Jamberry Nail Wraps Review

By Rachel L - 3:43 PM

Hi everyone! How have you all been? Finals season is the worst everrrr, and unluckily for me, I'm in that period where we haven't quite started, but there's not really THAT much that can be done to salvage the WAM now x_x I'm stressing out a lot, but trying to distract myself with things like blogging and watching Youtube vids (maybe a little too much though :S) 

The other day I was feeling so stressed, I just decided to drop everything and do my nails for a bit, just to calm down and clear my head. I have really been wanting to give these awesome Jamberry nail wraps a go, since Erin sent them to me a couple of weeks prior. They are a really interesting concept, because instead of using nail polish to paint on the nails, these are kind of like stickers that you apply and they reduce the chipping that you get after a few weeks with polish on. Jamberry is an American-based company nail company, where you can purchase all different kinds of patterned nail wraps! Each set varies at around $15.00, and is super awesome coz you get to maintain smooth, unchipped nails until you decide that you don't want them on anymore. Then they can just get peeled off ^_^ 

I was contacted by the lovely Erin Steffan, who is one of the consultants for Jamberry. She let me know that Jamberry is actually being introduced to Australia, so all of you Oz girls can also enjoy this fun nail product. Other products within the company include: nail lacquer, TruShine gel system, cuticle care and handcare lotions. Included in the nail wrap kit was a nail file, cuticle pushers, a few different wrap patterns and a cleansing wipe. 

To start off with, I needed to file my nails and make sure the were nice and clean to apply the wraps on later. This nail file is pretty cute, with the Jamberry logo on it and it was really effective for shaping my nails. I highly recommend filing nails! Before this, I never paid attention to it, but after filing them, they were so clean-cut and lovely - I'm obsessed! 

Next, I used the Jamberry Nail Prep Wipe to 'prep' the nails. This has a really strong white wine/alcohol smell and it works nicely to remove any dirt and make sure the nail surface is smooth and purified so the wraps stick on nicely. 

I decided to use a fun, bright, topical set. I find the nail patterns so cute and energising! They are definitely something that I wouldn't be able to achieve with nail polish - if only I were that skilful ^_^ So what you need to do is peel off the nail wrap and heat it up. It's recommended to heat up with a mini heater or a hair dryer for a couple of seconds, but since I was way too lazy, I just used that hot handrail/towel dryer thing I have in my bathroom. HAhahah this might be why my wraps didn't work so well later on. When you heat it up, the wrap becomes more soft and flexible, to stick onto your nails.

PRO TIP - stick it on so that rounded part is where your cuticles are!! You can see that I was a complete idiot and applied it the wrong way around, so my bottom part is messy and I cut off that nice rounded part at the top anyway! LOL. The wrap stays on really well and is high quality.

Then, I just cut off the top until it matched my nail length. After this, you're supposed to file it down further and also reheat so the wrap melts a bit more and blends completely with the nail. I guess because I didn't do this, the nail wrap felt more like a sticker on my finger rather than comfortably sitting as nail polish.

Here is the completed look with all my nail wraps on! I love the colours and patterns and designs. It's way too cute :) My favourite would probably be the floral print on my middle finger!

My overall impression was that these nail wraps are really great for brightening up your look and grabbing attention to your hands. They would probably be best used for a single night, for a special event though - since I didn't feel like they were really comfortable on my hands for multiple days. They tend to unpeel slowly and create layering on the tips of my nails. But definitely a product for a party, where you haven't done your nails and you just ceebs - these can really help you out last minute because they need no drying time and they're super easy and fast to apply!

Hopefully, next time I use them, I'll follow all the instructions and we'll see if they're more comfortable/durable then!

xx Heylinni
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22 replies

  1. These designs are really cute! I recently used some Halloween themed nail wraps from Etude House, and though they were super cute, I understand what you mean about them being uncomfortable to wear long term :( I had to peel them off after a couple of days. For an event, they are great though!


    1. OMG i think i have the same ones from etude house for halloween! They are so adorable!!

  2. Oh my! those are cute :) I love the nail pile as well :) pretty nails :)

    Rica | www.sassycebuannachic.com

  3. So cute! Did you feel like they peeled off pretty quickly?

    1. Thanks! No not really :) They stuck on really well (prob except for the edges), but then it's pretty noticeable that they are on your fingers, so they get a little uncomfortable for long-time use

  4. those nail stickers are cute
    Keep in touch

  5. I tried these before and ahhh they're so time consuming but worth it!
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. Oh really? I found them so much less time-consuming than regular nail polish, cos you have to wait for regular nail polish to dry haha

  6. These look great!

  7. I bought 1 nail sticker for Christmas too! Gonna try it too! It was really easy to apply too!
    Your nail sticker is so cute too!
    Thanks for dropping by to my blog!
    Done followed you =D


  8. I so love this!

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  9. That's such a cool looking product! I've seen nail wraps around but haven't gotten a chance to try them yet because I'm so lazy when it comes to nails haha. Too bad they weren't very durable :c


  10. looks great! followed you via GFC!

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