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By Rachel Lin - 4:07 PM

Hey everyone! I'm back with a travel post yay. I find that you guys enjoy this kind of post a lot, especially when I'm doing reviews and Youtube plugs all the time - it's a refreshing change. Though then again, I'm sure you've all had enough of travel vlogs with me and my Japan series (which you can find here hehe). I recently went on a weekend trip away with friends to The Entrance. Let me tell you, this is the BEST place to travel if you're working full time in Sydney and just want to relaxing getaway. The whole place is peaceful, relaxing and only about a 1.5 hour drive from the city. We left on Friday evening, right after work, and then returned on Sunday night. This gave us a good 2 full days at The Entrance, to swim, watch movies, shop and eat to our heart's delight. It was a really fun and different experience for me and I definitely will be going back for another weekend trip soon :) You'll see why I love it so much through the photos I took there - absolutely picturesque scenery! 

So details about the trip - expenses, travel, food etc.... We stayed at Waldorf Hotel, which is right by the beach. You can legit walk downstairs and out the door and you're at The Entrance (where all the water and swimming sites are). It cost about $300 for 2 nights, which I thought was pretty great, especially for over the Valentine's Day weekend. The service was quite good as well, with the people at reception being very nice and accommodating. Nearby, there is also the Waterfront Hotel option, but this is much pricier - though you do get access to their awesome swimming pool, which has a poolside bar! The room itself was very spacious and comfortable. It's basically one of those long, hotel rooms - all open with a connecting kitchen and lounge room. The bathroom was facilitated appropriately for beach goers, complete with laundry and dryer. We had a view of tree branches AHAH but that's alright, because we just had to go outside to see the beach anyway. 

Friday night, I drove up along one straight highway. Super easy to get there, and I'm pretty sure I only filled up once for the whole 3 days - costing a total of $40. I think it took me 1.5 hours, equivalent to a singalong of one road trip playlist :P Tbh, it's a bit scary driving on the highway for me, cos of the high speeds, but after a while you just get used to it. And as long as you follow the road rules - you'll be right! 

I think the total trip cost around $250? Not bad for a great weekend, plus we ate in complete luxury most of the time (not incl the last day - LOL). If you are a uni student, think about budgeting your trip right hehe and cut costs. So set a solid amount you are willing to spend, and stick to it! Buy groceries so you don't have to eat out so much because cooking with friends at home is fun tooo ~~ 

So the first day (not including Friday), we woke up so late and went out at around 12pm. So we decided to have some brunch. I wanted to find an Instagram worthy place to post a classic food pic, lol so we went to The Burrow Coffee House. It's your typical, hipster-organic place, complete with menus printed out on brown, recycled paper and strange menu items like 'Pumpkin Spice Latte' and 'Coconut Pancakes'. I really wanted the Coconut Pancakes, but then again, I wanted to go healthier so I picked the Avocado and Sourdough combo with strawberries and some tangy, drizzled sauce. It was an interesting combination because the sweetness of the strawberries contrasted the acidity of the sauce (wow, look at me being all food critic-y) and these clashing flavours were balanced by the neutrality of the sourdough/cheese/avocado. VERY FASCINATING STUFF. The textures were pretty crazy as well, with that bread and avocado wreaking all sorts of chaos in my mouth :P To polish it off, I had a Dirty Chai Latte - which is basically Chai Latte, but tastes a bit more coffee powder like. The total meal cost $18, which was pretty luxury for me :)

Then we headed out the beach. It took us around 3 trips up and down the stairs to finally reach the beach, because we'd get there, then be like 'oh I forgot something ' or 'should we bring our phones into the water' or 'i need my wallet' or something. When we finally got to the water, needless to say, it was very hot and sunny and we were so keen to get in. Now, the thing about The Entrance is that it's not like your typical beach. It's super calm - almost like a bay. The water comes in from the beach, so it's extremely clean and pure. It's also really shallow at some parts, so essentially you can walk right across The Entrance area, from one side to the beach on the other side. That's the coolest thing! Though you'd have to be careful and look for those shallow paths, because there can be a few sudden drops and bumps that make you lose your balance. There are also really awesome parts where shallow becomes super deep so quickly that the entire colour of the water has drastic change. It's all clear and white, then turns sudden dark blue at one point. Really cool to see!

We spent the day swimming and walking across the water. I wanted to paddleboard or kayak so bad, but 1) we are mega poor uni students and 2) we didn't research it beforehand so we had no idea where to do it at all! Next time though for sure. There was plenty to do anyway and the day passed a bit too quickly.

After beach, we went home and changed for a formal night out! I wanted to do a formal, dressy-up dinner, but in the end, in classic Rachel style, we ended up going semi-formal, semi-casual and ate at this Steak restaurant near the hotel. I had Prawn and Chicken Fettucini - very small portion size, expensive price LOL. It was yummy though, so that's a plus! We also walked along the water and took photos during the sunset. The sky was absolutely gorgeous, as you can see in my pictures. All those pastel colours - looks just like a dream. I wore a white shift dress made of chiffon, with a grey crop top to cover my fatty chicken wing arms hehe. I topped it off with a floral crown and my Adidas Zx Flux sneakers, to make the outfit look a bit more cute and fun. During the night walk, we saw all these people in the water with flashlights looking for fish. It must be part of the culture or something, but it was really a sight to behold - just lights flashing everywhere in the darkness!

Finishing off the night, we had some $$$ icecream from Cold Rock - a chocolate mess of brownie, smarties, fudge etc. and I accidentally dropped a bit on my shoe, staining it foreverrrrr :( Jokes, it's already washed off now, but yeh, it was a disgusting, dark dot for a little while. We also brought some drinks (bourbon) for that night, but to me, it tasted SO BAD haha did not enjoy. Kids, drink responsibly!!

The second day, we woke up a heap of a lot earlier, hoping to see a sunrise but failing to do so. Waldorf Aparments offers complimentary breakfast, but it's pretty ordinary. It's in their 'dining room' downstairs, which has this very homey, kitchen feel. Not like a hotel dining place at all. The place is cramped and not too clean, but it does give off a sense of familiarity and warmth. With the continental breakfast, you just get cereal, two pieces of toast, coffee/tea and juice, but that was enough for me. If you want more, you can pay extra - but then I'd recommend just going to some nicer cafe out on the streets. We also had to check out at 10? 11? So we forgot to cook the chicken we bought - Lucas tried to fry it without oil (had none) but failed miserably, so we decided to eat like plebs instead for the day. We also left our delicious wraps bread behind!! :( So sad.

After heading out, I wanted to go swimming again! There was a car show on in the main park area at The Entrance. They had all these vintage, power cars and there were people dressed up all 60s style. It was a lot of fun and created a nice, exciting atmosphere to the place. They also had stalls up with all these vintage items and clothing and fooooood~~ If you go to The Entrance, buy hot corn! If you don't, you'll regret it, coz it tastes so good. We also had a sausage sizzle for lunch, which was ultimate budget food. The day was spent walking around, looking at the beautiful water and walking in it and wandering up and down the shops. Near midday, we decided to watch Zoolander 2, at the Majestic cinemas - which is this sweet, old time theatre on the main street. It's so cute and exudes a traditional feel with the movie posters, popcorn and candy stand. The movie itself was not my cup of tea though. It was way too random and unrealistic for me to take in. I watched Zoolander before, but I feel like that one was stupid, yet enjoyable at the same time. This one was just ridiculous and I got lost in the illogic nature of it all. After watching it, I just felt .... dirty and confused AHHAAHh

After that, it was time to head homeeee. What a great trip it was. We completed this weekend with a Pho run and then parted ways ^_^ I can't wait till next time!

xx Heylinni

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