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By Rachel L - 2:39 PM

Alright alright, now I said I would stop promoting my Youtube vids here, I know :) BUT, I'm still chucking my Autumn lookbook here for today, simply because I want to introduce to you and take you through my experience with FashionLane, the site where I discovered beautiful beautiful discounts that allowed me to buy these clothes :') 

So first off, let's get all the silly promotion stuff out of the way... here is the videoooooo: 

I'm actually pretty happy with it. I see it as part 2 of my Style Lookbook series with the Polo Lookbook being the first part. That was one of my proudest videos to date so make sure you guys all watch that!! This one has the same squiggles and doodles, as well as fast cuts and strange editing - I've also added a little bit of story into it! Basically, it's showing that fashion can make any gloomy day fun and interesting :D Hehe that's the beauty and creativity that fashion brings. 

Anyway, the point of this post was to do a short introduction on FashionLane to you guys. Just because I found it was a super easy place to navigate and find a centralised location to discover all the current ongoing discounts and sales. It's a startup founded in 2014, by two 'bootstrap' entrepreneurs who wanted to aggregate sales and coupon codes from all different fashion boutiques and present them in order of biggest discount. This makes online shopping so much more convenient for all of us. Especially me personally, I like to browse online only to find the best sales and buy those clothes. Because essentially, I find that buying clothes online and in person without sales is pretty much same price, but you just get online stuff slower because of shipping. FashionLane already incorporates up to 208 online stores including ASOS, Bonds, Boohoo, General Pants and THEICONIC for women. 

The website itself also looks really clean and professional, so you feel more compelled to go on it. Honestly, if the website was ugly, I wouldn't even look twice at it, because it just makes me feel uncomfortable and untrusting, as if it wasn't legit. FashionLane splits the sales into a couple of sections - women, men, girls, boys, brands, stores and today's sale. It's got an up to date system, so everything is quite real time and you don't get the case where you see a sale on there, go to that particular store, and it turns out the sale actually ended yesterday! That's actually the worst!! haha 

For me, I was only interested in Shop Women's so let's go through there, and I'll take you through my user journey to finding fun, interesting and affordable clothes for my uni budget. 

When you click on Shop Women's, it'll take you to the main women's navigation page for searching products. The website is clear and easy to use. There is a side bar for all navigation purposes. You can filter whatever you like, so products can be customised to your preferences. One complaint I'd give though is that they give SO many options to filter things just splat on the page - I'd probably recommend putting some things in a drop down list or radio button. 

Let's take a closer look at the side navigation bar. Firstly, you can choose whether you only want to see sale items. The second part is looking at WHEN the price dropped. I have no idea what this does for you, or what value it really brings. Maybe the more recent ones are better because they're less likely to have expired coupons? Or idk, maybe some pro uers select a certain day for strategic purposes hahah. Next, you can select the price range, so you could just choose to filter to $0 - $5 if you like hehehe! To save more money, you can also select a minimum discount rate. Then, you are able to choose which gender clothes you are looking for, as well as filtering down even more to the category - clothing, accessories or shoes. On the contrary, if you have no particular preference, just leave it be and let the site show you their magic. 

The last thing you can select in this side bar is the shop or brand you want to look at. I've just chosen four: ASOS, Boohoo, Rebel Sport and The Iconic. There is a huge selection catered towards any girl with any style here. 

After doing all the filtering, you can see all the search results. As you can see, they are now displaying clothes with awesome deals from on the four brands I picked. And wow, those are some deals haha from $119 to $9.50? WTF crazy. Sometimes on the top of the search results, they will also display all the general coupon codes for each site - for example, if The Iconic has 60% off everything if you enter a code, FashionLane will show that deal right at the top. 

Another cool feature is this email notification. Basically you have set your styles and preferences, so when you click 'Set Sale Alert' in the top right hand corner, it'll give you a popup alert. This prompts you to put in your email address so you can constantly monitor the sale prices, without having to keep coming back and revisiting the page. This makes the whole user experience so much more convenient and awesome. 

To view more details about the product, just hover over the product. It'll show the brand, which sizes are remaining, when FashionLane last checked the discount and some more information/options. If you click on to buy the product, it'll take you to the actual online store you were looking at. 

FashionLane isn't a retailer - they're merely a shopping site for finding the best fashion sales. If you have a store you want included, simply submit a store request to get them added to the list. 

So what did I end up buying? Everything from THEICONIC! I discovered through FashionLane that THEICONIC was having a 40% off sale, so I got heaps of things for really cheap (cos they were already on sale tooo. 

1. Nike Tennis Ultra Classic Leather - Red 
Original Price: $139.95
Bought for:  $67.18

2. Surry Tee Dress 
Original Price: $49.95
Bought for:  $17.95

3. Ellen Jewel Block Heels 
Original Price: $59.95
Bought for:  $14.40 

4. Taniqua Jewel Flats 
Original Price: $29.95
Bought for:  $7.20

5. Zaira High-Neck Crop Top 
Original Price: $29.95
Bought for: $9 

So there concludes my awesome shopping haul experience zzz wth FashionLane and THEICONIC heehee :) Very happpy so I wanted to share my secret to many clothes with all you guys! Hope you enjoyed, found this post informative and helpful and gained something from it. 

Thanks for reading!

xx Heylinni 
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