Etude House Bling Bling Eye Sticks and Dear Darling Water Tint Review | August Pink Box

By Rachel L - 12:49 PM

Hi guys!! This is probably the latest I've ever done an Etude House Pink Box Review (with this being the August Box!!) so I'm like 2 months late shiettttt ... but like they say, better late than never right? It's the looming of finals and disgusting assignments that have to be given in that have caused such great delay on my review timetable. Today's Pink Box review is from the August Box they sent me, that contained some awesome Bling Bling Eye Sticks, a Water Tint and also some awesome skincare samples - including mens skincare items. I never knew that Etude House also had stuff for men, so it's great that they're really branching out and becoming accessible to all. 

In terms of life updates, I'm quite sick at the moment. Nothing serious, just the irritating cough, cold symptoms and the works. All that can be easily fixed with some rest and relaxation, as one of my friends recommended for me ^_^ I've also got two weeks left until second semester of my first year at uni is finished! It's gone by so quickly, I literally can not believe it. I feel like a lot has changed, yet not much time has passed at all. Very crazy. Also, I'm going to Japan at the end of the year with my friend to go skiing, so look forward to some sick vlogs on my Youtube account then! hehe 

As usual, I'm always excited to delve into the Pink Boxes and see what the items are, simply because every item is always so fun to use and cute to look at. It feels awesome to add them to my massive and growing 'Etude House' collection. Really hope they send me some eyeliner pens sometime though, since I SERIOUSLY adore the pens and am constantly trying to restock my supply of them. The items came in the signature Pink Box, with a folder on notes and the products nesting in crepe paper.

So let's jump immediately into talking about the first product! This is a set of four new Bling Bling Eye Shadow sticks. The Bling Bling range is really awesome, because they have such pretty shades of colours and they defy the normal conventions of eyeshadow. They come in a stick form that is so much easier and smoother to apply, since you just have to swipe it on like twice to get a sparkly, pretty eye look. They are also totally cheap at like $5.20 on the Etude House website, so definitely a great investment! The shades that I received were #11 Rose Star, #12 Sunset Star, #13 Sunbeam Star and #14 Starry Sky Star. The shades don't have that much difference between them, except for light tweaks, making them perfect for blending and creating contoured looks for your eyes. The texture of these sticks are SO creamy and provide such vibrant colour on the eyes. They each have a slightly shimmery texture, to brighten up and highlight tired or dull eyes. Use an eye primer to make the colour pop even more. I would definitely say that I absolutely love these Bling Bling Eye Sticks, because of their easy application and pretty range of colours. Perfect for the lazy makeup lover like me, since you don't have to deal with the hassle of brushed and other stuff. 

#14 Starry Sky Star

#13 Sunbeam Star

#13 Sunset Star

#11 Rose Star

Really love that to apply this, you just need to wind up the pen so it pushes out more of the shadow stick and then you can just slick it on. It has a rounded ball tip, so there's no need to sharpen or do anything to maintain these. They are perfect for a busy lifestyle, where you've got no time to deal with long makeup routines and just want to look nice without too much effort. 

On my eyes, they created a shimmery, starry eye look. I prefer to use the golden shades as they are more neutral and classy looking. The pink tones I add to the bottom of my waterline a little, for a unique pop of colour. These shadows are gorgeous for gradation and really add a sophisticated, glamour element to my eye look. 

Next product in the box was the Dear Darling Water Tint! The Dear Darling Line is hugely popular in Etude House, with products like the Dear Darling Lip glosses and tube tints, which I also own. I find these to be awesome lip products and my go-to for shimmery, glossy lips. I received this new Water Tint in an orange shade, which I have grown to love recently. These ones are also just $5.20! How amazing is that?! My shade is called 'OrangeAde' delicious ^_^ It's a 'moist, fruity water tint, with the feeling of refreshing fruits bursting', so it's perfect for the upcoming summer season! The Water Tint also comes in a dark pink strawberry and a light red cherry.

The consistency of this product really is super watery. Like it hasn't got a bit of stickiness to it like lip gloss has. This is pretty much like tinted water, which means it can get a little bit drying for the lips. I'd recommend putting on some lip balm before applying this product, just so you can keep your lips protected. Apart from that, it also tastes kind of nice! I didn't knowingly try to consume it, I swear! But it is very sweet on the lips. I consider it more of a stain, since the colour really does cling onto your lips and stays on for long periods of time. 

The brush for application is small and useful, since it's shape allows the soaking up of a lot of tint, and it's super easy to apply on the inside of the lips, when you're going for more of a gradient lip. This helps create a sweet, innocent and feminine look, which is more natural and softer than the bold lip. It's very korean ulzzang! 

When in doubt, pout it out ^_^

Here's my finished look with the Bling Bling Eye Stick and also the Dear Darling Lip Tint applied! I love the softness and naturalness of the look, as it makes you seem much more friendly and approachable! Tip is using light, bright colours can open up your appearance and make you less intimidating hehe. 

Hope you enjoyed the review and let me know which was your favourite product of this box! I also had received quite a few beauty samples, but they were just your general skincare stuff. An interesting thing was the mens skincare samples, which I might give to my brother (AHHAHAHAHA) or friends and see how they find it LOL. But till then, see you next time!

xx Heylinni
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25 replies

  1. Loving the shimmer stick shades :D
    So gorgeous and of course you too dearie :P


  2. That looks very simple and easy to use! Pretty colours too! ~~

    xoxo Celly

  3. those glittery sticks are so cool
    keep in touch

  4. you go so many fun products

  5. Replies
    1. You should get it! It's heaps cheap too haha

  6. You look super cute :) Interesting beauty products.We keep in touch. xx

  7. So jealous of the bling bling eyesticks! theyre so pigmented and lasts super long and I want more ahah <3

    Otaku Haul @ bijou-heart

    1. Yeah, I want to stock up on a few more shades ^_^

  8. All the stuff you got looks really nice!
    The Bling Bling Eye Stick colors are super pretty ^_^

  9. I recently got one of those bling eye sticks too, pretty excited to try it out! I love your hair in these pictures btw :)


    1. Yea! They're so fun to use right? Thank you!!

  10. I wish i could be a reviewer for etude house too *-* I love the bling bling stick and the water tint they sent you ♡ you also look great with the tint ♡

    1. You should try contacting them :) thanks for reading!!

  11. Hi! What bling bling eye stick # were you using in the picture? :)

  12. I love your lip color here! Is it the Etude House orange tint in all the photos? Or are you wearingg something else? ^^

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