The Power of Makeup! | Makeup Removal Tutorial and Review

By Rachel L - 11:22 AM

Hey everyone! Back with a new video, which I posted up a couple of days ago ^_^ I was scrolling around on Youtube, watching all these amazing makeup tutorials, when I realised that there weren't quite as many tutorials on how to exactly take makeup off! When I first started experimenting with makeup, I really didn't have a clue. I thought you were just supposed to wash your face, like any other day and magically, your skin would be protected and clean again. Oh, how I was wrong! Luckily, our skin is more resistant and forgiving at younger ages, but I have since realised the importance of caring for the skin and cleansing it nicely, in order to maintain an aura of youth and liveliness. For those who are still a bit in the dark about cleaning your face and removing makeup, my new video has everything you need to know about the after-care process. As usual, I'll post up the products I used below, along with a small review about a few of the more prominent items. Just a heads up before that though - next posts should be Etude House box review, my teeth whitening experience and a Japan Candy box review and giveaway! Also, update with my life - I made the exec team for uni's FABSoc (fashion & beauty), so I'll put up a post for that soon as well ^_^ 

Apart from that....enjoy the video! 

A review on some of the products used in this video were (otherwise, check the Youtube description for the full list of products used!):

1. ModelCo. Cream Cleanser -

This is one of the items that sent me quite a while ago and I've been using it daily now! It's an awesome Cream cleanser, from the ModelCo. range. It's $16.00, which is very affordable for a good product like this. The product is not foaming and more moisturising and soft on the skin. It's good for people with dry skin like me, because of the cream present in it. It's free of nasty chemicals and leaves skin feeling really fresh and smooth. In addition to that, it has this really nice rose smell, which causes an awesome scent on the skin and keeps me in a happy mood for the rest of the day hehe.

2. ModelCo. Exfoliating Cream -

The ModelCo. Exfoliating cream would be best recommended to get with the cream cleanser. That way, they operate as a package, both clearing the skin, then exfoliating it of the dirt and impurities that lie deep. This has soothing granules to buff away tired and dead skin cells so you look fresher and more lively than ever. It's very lightweight and non-greasy which I prefer. It's a $24 tube, with a rose-mist fragrance and has visibly effective results on the skin. You can see in the video that after cleansing and exfoliating with the ModelCo. products, my skin is left radiant and glowing. 

3. Models Prefer Cleansing Device -

Finally, none of this would have been achieved without this Model's Prefer Cleansing Device. I got it so cheap from Priceline, at $16.99! It's like a fake Clarisonic, but pretty much works the same, so I don't see a problem with it. Like obviously, it has some errors sometimes that show me difference in quality, but who am I to complain. I only really use the brush and sponge nozzles. They are great for deep cleansing and really infusing the cleanser/exfoliator with my skin to completely purify those pores so I look less like some dirty, street urchin. The power is pretty good, but only has one setting so it's a really basic cleansing device.

Yup, so there are the main products that I wanted to feature within this video! I also do want to talk a little about the Transformulas items, but that'll be for next time :) I hope you enjoyed this little post and review and look out for my next one. 

What do you normally do for makeup removal? What products do you use? And how do you feel about wearing no makeup out? :)

Let me know in the comments below!!

xx Heylinni 
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15 replies

  1. really pretty dear! I totally love your skin :)

    Rica |

  2. You are super pretty with and without makeup <3 I also love your accent ^_^

  3. great tutorial

  4. Wow, thanks for sharing your makeup removal tutorial! I generally just use an oil cleanser but your way looks much better!
    Otaku Haul @ bijou-heart

    1. Thank you for watching! Yea, I find cleansing is really good but sometimes after heavy makeup, it's not enough and I end up with heaps of breakouts after wards! So when I use this routine, it improves my skin a lot :)

  5. Fabulous review. Loved your detailed post.

  6. Very informative! Thanks for sharing ^^

    1. Thank you for reading/watching! no worries ^_^

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