Thin Lizzy 7 Piece Minerals Starter Kit + Mascara Review

By Rachel L - 1:05 PM

Hello hello everyone! New review up for you all, it's been a while since I last did a review aye? This summer holidays has been amazing so far. The weather in Japan is just perfect, but the trip is coming to a close very soon, which makes me so sad. I'll be heading back tomorrow night and will be in Australia by the 16th January. I heard that it's over 40 degrees in Sydney, so I am really not looking forward to that climate change from my current situation. Today's been a really lazy day, just walking around and enjoying the snow. Our last day of skiing was yesterday, so I'm just preparing to pack all my things up and tying up any loose ends for the final stretch home. 

I took these Thin Lizzy products with me during the trip and it was a great idea imo. I received them in the mail just a few days before I left, so I figured that I'd review them on this trip. Now finally having the time to write up a post about them, I invite you to sit back and enjoy the read. I was sent two Thin Lizzy products for review ~ the Thin Lizzy All Day Mascara and the 7 Piece Minerals Starter Kit. They're both quite decent products, under a reputable brand. I remember seeing quite a lot of Thin Lizzy products being bought when I worked at Priceline :) 

Let's start with the Thin Lizzy All Day Mascara ~~

This is a long tube of black mascara, in 10mL. It's claimed to be water resistant, smudge proof and easily removed. Another point that I really liked about this mascara is that it is supposed to be an All Day lasting mascara. It is so much more convenient to be long-lasting, because as the lazy person I am, I tend to only like applying makeup once throughout the night and then let my makeup have its way for the rest of the night. I know that sometimes I end up looking like a bit of a monster, or a sleepless demon by the end of long nights. For this reason, the Thin Lizzy mascara is great in minimising the dark smudges under your eyes due to it's smudge free characteristic. This can be bought from the Thin Lizzy website or Priceline for around $30. To be honest, I do think that is quite a bit of money for the actual product, however mascara is always a staple and this tube is so big that I think you'll be able to use it for quite a while before it runs out. 


The mascara itself has a unique formula for long lasting power yet the removal process is really smooth and easy as well. It doesn't hurt so much to remove, as you just need to apply warm water and gently rub the lashes. The wand is pretty standard as well, with short bristles that reduce too much clumping and improve even application. I found the mascara really good at lengthening the lashes and enhancing thickness, yet it didn't really help in curling. It simply coats the lashes as they are, which was a bit disappointing.

You are able to see a swatch of the mascara in the photo below. It's a really deep black colour, with a moderately thick consistency. This can get quite heavy on eyelashes, weighing the downwards. However, the brush outlines reveal a very standard shape to the brush, to best ensure evenness. Overall, I found this product okay, but maybe not matching up to the price it is worth. 

Next is the Thin Lizzy 7 Piece Minerals Starter Kit ~~ 

I really LOVE this kit! It comes in Light, Medium and Tan colours, to suit your particular skin shade. I received the Light complexion kit, which might be a bit too light for my skin, but it worked well in combination with my BB cream. I found it perfect in creating a purer, whiter skin tone on me. The kit contains a concealer, 2 mineral foundations, 6-in-1 professional powder, air brush veil powder and 2 application brushes. All of this is worth only $60 on the Thin Lizzy site or at a Priceline store! I absolutely adore makeup kits, because they fit all the essentials into one package for a better price than if you were to buy them individually. I actually already own a very similar kit to this one, in the Nude By Nature brand, which I use all the time. However, I was running out of product from that particular kit, so what better time to make the jump to Thin Lizzy and give them a go. Plus, this kit holds a few more items than my Nude By Nature kit (though the items in that one were freakin amazing). 

So let's start with the concealer, which would be the first part of your base routine from this kit. 

The Thin Lizzy concealer comes in a 7.5 mL tube, which is really quite small, but should last me a while. It's a liquid creme type concealer, which I haven't used often before. Usually, I conceal with a stick type because I find it easier to apply and pinpoint problem areas on my face. However, I had been wanting to try the liquid concealers, since it could work better with my dry skin. It's main job is to camouflage any blemishes, dark circles, uneven skin tones or redness on my face. If you check the swatch in the photo below, I feel like the concealer worked really well in blending with my skin tone and not looking too cakey. It kept moisture in my skin and felt light.

Next, we'd use the Loose Mineral Foundation. This is to provide even coverage on the face. It's super gentle on the skin, with natural SPF15. It's also quit organic, with no fillers, waxes or preservatives in the ingredients. The Mineral Foundation comes in 2 shades, either Light or Light/Medium, which was really helpful for me to adjust to my exact skin tone. Actually, I felt like the Light foundation was way too light, so the Medium one is probably just right for me. Personally, I thought that applying too much of this powder could make your skin a little bit flakey, so be careful and ensure you've got the right amount on. Another thing I really like about the Thin Lizzy foundations, in comparison to the Nude By Nature ones, is that their packaging is much more considerate to the consumer. They've get a swivel lid inside the container, that can be used to hold the powder in. In contrast, the Nude By Nature containers don't have that inner swivel lid, causing my powder to always come out and it gets really messy. 

Up next, you'd use the 6-in-1 Mineral powder. This is a sort of miracle powder in my opinion hahah. It's more of a natural bronzer, used as a face framer, blusher, eye shadow, contour, lip colour and body bronzer. This is my GOD product, because I tend to rely on contouring a lot, especially on my cheekbones and nose. It's absolutely awesome ~ a nice dark, natural colour that I am obsessed with! When contouring, you want to find a shade that is a bit darker than your natural skin tone, but not too dark that it looks bizarre. I think this is the perfect one for me because it's quite subtle. 

Finally, we'd use the Airbrush Veil for that perfect, crisp, airbrushed look. It's the vital finishing touch to the makeup to lock it in and create a long lasting look. It reduces smudging throughout the day and acts as a kind of fixer for your makeup, which is something super important that I always seem to forget about ^_^ It's quite a light, translucent shade, to cause some glow on the face, but apply sparingly or you'll look like a ghost!! 

Finally, included in the kit are these two brushes. There's the 6-in-1 powder brush, which complements the 6-in-1 powder. It's got a big application area and is super soft and fluffy. This is supposed to be used to contour and define. Both brushes are hypoallergenic and vegan friendly. The Mineral and Veil brush is for creating a flawless finish. 

So that's the end of my review for the two Thin Lizzy products sent to me. They were an absolute pleasure to review and I'll definitely be using them in replacement of my rapidly disappearing Nude By Nature starter kit. They are great for base makeup as they contain all the elements needed, and it all comes at a great price. I'd definitely recommend you guys check out the 7 piece minerals starter kit as well :)

Thanks for reading and see you in Aus soon
xx Heylinni
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8 replies

  1. Looks like a really great kit! Never heard of this brand before thanks for the review =D

    Sharon Lee

  2. They look like great cosmetics! I am interested in this white, mineral brush and concealer :))

    1. Yes, you should def have a closer look at them!!

  3. The kit looks very nice. I'm a big fan of makeup kits too because, like you said, you can find all makeup essentials in it and it's nice for traveling but I think the powder and the concealer look a little cakes :/ And it's pretty pricey as well T.T

    Also, I would like to invite you to join my giveaway ♥ ! You can win a Rilakkuma charm, a bracelet and alpaca stickers ♥

    Mindy ♥

    1. hmm yeh id agree, definitely a little pricey. Not too much cakeage though :)

  4. Sounds like a great kit~! I've never heard of the brand before <33