Shopping in Shibuya [Heylinni Japan Experience!]

By Rachel L - 3:25 PM

Not sure if you guys saw on my Youtube channel yet, but I've posted my second Japan Vlog! These are coming out around every two weeks - coz I'm a noob, slow editor hurhur. I'm trying to stick to my goals of posting on this blog every week, on my Youtube every 2 weeks and on Instagram every few days, but it's so hard! Work is taking up a lot of my time, even though I'm a bit useless there hahahah ~ 

Day 2 was at Shibuya! My heaven! Shibuya is the place to be for fashion - especially the trendy, teen fashion that's more mainstream. There's more Western stores like Forever 21, HnM and Zara, as well as some awesome Japanese stores like Nadia, FIG&VIPER and Liz Lisa. It's the perfect mixture for a fashion lover's paradise. Plus, as you may know, Shibuya houses one of the best girl's department stores in Tokyo ~~ Shibuya 109. It's got 10 floors of clothing stores, endless beauty products, shoes and cafes on the top level. I went to 109 two years ago and loved it so much that I had to annoy my family into going back on a separate day hehe. The prices in Japan really aren't too bad either, with most clothes ranging from 2900-5000 yen (aka $29-$50). For men, there's a Men's 109 across the street from Shibuya109 as well :D 

I think we easily spent our whole day shopping, with little breaks in between for food. Unfortunately, this absolutely destroyed Sacha, who is not as much of a reckless spender as me, hence she got bored a lot quicker than I did (sawrrryy). So yeh, definitely don't recommend this as a place to go for a day with people who want to do the touristy stuff, because they will go crazy from the endless shopping. Hope you enjoy the video and the editing that goes with it! I got a bit sad reminiscing this great day HAHAHA 

Shibuya is super easy to get to by train. You take the Yamanote line and it is one of the major stations, so it's straightforward to navigate. One of the biggest attractions for tourists in Shibuya is the famous five-way crossing, which I'm sure you all remember from Fast & Furious 3: Tokyo Drift! What an awesome scene that was. You can look out to it from the windows at the train station and it really is an amazing sight. One moment, there are tons and tons of people crossing, nekmin the street is clear and only cars are on it. Near the train station and the crossing as well is this cute statue of Hachiko, the faithful dog. I got soo excited seeing it this time, because I watched Hachiko: A Dog's Tale last year and I loved the movie so much ~~ hehe I cried a lot too. Definitely recommend that movie to EVERYONE and if you hated dogs in the beginning (not sure who would though), you'll end up wanting one for yourself. The premise of the film is a beautiful Akita waiting at the station everyday for his owner, for 10 years after his masters death!! I find it unbelievable how dogs can have such golden hearts and be so loyal and just absolutely fantastic. ANYWAY, moving on from that AHHA, the statue had a cute cat sitting under Hachiko as well, which was sweet. It made it seem like he had a new friend :3 

Our train trip in the morning was so nice. The stations are cute and anime-looking and we were so happy to find out that Japan stations play the most exciting music whenever a train arrives. It's as if they're celebrating our arrival. I definitely think Sydney trains could take a page out of Tokyo's book, because the transport there was just so much better. We never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a train and the seats would always be heated for the winter. 

Hey look! It's Shibuya crossing :D

Tokyo is so absolutely beautiful in the day and night. In the day, it looks bright, colourful and fresh, but at night, all the lights come on and it's exciting, fun and lively too. For sure, a city that doesn't sleep.

We were a bit silly with the shopping though and went straight to Zara and Forever 21 - places we could shop at any time back home. But to be fair, their clothes were a hell of a lot cheaper than in Sydney and also, they had a really different style of clothing. I bought so much good stuff from there. Afterwards, we went to more Japanese boutique stores, which had unique stuff :) Didn't get to make it through all of 109, so we had to go back later on in the trip! 

We also went ADIDAS. Adidas has a giant store right in the middle of Shibuya shopping district, and lucky for me, it was New Year's sales. There were heaps of things 50% off and the store was teeming with people. I felt like I was on a high tbh hehe 

Hehe, cute train posters 

So hope you enjoyed my second day! It was really a lot of fun and spending >< 

Read up soon for some review posts !!!

xx Heylinni

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6 replies

  1. I'm jealous! :D I wanto to go to Japan too ^^

  2. sounds like you had a fun outing

  3. You are so lucky♡ I wish I could go to Shibuya 109 and spend all my money xD
    Thank you for making a lot of pictures and telling us how to get there!

  4. oh my~ 50% off adidas TT glad you had so much fun!


  5. Looks like you had a great time in Japan! I agree, shopping there is so amazing.

  6. Your vlog and all the photos made me miss Japan so much, oh my god ;u;
    Still happy you had a great time. I'm not sure if you're still in Japan or already back but I hope you enjoyed/are enjoying your trip to the fullest!