Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara Review

By Rachel L - 11:55 AM

Hi readers! It's been a while since I've done one of these Etude House Pink Box unboxings :) I'm a little behind, so today I'm doing the Pink Box review for June, which Etude House graciously sent me to give a go :D I was so excited when opening this Pink Box, because the items are as usual, very nicely packaged and there's some other stuff apart from beauty/cosmetics this time! The diverse items in this box really brightened up my month :) 

The main feature of this box was supposed to be the Open Your Eyes gift box, which contained Etude House's Curl Fix mascara! I also received 2 eyeshadows, an Etude House Play Pencil in #01 colour, mascara remover and a Decoden Kawaii Kit for the Any Cushion compacts. All these items can be found on their Global Website for pretty affordable prices - one of the many things I love about this brand :)  

So let's get started straight away and get a detailed look into each of the products of the box! I'm going to start off with this fabulous little bottle of Mascara Remover, which hasn't really been featured by Etude House before. Well, at least, I have not heard of it before receiving this box. I'm super glad they did send it to me though, because it is a 25mL bottle of 'one shot remover', which is perfect for melting mascara and cleansing your eyelashes. It only costs around $5-6 and it really is true to its word when it calls itself 'one shot clean'. It has the ability to melt waterproof and long-lasting mascara and eyeliner. The mascara remover has a quick emulsifying formula, which leaves the eye zone clean in one swipe. This reduces the rubbing and repeated swiping motions on your eyes, so you can avoid pressure that leads to lines and wrinkles.

I found the formula of this mascara to be really interesting! It seems to have 2 liquids in it, one which is more dense than the other. There's a pink layer that sits on the bottom of the bottle, whilst the clear layer floats to the top. You're supposed to shake the bottle thoroughly before you use this, so the two layers mix. It's got a pretty oily consistency, which makes it so effective for removing mascara. I really adore this product, because lately I've been experiencing problems with removing my mascara and having it stay on for days, even clumping and causing damage to my eyes. So when I tried this out, I was super impressed with its function. Furthermore, from checking out general reviews online for this mascara remover, it overall has a very good reputation, with an average of 4.2/5 rating.

Therefore, I'd highly recommend this item! I think the bottle it comes in can be improved a little though by including a cover on the top of the bottle, that allows just a little bit of remover to come out at a time, rather than an open lid, where you can't control the quantity of product you want to use. Apart from that, I'm amazed at the price vs. effectiveness, since it is such a cheap product with flawless outcomes. 

The second product in the box made me really excited! It isn't something Etude House usually sends me. In fact, it was a Kawaii Decoden Kit, for blinging up my Any Cushion Compacts. I think it's such a cute and great idea to promote the any cushion line even more and I love all the small deco items. It's started being sold by Etude House in June. I'm not sure if they have it up on their website, but you can always purchase it from Ebay for $12.95. Not bad at all! There are two different types of the kit; one is the one I received below, which is very colourful and has all sorts of cute, random deco items; the other is a more classy, floral kit with a pink colour palette and a mix of pearls. 

Inside the kit, you receive 'Cream Glue', two icing tips and a bunch of cabochons in the shape of food and random stuff! The cream glue is really awesome because I assume it's like a silicone consistency that you can pipe on your case to look like 'icing' or cream. I actually made a Decoden tutorial ages ago on my blog, which you can read here and find out how to do just that!

This kit doesn't even have to be solely restricted to decorating your any cushion case! If you want, you can really use it for anything - whether it be decoden-ing a phone, laptop, beauty products, nails etc etc. Remember that anything is kawaii-fiable :D 

Now, kind of onto the main item of the box: The Open Your Eyes package. It's got such sleek and lovely packaging and I found that the icon of the lock really makes it seem like an exclusive item or a secret kit of all you need items to 'open your eyes'. Now I really have to say, this box is AMAZING! It's currently on sale on the Etude House website for only $14.90, when it's original price hovered around the $30 mark. I'd get in there quick before it sells out .... ^_^ 

So as you can see, everything is sorted and organised in the box so well. It contains a nice assortment of eyeshadows, the curl fix mascara and a basic Play 101 pencil. If bought individually, these items would probably be over 30$, hence buying this kit and getting them together is such a great deal. It's like your saving a lot of money and investing in a complete, all you need eye kit :)

I was first introduced to Play 101 pencils last year, when Etude House sent me one of their early boxes. I found it incredibly interesting how these multi functional pencils worked. You can essentially use them for anything on your face, from lips to cheeks to eyes etc. They are so convenient to bring around, due to their small size and it kind of reminded me of drawing on my face - where makeup really meets art aye? This Open Your Eyes kit includes #01 in the Play 101 pencil collection, which is a black shade. It's primary use is for eyeliner or a smokey black shadow. I also reviewed this exact same pencil in one of my older Etude House reviews (Wow, actually last year's June Box!), so check it out here if you're interested in finding out more.

Its a gel type/crayon pencil, which is very creamy to slick on. It gives you quite a bit of control over your eyeliner line, allowing clean lines when the pencil is sharp. Luckily, it has a sharpener on one end, so you can always sharpen up the pencil whenever/wherever it starts getting a little blunt.

For my makeup in the look below, I used the Play 101 pencil for tightlining and also lining most of my eye. Then, I used an Etude House Pen liner to do the winged tips, as I find their 'pen/brush' quality to be perfect for adding the sharp wing look. I also used this Play 101 pencil on the edges of my lower lash line, blending it a bit to create some shadow and softness and open up the eyes more. 

The Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix mascara is an awesome 24-hour product in the Etude House Lash Perm range. It can be bought on their online website for $14.40 and comes with a free One Shot Mascara remover. It also comes in a few different shades: Black, brown, plum burgundy and pink. I find the pink shade to be really interesting because when would you get the chance to wear that out? ^_^

The curl fix mascara is perfect for completely powerfully curled, fine eyelashes using its strongly adhering Curl 24HR technology on normally droopy or lifeless lashes. It can deliver a powerful performance to life, define and curl even tiny lashes. This is done with the dual jelly brush and Curl 24HR tech. It leaves long lashes without smudge or clump due to its waterproof function.

The brush has a dual jelly feature, that suits different types of lashes. It has the 'flat jelly' to comb lashes in a zigzag to make them easier to curl. On the other side, it's got the 'jelly dome', to curl lashes upwards lightly and fix for long periods of time. I found the longer side of the wand to be better for my top lashes and really lengthening and adding volume to them. On the other hand, the short wand bristles were amazing on my lower lashes, creating subtle effects but avoiding a lot of smudge or clumping.

I absolutely love this product! It's not expensive, it has sturdy and attractive packaging, and the design of the brush allows me to complete my eye makeup with different techniques to achieve the best results. I feel like the mascara really adheres to my eyelashes and makes my eyes seem bigger and more engaging. In a way, you achieve the dream 'anime' eyes with this curl mascara. And plus, with the free mascara remover, it becomes really easy to take off, due to their special formula that complements this mascara perfectly. 

Finally, in the Open Your Eyes special eye kit, there were 2 Etude House eyeshadows. They are both part of the 'Look at My Eyes' eyeshadow collection, which is found on their global website for $4.60. The brown colour is the shade #BR402 and the peach shade is #OR202. They both carry a bit of shimmer, which made for a fun and flirty look.

They are both 'sparkle pearl eyeshadows that supply eyes with a dazzling look.' The brown shadow isn't quite as glittery as it is satin-y texture, with a gold sheen when placed in the light. It's VERY pigmented and comes out quite strong, even with just a few brushes, so I'd recommend going pretty easy on this eyeshadow, otherwise you'll end up looking quite bruised in the eyes. The peach shade is more glittery and sparkly, which I personally love. It's colour comes out quite light, so I prefer to layer this over another shade, such as the brown, just to add a light shimmer to the centre of my eyes. 

Here are the swatches and photos with the completed look using all the items from the box:

I used the brown as a base shadow, over my entire eyelid. Then I took a small brush and dabbed some of the peach shade in the centre on my eyelid, just so it created some highlighting and depth. It also makes the look a little less plain and a lot more interesting.

So there we go! Hope you enjoyed reading this post :) All these products can be found on the Etude House Global website: 

Big thanks to Etude House for another amazing Pink Box (I've still got the July edition coming up!!) and thanks to you guys for reading <3 

Let me know, what was your favourite product of the box this month? 

xx Heylinni 
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