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By Rachel L - 1:02 PM

Spring's here and with just a couple of months till Summer in Australia, the weather is getting hotter and hotter - until it's almost unbearable. It's time to store away the big, chunky coats and sweaters and start bringing out our summer closet. What better a staple item to have then a playsuit? It's cool, pretty, easy to wear and even convenient for when you're out for an adventure day. Playsuit season is a great change and adds great diversity to our wardrobes, due to the diverse range and choice of different playsuits you can choose from - short or long sleeve, coloured, patterned, florals, tight or loose, dressy or casual...the list is endless. Sometimes I feel like you could just rely on a whole closet full of different playsuits for the entire summer ^_^

Recently, MISS KADIA, a new Australian online fashion store (opened on the 9th October), contacted me about reviewing one of their products. I browsed through their store extensively, looking for the perfect item and I knew I had found it when I came across this Navy Fringe Playsuit. MISS KADIA has a big range of chic, fashionable clothing, kind of like Boohoo or MissGuided. I love the store because the people are very passionate about giving great service and making each customer experience enjoyable.

Since the Navy Playsuit I picked was quite dressy, I decided to go for a more sophisticated look. I've gone the minimalistic route, due to the detailed lacing on the playsuit - adding anything more may have made the complete look messy. I've just topped off the summer vibes with a wide-brim beach hat (from ValleyGirl I think) and added some simple, golden bracelets. For the shoes, I felt like white was the way to go, to brighten up the look and make it more summery. The chunky platforms are a perfect match to make my legs seem longer and thinner, whilst still remaining each to walk in because of the thick heel. My makeup is clean, golden and sharp with a bold hit of colour on the lips. This creates a strong statement, that contrasts against the navy blue of the playsuit and brings depth to the overall look. Enjoy the rest of these photos below :)

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Hahahah oh lord, I did forget to take tags off coz I was so excited to try this on and get snapping
The back has this fabulous backless feature, with some bows to tighten up the playsuit

What do you think of playsuits? Love or Hate? I hope you enjoyed this fashion outfit post and let me know if you want to see these more in the future, in addition to my regular beauty posts! 
Thanks for reading 
xx Heylinni 
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21 replies

  1. aw I love this Rachel! You look amazing and I love how you styled it (also playsuit are a yes!) x


  2. omg you look too gorgeous in this playsuit that it's okay for the tags to still be there >_< and random question, how do you get your knees so white?!

    1. Aww thank you so much ahaha, i didn't even notice they were on until afterwards ^_^ hmm, not sure, I've never really had a problem with dark knees i guess ^_^"

  3. you look stunning!! Body goals~

  4. you're so lucky. winter is coming and we can't wear playsuits any longer. lovely outfit. I will wear something like this when our summer is coming.

    x R.

    1. Awww :( Yeah, take advantage of these when the hot weather comes around again hehe :)

  5. You look beautiful with this playsuit ;-; ♥!! I absolutely love the color and I'm so jealous of your body!!! I'm trying to lose someweight at the moment and take better care of it too~^^ Your skin looks super flawless ;o;

    1. Good luck with the weight loss! Don't be jealous of me ^_^" I'm working on getting fitter too !

  6. I love the romper and the blue color is so chic! It looks so flawless on you!

    ♥ Crystal Michelle

    1. Thank you! It comes in white as well but I just thought this royal blue was so much better :D

  7. I love this stunning look and your style.
    You have a beautiful blog
    I hope you will like mine
    many kisses

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