.

The Dreaming Swan Any Cushion pack is the perfect gift for someone's birthday or a special event. It's got adorable packaging and contains 2 key items; one Precious Mineral Any Cushion and an extra illustrated Dreaming Swan compact that you can place more product in. The Dreaming Swan case is $8.00 on the Etude House Global website, whilst the Any Cushion is $18.00. You can also buy refills for the cushion, so you don't have to chuck out the case every time you finish up with the cushion product. Those are about $10.00 each.

There are a few variations of the Any Cushion case, with different illustrations on them. To be honest, I'd want to collect them all just so I can swap between them, since they are so pretty :D I got this really nice one, with a chandelier girl in pink. There's also an orangey case and a purple case, which are cute too. 

I think I've reviewed the Precious Mineral Any Cushion on my blog more times than I can count, so I'll just relink those review here, here and here. I've always had quite a good experience with these compacts, with the only downfall being that they seem to dry out pretty quickly since the sponge absorbs a lot of the product. The compactness is really cool though, with the multilayering inside - of cushion, pad and mirror.

Both cases are made of plastic though, so in terms of quality, they seem a little flimsy. My favourite part about the case is the mirror. It's huge and really clear, with no distortions in the reflection, so it'd be great to take this out with you to use as an easy way to see yourself when applying makeup. 

Whenever I apply the Precious Mineral Any Cushion foundation, I feel like it adds moisture to my face, whilst also lightening and smoothing out my skin. It creates this really flawless finish and hides any redness or spots or uneven tones, for perfect ulzzang complexion. 

The second item in the Etude House April Pink Box was this super awesome Dreaming Swan Value Kit! It comes in a little makeup bag with a few layers inside. The bag can be bought for $20.00 at the Etude House Global site, complete with lipstick and blush.

The bag is made of canvas/fabric, and it feels really soft and light to carry. It's really gorgeous, with the design on the top of the ballerina dress and 3-D tutu texturing. The zip is quite smooth and overall this feels like a top quality pouch.

When you open it up inside, there is a floral fabric pattern. It's so pastel and feminine, which I definitely love. It has two layers inside. There is a small container type separator within the pouch, that allows you to carry more items or at least be more organised when you've got heaps of different products.

So an exciting surprise inside this pouch was 2 extra beauty products! There was a Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek blush, which you can buy for $13.00. There are a couple of shades of this blush. I received the Coral Pink shade, but there's also a rose pink, a deep reddish pink, a hot pink and a lilac blush. They all have these amazing, intricate designs embedded within the powder, which adds to the princess aura.

When you open the little container, there's a stunning powder puff inside complete with lace and ribbons. It's so ethereal and soft. The powder puff absorbs only a little bit of the powder, which isn't very loose, so it can be difficult to transfer a great deal of colour to your cheeks. This is perfect for the subtle, rosy look.

I think it's always really important to add some colour to your face, especially after applying a lot of makeup. In my full-on makeup look, I put on foundation, BB cream, concealer, powder and contouring, so my face tends to lose it's natural complexions and take on a more smooth, pale look. This is good in that it hides all imperfections, but it also means that all my human colour is drained and I look more ghostly!! :( That's why blush can play such an important role. It increases the liveliness to your face and makes you look a lot sweeter and more open. It also highlights cheeks in a very sublime way. You might not be able to notice it much at all in the photos, but in real life, it does make quite the difference. 

The Dreaming Swan Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk product was also included within the pouch. This is very similar to the Dear My Blooming Lipstick collection, just with new packaging. I notice that Etude House do tend to create a lot of replicas of existing products, but change up the theme a bit to resell them. This one can only be bought within the value kit, costing $20.00. It comes in shades such as PK022 (neonish pink), OR225 (coral orange), PK023 (darker pink), PP502 (pinkish purple) and PK024 (standard pink).

I was so happy to receive it in the coral orange shade, because I've been OBSESSED with this colour lately. It's a nice, refreshing step away from the conventional pink or red lip colour.

The repackaging of this lipstick is so nice! The plastic packaging has a matte texture, with a little bow on the outside. It's very dainty and cute. The inside tube has small ballet slipper patterns, whilst the lipstick itself has this adorable heart logo engraved into it. 

I love Etude House lipsticks! They are so creamy and slide right on. It was extremely slick and the product came off very well onto the lips. It is a little bit more watery and transparent than other lipsticks, but that just means you can vary your degree of opaqueness, depending on how much you layer on.

These lipsticks have always been quite durable in my experience. They stick really well and can probably last a couple of hours before you have to reapply. They also smell very nice; kind of florally, so it's a good feeling to have on your lips LOL.

Now moving onto the May Pink Box. Now as I said before, this one was quite plain, with nothing TOO exciting (I am still so grateful for it though!!). It contained two products: An Etude House Wonder Pore Black Mask Sheet and a Precious Mineral Any Cushion Pearl Aura kit. I might make a post later on explaining the kit, so for now, I'll just let you have a look at the haul items and their basic elements.

The Wonder Pore Mask Pack is a one-time use mask pack, with apparently, many many different ingredients. It's like a power shot of health to your skin once used. It costs $3.00 each, but if you buy in bulk, I'm sure that it's a lot cheaper. The main point of the mask is to control sebum (the little bumpy pores) and clean up your skin, since it contains oak tree charcoal.

There isn't too much I can say for it yet, since I haven't tried it out but I know that Etude House masks in general are pretty popular. There are 10 effects of this mask:
  1. Balances skin's ideal pH levels
  2. Refine skin tones
  3. Keep the elasticity of pores
  4. Remove skin surface's pollution
  5. Cleanse pores insides with cooling effect
  6. Deep cleanse pores
  7. Minimise appearance of pores
  8. Control a large amount of sebum
  9. Moisturise inside and outside of skin
  10. Complete smooth glass-like texture 

The Precious Mineral Any Cushion Pear Aura kit is a newly improved version of the original Any Cushion. The package contains a normal compact plus an additional, patterned puff. I love the hologram packaging, since it makes the entire kit look so much more interesting and outstanding. The Precious Mineral Any Cushion Pearl Aura compact can be bought for $18.00, plus refills are $10.00 each.

The foundation has this really interesting pattern on it. It's got a normal skin tone, with 6 white dots in the centre. It's available in 2 shades, containing Mother of Pearl and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin and give it a natural glow. It has whitening, UV protection and anti-wrinkle technology so it creates a more glowing and radiant look than the normal Precious Mineral Any Cushion.

I'm going to be very excited to try this one on and start incorporating it into my normal beauty routine. In terms of the difference between ALL these Precious Mineral Any Cushions? That will be in an upcoming post that I'm publishing on Soompi soon, so please look out for that :) 

Thanks for reading and as usual, putting up with my long, delayed posts. Hopefully you enjoyed and are interested in looking into some of these products! :) A BIG thanks to Etude House again for sending me these for review. 
Let me know what you think about the products below and check out their site for their other items in the Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection: Shine volumer, Nail kit, Veiling pact, brush etc etc.! 
See you next time!
xx Heylinni 
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    1. Thanks!! Yeah, I love the orange lips trend :)

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  3. Everything is so pretty!

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