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By Rachel Lin - 3:57 PM

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Hey friends! It's about time I introduced you to someone very special in my life. We only just met recently, but I already think I'm in love. It's called. . . . .LUXCURLY. Heh heh heh. I've been chillaxing and thinking about my blog lately. Just found the most beautiful, hidden spot at work, with cushions and a gorgeous view, so I'm in my element! I finally decided to blog about this popup event I went to, plus a review on LuxCurly. LuxCurly is a relatively new hair curler in the market, with cool, techy features that ensure perfectly curled hair. It costs $119 and can be bought on their online store found here.

So a couple of weeks ago, I was sent an email by Hanita, inviting me to come along to a popup event in the city. It was for this product called 'LuxCurly'. I really had no idea what it was - just that it had something to do with 'Curly' and probably hair stuff. So I found out that LuxCurly is actually this amazing hair curling iron, created with new technology and special features! To be honest, the invitation email said 'Bloggers will be given the opportunity to receive one', and I'd be lying if I said that wasn't my main motivation for going hehe. But honestly, I was genuinely intrigued by the product and very interested to hear more about it, when I got there.

Right, so I'm off topic again. Let's start with what happened after I accepted the invite. On the day, I drove there after work, quite late at night. I was planning to go in the day, but Hanita wasn't in then and she said she wanted to personally meet me, which made me feel quite honoured hehe.  The most difficult part though was finding the store! There was no location on the invite, so I was feeling super confused, just wandering around the shopping centre being like ...'but wherrreeeeee'. Needless to say, I was very relieved when I found them. They were right by the escalators, I don't know how I could have missed them.

Anyway, as soon as I approached the store, the girls there were SO NICE! Hanita came up to personally show me how the curling wand worked and gave me a ton of information about it. Basically, they have 2 different sizes. The thicker one is for longer, voluminous hair, whereas the smaller wand is for thinner and shorter hair. It was interesting to hear about these curling wands and see them and play with them in person. I asked her what was the unique feature of these products that set them apart from the market. She let me know that these curling irons actually control temperature and are auto-rotating! So let me explain these for you...

Firstly, the curling iron has temperature control! You've got these buttons at the end of the wand, which allow you to turn on the curling power, increase or decreases the temperature. On the little screen, the degrees celsius will be shown. This is set as default to 180 degrees for standard hair needs, but some people might want even hotter if they have thicker hair, or on the contrary, cooler if they have thinner hair and don't want to burn it all off their head hahah.

The second unique thing about this curling iron is the auto-rotating wand. Near the middle of the iron, there are two buttons - Left and Right. By pressing the left button, after the iron has been clasped into your strip of hair, the wand will rotate left and vice versa for right. It's really fun to play around with and it means you no longer have to manually twist the curling iron up to the top of your head. It can be a little difficult to use for the first few times, just because you have to coordinate the rotation and also clipping the hair in and taking it out. I would try to remove my hair and then accidentally press the rotation button and get slightly burnt! Not good hehe, but once you get used to it, you just get pro and it's so much more convenient and easy to curl hair.

On the day I went, they curled my hair for me in the ponytail and it came out looking so fabulous! The curls look so pretty, perfect and princess-like - I absolutely love it! 

So then, I got a curling iron myself to take home and try. Hanita gave me the thicker iron, because although my hair is thin, it is very long! Hence it needs something stronger to hold the curls and make thicker curls! I am so grateful for the gift and love using it so much. 

The LuxCurly product comes in a beautifully packaged box like this. The way it opens is quite unique too~ You can just slide each half of the box outwards and voila ~ the beautiful curling iron appears. It's fitted snugly in there and well-protected by the box.

Curling my hair was so nice and easy with this - nothing like my old, $20 standard curler hehe. Just a pro tip though, don't put your hair right at the bottom of the clip like I did in this pic or your hair gets stuck and tangled LOL. Also, Hanita recommended I put in some heat-protectant before curling, as that is really the only way to make sure your hair is still healthy and strong, even after curling.

In addition to the curling iron, Hanita also gave me a beautiful, hand-made floral crown, which was a promo gift with their curlers. I love it so much - it looks really earthy and organic and apparently she made it herself. The floral decoration is dainty and looks perfect on a head of curls; it's as if you are a forest fairy ^_^ I definitely need to do a photoshoot or video lookbook with this crown sometime. Other than that, here are some closer product images (of the packaging, closeups of the curler and other aesthetic things).

My hair is so stick straight usually, so I'm often dreaming of having some princess waves or soft curls. I mean, it's human nature to want what we don't have right? But the LuxCurly hair curler grants me my wishes. Usually with my cheaper hair curler, my hair will hold for about 20 mins, then fall right back into it's boring straightness. With this one, after I was done curling, I was so happy to see that it managed to last 5-6 HOURS with soft waves. So price definitely signifies quality in this, and this quality is well worth its price. I love that with the auto-rotating feature, I'm able to get perfect curls, that actually look like ringlets. They're really gorgeous!

Alright, so here is the photo dump of the end result. I can't say enough times that I LOVE it and thanks so much to LuxCurly and Hanita for inviting me to try it out. Recommend/10!

Thanks so much for reading guys and look out for more stuff coming on this blog soon! The giveaway winners to my Paw Paw Lip Butter giveaway are: Weng Chin, Kristy Ng and Jessica Lee. Congrats guys!
xx Heylinni
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9 replies

  1. Great pics! Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. You look amazing with your hair curled! I recently got my first curling iron as well, from NuMe and I really love it. Maybe after when I finish with NuMe I'll try this brand!
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  3. Wow. It really gives natural looking curls. :)

    Spices + Everything Nice |

  4. Oooo~~ it does create lovely curls doesn't it! I might go check it out :D

    BLOG: ♥ lazypandah blog (✪㉨✪) ♥

  5. Great post!The wand has given a natural looking curls. You looks very pretty!