WonderStripes Metallic Flash Tattoo Review

By Rachel L - 11:05 AM

Hello readers! I'll be the first to admit, I'm a sucker for the flash tattoo trend. This year, I kind of got addicted to them, trying to apply them everywhere, whenever I went to parties! They are such a fun, sparkly accessory to add to an outfit and create more character. The shades of gold and silver look super classy and minimalist, more like jewellery than temporary tattoos. When I used to think of temp tattoos, those kiddy butterfly and skulls would be the first thing to come to mind. But now, it's so cool that these metallic patterns have come into trend, letting us revisit that childhood concept but in a more fashionable and style-forward way! And since I would personally never get a permanent tattoo (too lasting!!) but I love trying new looks, these are a perfect alternative to satisfy my creative accessorising. 

WonderStripes is the official brand who contacted me to review their new range of metallic flash tattoos. These are a brand new launch, out for about a few weeks now. WonderStripes actually sells a lot of cosmetic type of products. They state they are 'always on the look out for new and powerful beauty secrets' and sell items such as instant eye lifting tapes or moisturising booster masks made with bio-cellulose for maximum lifting effects. You can have a look at their dermatological products on their website for youthful and tightened complexion. However, they've extended their line by selling these special metallic tattoo sheets

These metallic flash tattoos are the summer must have beauty item for 2015, especially with beach weather approaching. They are waterproof and temporary, perfect for standing out at big events. The tattoos tend to last 2-5 days and are durable and sparkly for fun, vivid coordinates. You can apply them on your hands, arms, legs, back etc ! Here's where I wore mine at a few parties: 

Each set contains 3 sheets of temporary tattoos and they sell in a pack for $19.99. You can choose a classic pack, which is what I got, or a colour pack, which contains colours like gold, silver, red, black and turquoise. They are full of glam, easy-to-apply tattoos and there are many different patterns so the sheets will last you for a while. Or you can share them with a group of friends and sport some flashy tattoos together :D 

 The long ones are more likely for 'bracelets' on your wrists and upper arm/shoulder area. My favourite are the triangles though because they are so adaptable for any area. 
 Here are also some necklace or pendants !

Today, I'm going to try this set of double arrows in gold and silver! I've decided to apply them on my wrist area because it's subtle yet not too hidden. 

 Firstly, I cut out the arrows, leaving quite a bit of area around them. Then, I needed to remove the thin, plastic film on top of the tattoos. To apply, I pressed the tattoo firmly on my wrist and used a moist washer for 30-60 seconds to hold it there and transfer the tattoo. Afterwards, I gently pulled back the paper and let the tattoo dry for a few minutes.

Unfortunately, I kind of screwed it up with the silver! I was a little impatient and took it off a bit early, before it had fully transferred. This left me with bits that hadn't gone onto my skin properly, so it's already looking a bit ratty/faded. Overall, I love the effect of this tattoo though! It's super classy looking and fun. I love the slight shimmer of the gold and silver. 

So there's my review completed for the WonderStripes new Metallic Flash Tattoos launch! Hope you have a check of them and enjoy them a lot if you decide to purchase a set for yourself. Let me know what you think about these tattoos in the comments below :D

xx Heylinni 
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16 replies

  1. Nice review~! The different designs are all really pretty <33


  2. I absolutely agree that they are kind of cute but as a person who is quite into tattoos and ink (though I couldn't get my first tattoo for years now, damn you money & insecurity!) I think the difference to black inked motives is quite obvious and I would be too afraid to rub them off before the event I want them to be for even started xx
    But since you are so psyched I'm sure they are great and I would totally try them if I ever got into a Metallic Flash kind of phase ;)

    1. Ahh I can definitely see where you're coming from! Permanent tattoos are absolutely gorgeous, but I these ones just suit people who are a lot more chicken like me hahaha :D

  3. Replies
    1. no problem, thank you for leaving a comment :)

  4. I keep seeing these pop up and they look super fun! XO

  5. Great review...these metallic tattoos are so cute ...Thanks for sharing. New fan on GFC.You are welcome to visit my blog too.Keep up the lovely posts.

  6. Great review! I've always wanted to try.