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By Rachel L - 1:29 PM

Hey everyone! It's the mid-sem break and yet there's a whole heap of work to do x_x I'm craving those days back in Year 6-7 where holidays meant drop all your work and just bum around for weeks. Those were certainly the good times. Now it's all about catching up on work and lectures I missed before the break and hoping that I don't fail for finals. Haven't really been doing much at all though - life's a little boring but peaceful right now. 

I received an email from Irresistable Me Hair Extensions quite a while ago, asking me to review a set of extensions for them. I thought it was a great opportunity to give extensions a go, since I don't use them that often. I did my first intro of a hair extension site to you guys through CC Hair Extensions, but today, this is a second, alternative store which you can go to and find some really high-quality extensions. As I said before, my hair is really thin, so any opportunity to thicken it and make it seem more voluminous sounded amazing to me - and that's the beauty of hair extensions! The way they can change up your hairstyle and help you mold it into anything you want - all without having to commit and do things permanently. I chose the 20-inch Royal Remy Extensions in Light Brown, as I thought they looked silky smooth and closest to my actual hair shade. The cost of this would be $217 dollars. Quite pricey, I know, but once you read this review, you'll understand why it is worth the cost. 

Irresistable Me is 'a young brand that centers around really amazing clip-in hair extensions' as well as hair tools, accessories, care and wigs. They are a fun and friendly business that really cares about customers and customer feedback, which is why they work with a lot of bloggers. You are able to read heaps of reviews on them online to determine whether this brand is right for you. Their two main lines of clip-ins are Silky Touch and Royal Remy. The Silky Touch line is more popular and suitable for those who are just beginning with hair extensions. Royal Remy Hair is more premium, made with 100% human Remy hair. Remy hair is the highest grade of real, human hair that helps wearers achieve the most natural look, because of its fine quality. This is obtained by keeping cuticles intact and not stripped, ensuring hair remains super soft, shiny, silky and tangle free. This line lasts longer and is perfect for longevity and volume. It's thickness is consistent throughout, adding bounce and body when wearing them. All these extensions are easily styled, heated and coloured as you please. 

From the photos above and below, you can see my original hair. It's long but not really thick enough to seem luxurious and bouncy. I have very light tips and slight ombre to the hair, which is unintended (haha dyed the hair and this is the result of regrowth). So it was a little difficult trying to pick an exact extension shade to match my current hair colour. Irresistable Me provided an excellent video however, which was well-lit, to help me determine which shade would be best for my hair. I highly recommend you watch the video here, before you buy a set of extensions on the site!

Communication between the seller and I was fabulous as well. It was quick and accommodating to my needs. Furthermore, the extensions came pretty quick in the mail. It took a week or two, which wasn't too long a wait for me, so I was hugely happy about that, because I just wanted to try my extensions on already! The box that the extensions came in was very pretty! It had the brand logo on the outside, with a black, classic exterior. Inside, there was a beautiful illustration of a girl with beautiful, full hair, which could only be achieved with a great set of hair extensions :) The set of extensions also sat in the box, in a tightly sealed plastic package. 

The package had two compartments. On the right side of the plastic package, there was a small compartment containing just one clip-in extension. It was extremely important to note that you need to open this side first! This is because, Irresistable Me extensions are super considerate, in that they provide one extension to try first and confirm that the shade is right for you. In the case that it is not right, you haven't opened the actual extensions compartment yet, so you can still return and refund the extensions and get the right shade next time. However, if it is your perfect shade, you can unseal the left-hand side, holding a neat bundle of human Remy hair!

The extensions each have these small, alligator clips on them, making it easy to put on. They have a strong hold and don't take too much effort to just clip-in.

As you can see, my light brown shade was absolutely perfect for me! I was super happy to receive the correct colour, and I attribute most of the success to that brilliant video they provided me. The extensions are a lovely café brown, with slight wave and a pure, silky quality.

In terms of the overall set, each set of 200g extensions contains:
1 x 4 clips (large clip-in)
2 x 3 clips (medium clip-in)
5 x 2 clips (small clip-in)
2 x 1 clips (single clip-in)

The 140g sets contain 8 pieces and the 100g sets contain 7 pieces. These sets are cheaper, and I think that if you are looking for just a little more volume and length, those ones would be the way to go. I did find that I don't use all the clip-ins when I put on the extensions, simply because they would not all fit on my head!

To put them in, first of all, I had to section off my hair. I created two layers, a top and bottom. After tying the top up in a high ponytail, I selected the 4 clips extension to put in first, as my main source of body. This was clipped between the two layers I had created. Then, sectioning off more and more hair, I worked on clipping smaller parts that I found needed more volume.Since my hair is already long, these extensions didn't do much to lengthen, but they did a fantastic job of creating thickness.

Finally, this is what they look like once they're in! From the first pictures, you might not be able to tell too much difference because they length has not changed, but I definitely felt the impact of wearing extensions. In the final few pics, you can see how much volume has been created with these extensions and my hair looks SO VOLUMINOUS. The quality of the extensions was so smooth, allowing them to easily blend into my natural hair. In fact, I was kind of scared it wouldn't match well because the quality of the extensions seemed better than my real hair quality! They aren't too heavy on my head and you can barely notice them there after a while. I was just a little scared that it could seem unnatural from the back, in case a sneaky clip popped out or something, but it was fine. All in all, these Irresistable Me Hair Extensions were perfect for me and I loved the experience of wearing them and having thicker hair for a bit. ^_^

I love the result of these photos from the back with my extensions in! 

Finally, I wanted to thank Irresistable Me for giving me the opportunity to collab with them. Their service was really fantastic and the whole process was easy and smooth. I'm definitely going to be enjoying these extensions more from now on! Have a look at their site if you're interested in purchasing a set for yourself ^_^
Thanks for reading!
xx Heylinni
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  1. it's really nice! it looks like your real hair :)

    Rica | www.switbbydoll.com

  2. A great and lovely look indeed.

  3. Girl, your eyebrows <3

    And I'm really amazed how nicely the extensions matches your real hair!

    1. Hahah yee, eyebrows are an art ^_^ Thanks for reading!!!

  4. Great review~! It blends nicely with your hair <33


  5. It looks really natural on you! Love it ♥

    x Mishs Beauty Diary