Japan Candy Box Review & GIVEAWAY!

By Rachel L - 8:49 PM

Hello all friends! Who likes candy? ...Yeah me haha, no surprise there. But the real surprise is what KIND of candy comes each month to you in the Japan Candy Subscription box! Haha, that was actually so lame wtf LOL. Anyway, I have news and updates and I'm just putting my Candy Box review video in this post as well, because I haven't put up anything in a while. Not really sure where I'm going with both blog and youtube at the moment - i'm having one of those existential crises you see? But I'm just gonna keep posting and not give up because I've put so much of my life into this blog now, it's really become a piece of me. 

So, lately I've been on holidays - doing pretty much nothing. A lot of my mates are overseas, so a lot of days, I'm just sitting at home, watching tv shows (back to White Collar now, so enjoyable!). I really feel like I should start going to the gym or something, but since I'm going to Japan soon anyway, I was thinking I'd start after that. I want one of those gym bodies, like you see on Tumblr OMG, looks so toned and fit, I love it. I wish I didn't have to work hard for it though, but like they say, nothing can be obtained without hard work. I also want to buy a new lens and microphone for Youtube after Japan - omg, I really feel like my Youtube is growing slowly but surely. I just hit 700 subscribers this morning and could not be more happy! I remember when I hit 200 subs and I was over the moon - next goal is 1000! I think I realised that Youtube is all about consistent posting, and you can't just expect everything, when giving nothing. Wow, that's a life lesson I think has been recurring in my life you see? Anyway, I filmed an eyebrow tutorial a few days ago, so that will come out soon too. Wasn't really happy about my skin in it, cos it's all close up, but we're all human and we have our imperfections. 

Unrelated but kawaii photo divider haha

Anyway, now back to the relevance of the post. My friend Sacha came over during the holidays and we filmed this really fun BLINDFOLD TASTE CHALLENGE with the Japanese candy that Japan Candy Box sent me from quite a while back. Japan Candy Box is another one of those subscription boxes, that send you 8-10 candy each month. It's so much fun because you never know what to expect and you get a taste of Japan as well! It kind of pumped us up for our trip at the end of the year :3 I recommend checking out their website for all the information, plus it's a really cute site. The prices start from $18.20 a month and you can get 1, 3, 6 month and 1 year plans. Imagine getting weird candy EVERY month for a whole year - haha that would be so crazy. And with the holiday season coming up, this is a perfect gift to get anyone, cos who doesn't love candy right? 

Here's our video. Watch it!! Sacha is really funny haha, couldn't stop laughing the whole time ~~ 

Here's a list of all the candy in the box as well:

1. Kabaya Fish/Frog Gummies☆ These were super yummy! They were grape flavoured, I think and they had suh a chewy consistency :) I LOVE gummies, so yaayy haha 

2. Popin' Cookin' Neri Candy Land DIY Kit☆ I haven't used this yet, but I tried the donut one before. I hate the taste but it's so fun to make and decorate so I think it's more for the experience

3. Pokemon Pikachu Pretzels☆ Mmmm definitely a tasty little snack, and so cute too :D They were like pocky sticks, without the chocolate - fresh and light 

4. Meiji Petit Bubblegum☆ OMG this was so tasty. It's like lemonade, but they are such small pieces of gum, so you can portion control yourself. I still have some left over in my bag and I just have a bit every now and then :D

5. Puccho Mixed Fruit Chewy Candy☆ These were the green apple candies. I think I only had one, cos the rest spilled out and disappeared somewhere - pretty sure my brother came into my room later on and took some LOL 

6. Marukawa Fusen Bubblegum☆ I can't really remember which ones these were - I think they were the Yakult/Calpis tasting sweets. And I'm also pretty sure that my brother swallowed one, thinking it was normal candy and not gum, and then proceeded to panic for like 10 minutes hahah ~ definitely so soft and chewy that they don't taste like gum at all! 

7. Yaokin Sour Paper Candy☆ Woah interesting how the name doesn't even relate to cola. This is legit just a Cola sour strap ~ YUM I love anything cola-flavoured, so this one was a definite enjoy for me 

8. Dorayaki Japanese Hotcake☆ This tasted alright - just like a read bean cake~ It tasted nice and moist, but I felt a bit suspicious of it, considering it lasted so long in the packet...what preservatives must be in there :O 

9. Meiji Kotsubu chocolates☆ I literally don't remember tasting chocolates in the box, but I may have eaten them before we played the game AHAHAHHA 

10. Lotte Koala March biscuits☆ Oh yeah, there was this chocolate though. Definitely Sacha's favourite! She ate all of them and I only had 2 in the end -- we'll definitely be picking up some more of these in Japaaaan <3 

So that was all the products in the candy box. Such sugar overload right? But worth it! And if you guys also want to try it for yourself, I'm holding a GIVEAWAY with Japan Candy Box to give one lucky winner their NEXT MONTH'S CANDY BOX. YAY! It's international and EZ to enter - just gotta do at least on of the options in the rafflecopter gadget below. If you're subscribed to me on Youtube, that's already an entry! 
Three days left to enter!!! Good luck friends and talk to you again soon, 

xx Heylinni

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