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By Rachel L - 10:58 AM

Hi everyone! If you are subscribed to me on Youtube, have me on snapchat or like my Facebook page, then you'll already know that yesterday I dropped my latest video - How to Style Polos | a Fashion Lookbook. This is one of my favourite videos to date, because I worked so hard to make the editing match the awesome music (created by the amazing AsovaMusic) and ensure that the little drawings in the video were consistent and cute! The video feature three different outfits where I'm wearing different colour polos, and hence you get really diverse looks - student-y/ sporty/ and chic. 

These Polos are perfect and comfortable for the warmer weather coming up. Idk why, but I tend to not wear T-shirts THAT often, so this is a great alternative, to ensure you look classy and fashionable at the same time as well. They go with almost anything and can be a really cute piece to add to the wardrobe. I find that buttoning it up makes you look more innocent and youthful, but that's anyone's choice! I have mine in sky blue, white and black. All staple, basic colours that allow some colour blocking in the coordinate. Simple, minimalistic fashion is really in right now, and looking almost 'basic' can be flattering, since your overall look remains clean, organised and visually pleasing. It's also easy to put together and match outfits, since a lot of plain, block colours can jell really well. 

Outfit 1: Sky Blue Student Vibes 

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Outfit 1 was one of my cuter/innocent looks, since the whole outfit together really mimics the feel of a high school student. I'm wearing a buttoned up Sky Blue Polo from Ralph Lauren. It's super adorable since it has this pale yellow logo on the front. I know that these polos can get expensive, but my advice would be to go to some factory outlets and pick them up there for crazy sales. Each of my tops were around $60, which is a great reduction from the usually $109 price. I paired it with a short, grey miniskirt. These kinds of skirts are really popular in South Korea, and I remember I bought it for $10 in the station shopping centre! Korean shopping is soo good <3 Tucking the shirt in accentuates the waistline and helps slim down the body figure. On my feet, I'm wearing some adorable sky blue icecream socks, which my awesome friend, Sacha, bought me from New Zealand! I'm also wearing the grey and yellow Adidas Zx Flux Trainers, which I got from ASOS on sale for $85 ~ not bad, I'm always on the lookout for sales hehe. I ADORE the skirt and sneakers combo, because while it's cute, it's also comfortable and easy to run around and do your everyday activities in. That's why this is a perfect, daily, casual outfit for uni! Plus, the blue Herschel backpack is big enough to fit all study notes and laptop! By tying up my hair in braids, I kept it out of my face and enhanced the pure, adorable look - whilst the red lipstick creates some boldness.

Outfit 2: White Sporty Look 

This White Sporty Look was probably my favourite of the three. It's INCREDIBLY comfortable - you could probably go running or even exercise in it AHAHHA. I'm wearing a white Polo shirt from Ralph Lauren, with a black Myer jacket on top to create some heavy contrast. It's pretty strange to be wearing a classy thing like a polo with something so much more sporty and laidback like the jacket - I think that's what makes the outfit interesting and creates dimension. To cap it off, I paired it with my latest obsession - Nike Drifit Racing shorts. These are SO comfortable! I bought them in the Nike Store for $45 and they were worth every dollar. In terms of accessories/extras, I've got a Maccas cap. A lot of people have asked me where I got it, but honestly, I have no idea. It seriously appeared out of nowhere in my house and I just thought the red would be a nice match to my makeup. On my feet, I've got on some tomato socks, also gifted by Sacha, and some LED light up shoes, which I bought from Miuxin for about $50! So crazy cheap - I love their store :) Finally, I tried out a new hairstyle, which is this low ponytail with long bangs left of the side. It's clean, neat and also very comfortable to wear. 

Outfit 3: Black Chic Coordinate

(I have no idea why I didn't take other photos for this outfit - i think i just got lazy)

The last outfit was more chic, sophisticated and night out-ish. I've got on a black polo, which is a slim fit style so it compliments your figure and is hugely slimming. In addition to that, I've worn these really tight black jeans, ripped at the knees. These have been really popular for the past season and I still love wearing them. They look pretty good and they almost feel like leggings. I bought them from Stelly for about $45. I matched a pair of black Chelsea Boots from Boohoo to complete this black on black look. By wearing the jeans over the boots, it creates really nice transition from leg to footwear, and helps make your legs appear longer and thinner. The boots are quite pointy, which is a unique feature I love about them, because it brings a certain sharpness to the outfit. Finally, my key piece is the red and black plaid coat from Stylenanda! Stylenanda is a South Korean brand, which I LOVE. It's definitely my favourite brand online, because of its high fashion, simplistic pieces. This coat is super warm and easy to wear and it looks amazing too. 

So there we go! Three different ways to wear polos :D I hope you enjoyed the video - remember to leave a like, comment and subscribe for more videos to come. I'm going to start focusing on Youtube a lot more this summer after exams, probably releasing one video a week? So I'd love you to help me reach my first 1k subscribers and we'll continue to go from there! 

OH AND ALSO - don't leave just yet! In GIVEAWAY NEWS, Blippo has teamed up with me to do a small, kawaii giveaway for some hair accessories, plushies and candy. Anybody can enter, and you can enter in any way you'd like! So if you're already following my blog, you might as well just submit an entry - it's as easy as that! :) The link for entering is right here, and you can see some of the product images below ^-^ 

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Thanks for reading/watching, as usual!!

xx Heylinni 
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