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By Rachel L - 6:33 PM

During university holidays, I travelled a LOT. Since this sem break seemed like my only chance to fully enjoy myself, without even having to spare a thought to studying for the next set of new subjects, I wanted to make the most of the experience and make every day a busy one. As a result, I feel like I was barely at home. I went away on 2 ski trips - one with family and one with friends (both heaps of fun) - and a leadership camp. Because of all this travelling stress, especially from the harsh, cold environment at the snow, my skin was prone to becoming extremely dry and strained, opening up vulnerability for ageing and wrinkles. If I didn't take care of it properly, I could have done some serious damage!

I find that this is always the case for people who go away on holidays, especially overseas. Those plane compartments are not doing our skin any favours - not to mention the lack of sleep we get. Therefore, it is of upmost importance to care doubly for our skin and pay attention to maintaining a fixed skincare regime. A big problem that I used to find with travelling was the restrictions for flights. It was heaps difficult to bring a lot of skincare products onboard, since they simply were too large to be legal. That's why, when Luxola contacted me with the opportunity to try out their skincare travel pack called the ALPHAH Liquid Gold Discovery Collection, I was convinced there was a God looking out for me :) This entirely affordable pack contains five TRAVEL-SIZED products, perfect for doing as good a job as regular sized items. They include cleanser, moisuriser, night repair, hydration cream and this interesting item called 'Liquid Gold', which is a multifunctional serum that works magic on your face. When I received this, I was struck with a great idea for this blog post to be about a couple of beauty ESSENTIALS for your travel. - to minimise your baggage, yet protect your appearance. In addition to the ALPHAH set, I've listed a couple of other significant items, which you can see later on. 

So first up though, in my list, let's go a little deeper into the specifics of the ALPHA H Liquid Gold Discovery Collection. The ALPHA H Liquid Gold Discovery Collection is a luxurious box full of the best of the best skincare products from beauty experts. The point is to introduce buyers to the world of ALPHA H skincare, since you get a travel size of each of their products. It's a perfect gift for pampering, or as I've said, a really good little set to take with you on holidays. No matter where you are, you can have the comfort of knowing that your skin is being well protected. This pack can be bought from Luxola for $74.36 PLUS a special 25% discount for my readers for your first time order! You just have to enter BLX-HEYLINNI into the promo section when you check out :) Code lasts until August 28th, so hurry and check out the site to find something you like ^_^
Luxola is a beauty and cosmetics store based in Singapore. It is found on the website It carries over 4000 products and 250 brands. To me, it seems like a pretty top-quality but high end online, beauty store targeting girls who are looking for luxurious products but don't care too much about the price. 

The first essential beauty item for travel in this set is the ALPHA H Balancing Cleanser. It is a 30mL bottle of creamy, gentle cleanser suitable for any skin type. The formula clears impurities, oils and makeup whilst balancing and hydrating the skin. Each package is packed with high performance ingredients including Essential Vitamins, Nutrients and antioxidants.

The ALPHA H Liquid Gold Perfecting Daywear is one of the Liquid Gold items in this collection. It's a 15mL tube for anti-ageing. It enhances the complexion by optically diffusing the appearance of wrinkles and surface imperfections. The benefits of this product are weightless hydration, high content of antioxidants and illuminating sheer tint. It's a perfect product for daywear because it's slightly makeup-based too, but also is good for your skin at the same time! Skin is brightened with a sheer, healthy glow and complexion is left flawless and fresh.

Next, the ALPHA H Liquid Gold is a powerful overnight resurfacing and firming lotion for normal or combination skin types. It is enriched with silk proteins and liquorice extract to jump start the skin's metabolism, tighten enlarged pores and brighten the complexion. This is apparently not suitable for sensitive skin though!

The ALPHA H Essential Hydration Cream is the perfect moisturiser in the collection. It's luxurious and aromatic, enriched with Ylang Ylang and Arnica to give 24 hour hydrating actions. It also contains Bio-Minerals and Peptides to repair, soothe and revitalise the skin.

Finally, the ALPHA H Liquid Gold Night Repair allows you to stay protected at all times, covering the night shift of skin protection. It's an overnight serum ideal for mature or sun damaged skin - maybe not that important for me right now, but definitely can be used in the future :D It contains Vitamins A, B3 and E and Sodium Hyaluronate to reduce age spots and discolouration. It soothes redness and increases collagen synthesis by 119% to allow firm and plump skin.

It's cool because this set is pretty much all you need to keep your skin nice and protected on the go - no matter where you are! It's so compact and convenient to carry around, so there's no excuses for not sticking by a skincare regime, even when on vacation!

Some other beauty essentials that I personally find are critical are:

Hair care products like Dove Hair Therapy spray! I tend to find that my hair gets really frizzy and tangled when I'm on vacations, because of the busy schedules. There's less time to dedicate to a healthy hair routine, so this Dove Spray is the perfect leave-in conditioner to smoothen and silk-ify hair. It's an awesome product and only takes like 10 seconds to apply, with awesome effects.

If you're going to wear makeup when you're on your holiday, the best thing to do is have a travel brush kit of the essentials. That's why I find it perfect that Ecotools already has this amazing, read to go kit of brushes for cosmetic purposes. I've actually reviewed this set before, so you can check out all the different brushes in it here.

SUNSCREEN! Suncare is legit, a MUST. Yes, beauty and makeup may be great to have with you to look your best, but without proper sun protection, not even concealer can cover up a red lobster face! It's also necessary for your health, to avoid sunburn and skin cancers, as well as prevent anti-ageing due to the harsh sun rays. Look out for longer-lasting sunscreens with high SPF and preferably water resistance, for maximum protection.

As always, hydration is an important factor for skin and lips. So of course, I would put lip balm on this list. I use the Burt's Bees Hydrating Lip Balm with coconut and pear, which I got from a beauty box a while ago. It's absolutely amazing and very moisturising! It's also got this great coconut sweet scent, that makes it almost impossible not to lick off your lips ahaha :P

I only recently received this product as a gift for my birthday and I love it! It's a Pomegranate Collagen Face Mist from The Face Shop, a famous Korean Beauty brand. It's got a slightly thick viscosity and moisturises the face so well. I feel like I'm spraying a layer of protection and hydration onto my skin, or giving myself a vitamin beauty boost. It's perfect for whenever you have dry skin or feel it getting rough, to just pull this out of your bag and refresh yourself. It's also got a lovely scent; very summery.

Another item that is an essential for if your wearing makeup is Makeup Remover. I cannot understand how people can fall asleep in makeup or not bother to remove it. It is SO terrible and harmful to the skin and causes premature ageing. Plus the products can clog up your pores and give you significant break outs and skin issues. So remember this vital product when you're packing!!

Finally, I round up the Beauty Essentials for Travel with this Estee Lauder Day Wear Moisturiser. Any facial moisturiser is crucial in a skin routine, since it tightens and hydrates the skin, keeping it looking fresh and youthful. I like to apply moisturiser in the morning after I wake up and at night just before I sleep. I also apply a layer after I remove makeup, to re-energise my face.

So that was a list of my personal beauty ESSENTIALS for travel! I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt something. If you have any more beauty essentials, please do comment them below :) In the meantime, also check out one of my latest Youtube videos, which is a TRAVEL VLOG for when I went to Terrigal with my friends. I certainly brought each and every one of the items above on that trip, to ensure my skin was looking good! 

Thanks for reading!

xx Heylinni 
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