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By Rachel Lin - 5:55 PM

Hey everyone! It's Heylinni here (haha I bet if you watch my Youtube vids, you'll have read that in my voice). It's been a whirlwind of a few weeks - had lots of work, currently got some huge, crazy group assignments, but luckily it's the long weekend! I'll be relaxin and enjoying life a bit you know. haha jokes lots of meetings for assignments and stuff today as well. Pretty rip. What else what else? Ah, I'll be starting a subscription box service soon - well not really subscription I guess. Kind of like, you can buy the box whenever you want and whatever quantity you want. Not ties to subscriptions if you don't wish it. But yeh, that should be open on the 1st June, so keep your eye on my website www.kiyobox.storenvy.com :) I'm really excited because it'll be like a surprise box every month for you, for your Asian fashion and beauty needs! The clothes I picked out are really cute - got a couple sent my way for quality assurance, then I'll order more stock zz hehe. Hopefully you all support me on this because it's been a lot of work and I don't really know what I'm doing. Just going along with the ride.

Anyway, today's post is all about StayLeanTea. It's been a part of my journey to weight loss HAHAH. Now, I know I'm not that fat, but I'd still like to be fitter. It's not a great thing that I'm not 100% ok with my body - cos obviously that sends a bad image/way of thinking to all the girls out there who read my blog. But look, I know it's important to love yourself, which I do! But sometimes, wanting to improve yourself and become healthier can be beneficial too. Though don't listen to my words because I'm definitely no role model hahahh that's just how I think.

They've sent me this brilliant and cute postcard with a 10% off code on it. Just enter THANKYOU22 in their discount section and you can get 10% off your purchase! Easyy bargains.

The Stay Lean Tea cleanse consisted of a 2 week regime. It's super easy, you just have to remember to make the tea every morning and afternoon. And this just becomes routine after about 3 days, making it the best way to reduce hunger and get thinner. Stay Lean Tea sent me 2 types of tea bags. Firstly, there was the Lean Cleanse - consisting of 7 pyramid tea bags. You can read all the instructions in the photo below but let me give you a basic run through, in case you ceebs reading it. I had one of these tea bags every second day in the afternoon, to cleanse the digestive tract and speed up detoxification. I think this is the one that makes you go to the toilet more often, but to be honest, after reading that I got a little scared, so I skipped this one a few times. It does however, contain natural ingredients such as chamomile, chrysanthemum, rose flower, lavender, roselle, lemongrass and green leaf - all to help detoxy the body in their organic ways.

The second Tea combination for me was the Lean Burner, which came in a pack of 14. This is meant to be consumer daily, every morning to suppress appetite and boost metabolism with its healthy mix of green leaf, various tea leaves, lemon grass, dandelion and goji berry. I found this one so easy to remember to consume because I work in an office. And every morning when I started work, I'd pour out a hot cup of tea to start off the day. Such a convenient way to cleanse and detox. 

The tea bags themselves were so pretty. They are in this chiffon-y material, which seems so classy and expensive. They have a little label attached, with Tea written in such beautiful font, that it's almost like an Alice in Wonderland treat, just screaming 'Drink me'.

I fixed myself one of these every morning without difficulty. Except for those mornings where I was too lazy to get up AHAHHA. But yeh, they tasted really nice! Some floral hints and sweetness ~ absolutely delicious and made it really easy to go down, whilst getting filled up at the same time. Also, you can refill your cup with hot water like 2 more times still, so you get an equivalent of around 3 cups of tea before you chuck the teabag out.! Super happy with that. 

Now, during the cleanse, I did notice a bit of weight loss and definitely less hunger. Probably because I was getting liquids in me, instead of just craving solids the whole time. I think my main problem is I don't drink much water - one of the most important things for health and weight loss :( I hope to fix up this bad behaviour, but it is very difficult as weirdly enough, I don't like the taste of water! Anyway, I saw like weight loss of around 2 kg because of just drinking this tea and being healthy and controlled with food too. I really don't think the lean burner one did that much or detoxified my body, but to be honestly, I didn't really stick to the plan with that one, so it could have been a much higher weight loss number.

The hardest thing after the cleanse is sticking to a diet of healthy foods. With so much option of cafés and eating out with friends, it's hard to stay on a balanced diet :( I definitely feel like I've gained it all back and more since then, but hey, there was this great period where I just felt skinny, fit and really confident in my body for once. Let's hope I can get back to that again with just eating healthy and doing lots of exercise. I'm finding losing weight really difficult - it's like the harder I try, the more I gain :( Main things I'm sticking to right now is diet, exercise, water and sleep! And much less eating out (waste of calories AND money!).

100 percent would go on this cleanse again if I got the chance. It was easy, fun and effective. Only my bad habits afterwards reverted me back to tubby Rachel form. Hopefully next time, I'll be able to change my eating habits as well during that cleanse period, so I come out ready and continually determined to keep my shape. 

Thanks for reading!!
xx Heylinni
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  1. Going to have to check this tea out.


  2. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  3. Love your reviews! When the is the next coming up? QAQ

    1. Bonjournicol.blogspot.my I forgot to add! Heh

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