3CE and Sephora Makeup Haul and Review!

By Rachel Lin - 10:19 PM

Hello my fun friends! Haha idk what I'm saying, but quite excited and bouncy this morning. I'm running quite an important meeting in less than an hour, but I thought I might just write my blog post in the meantime, to take my mind off things a little. I've also just booked a Harbour Bridge Climb during Sydney's Vivid Festival so it's going to be SO GOOD and I'm so excited! Though, legit that is rip wallet rip money hahah no eating out for a month at least. 100% worth it. I've had a pretty lazy day and I was just thinking about my life this morning. I can't believe this Semester of uni has gone by so fast and there's only around 2 and a half weeks left until exams. I think when you start working, everything just speeds up so much. Work has been fun but tiring and I just need a break hahah but will be at the place I am currently until mid-July. It's weird...it's like I don't want to leave at all...but at the same time, I just want a month or so off! AHAH such a lazy girl. 

Anyway, this post is something that was due probs the day before yesterday, but I've only just got around to it now, because I've been running around non-stop doing this and that. I used my old camera to take these photos too ~~ ah my trusty Nikon D5000, because the Canon 70D doesn't have self-timer + consecutive shots. The pics still came out quite well though :) 

Here's the story -- Weina, who I worked with last year for Alpha H skincare (she was a part of Luxola) contacted me again recently with another invitation to collaborate. It's an interesting thing really - sometime during last year, Luxola transitioned in Sephora.com.au ~~ WOW right? She offered a review opportunity, where I would receive a bunch of 3CE makeup products from them to write about. A win/win situation for me, since I am OBSESSED with 3CE but never really had the chance to buy it because I had too much makeup already. Of course, I more than happily accepted and here I am right now, writing about it. 

For those that don't know, here's some context. 

Firstly, Sephora and Luxola's transition! Sephora does not really need an introduction, I would think. One of the biggest cosmetic retailers in the world - I remember I used to play Stardoll and you could get beauty items from their 'Sephora' hahah. This just shows how famous it is -- it's even featured in games! Anyway, they are a massive international beauty company, holding some of the best beauty brands in the world. They quite recently opened up a store in Sydney Pitt Street and Macquarie Shopping Centre and it's always busy from what I have seen~~ So from what I've been told, Luxola was acquired by LVMH - the French holding company that had subsidiary Sephora. This meant that Australians could now buy a lot of the Sephora online products that they once couldn't, using the Sephora.com.au website. Great news for Australian beauty fanatics! 

3CE (3 Concept Eyes) is a beauty line tied to a Korean Fashion company called StyleNanda. StyleNanda is (I would say) one of the biggest fashion brands in South Korea at the moment for women. It features popular Internet star, Park Sora, as one of its models. I LOVE Park Sora. In Year 10, I used to follow all the Park Sora and Stylenanda tags on tumblr and just stalk and put her as my desktop wallpaper and all that - she was and still is, my goals hahaha. Moving on....StyleNanda has already started becoming GLOBAL with flagship stores in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and more. It's got such a unique and standout style to it. The 3CE makeup brand also features sleek, minimalistic beauty products for high fashion and sophisticated looks. Today, I will feature 5 special products that can be bought on the Sephora website 24/7! 

The 5 products feature:

1. 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation 
2. 3CE Creamy Cheek Stick 
3. 3CE Back to Baby BB Cream 
4. 3CE Pen Eyeliner
5. 3CE Colour Duo Blush Compact 

I was so so so excited when I received them and they all came packaged beautifully! Here is the look I made completely with these products. 

Now jumping into the review. Let's talk about the foundation first :3 

The Glossing Waterful Foundation was a really nice and big surprise for me! I didn't think Sephora would send such a luxurious item for little old blogger me heheh. The price is almost $50, which would be considered high-end for Korean beauty products, but mid-range for Western beauty. And I certainly think that in some aspects, 3CE falls into the Western Beauty category more so than the Korean, simply because of its packaging, 'targeted audience' and shades/styles that seem to be much more accommodating to styles other than cutesy and sweet. There are 4 shades - Nude Beige, Soft Beige, Natural Ivory, and Milk Ivory. 

This foundation has such interesting packaging to me, because it comes with an eye-dropper like applicator, so you can suck up the foundation and drop it out onto the back of your hand. The consistency of the foundation is pretty interesting too - quite creamy, but also reminds me a little bit of wet mud or papier maché. LOL. This allows it to apply as a full coverage layer, to hide any red spots and balance out your skin tone. At the same time, when it's on, it becomes quite watery and spreads really smoothly. In the end, you are left with clear skin that still feels light and airy. 

The liquid foundation is VERY dewy and glowing and leaves you with a silky finish. You don't feel caked at all - just natural and enhanced haha. It contains SPF15 for some mild sunblock, though I certainly don't recommend using this as a replacement for sunscreen, especially in the Australian sun. And although the bottle seems a little small, you don't really need that much to cover up ~ so this will last for ages. Thus, I would say it is worth it!!! 

See how I did this swatch? I layered just one little blob over blush and eyeliner I applied before and now, you can barely see the pinkish tones of the blush. The coverage on this foundation is pretty strong. 

Next up, is the Back to Baby BB Cream!! YAY! Haha, another awesome base skin product for me to hide those pimples and breakouts. I don't really know why it is called Back to Baby - maybe because you go back to the smooth looking skin of a baby? Yeah...probably lol. Anyway, BB Cream is always a good 'replacement' for foundation, if you don't want to fork out too much money. This one is a lot cheaper and does a similar job. Honestly, I'm by no means a makeup guru - so I'm just gonna throw it out there that foundation and BB Cream have similar effects so..yeh, take that as you will. BB Cream is so good at covering up, creating an airbrushed finish, evening skin tone and so much more. It's kind of like a miracle cream. However, I do think this one would last much less than the Glossing Waterful Foundation from above, just because the tube is much smaller. 

Because it is in a tube though, it's much easier to take around with you! You gotta consider these things!! Haha. It will apply like a second skin - thicker than the dewy foundation finish. This BB Cream is actually packed with crystal water, diamond powder and pearl powder, to cause a translucent glowing layer! That's some expensive stuff right there. The benefit to these ingredients is that the BB Cream hydrates and gives an extra long-lasting, moisturised finish. 

You see? Evidently from this swatch, the BB Cream is thicker and has a much stronger coverage, leaving the baby skin finish. 

The creamy cheek stick is an ingenious piece of product. Unlike traditional blush powders or liquids, this comes in the convenient form of a stick to apply easily and smoothly. The price is right up there, but considering it's a GIANT stick of pure blush, it should be pretty bang for buck. It comes in 5 shades: Marry You, Love Craft, Sweet Apricot, Pink Factory and Candy Shop. The shades range from nudes to more pinkys, very natural and minimal. I can imagine it applied over a dewy look to create a sophisticated make. 

The cheek blush is actually SO creamy. When applied, it looks kind of harsh, clunky and even chalky but as soon as you start spreading it, it becomes soft and velvety, which is exactly what I'd be expecting for $39. I love that it's so compact and easy to take with me anywhere, in case I need to add a touch of colour to my face without making me seem clownish.

I was able to apply this cheek blush s subtly for my look, making it dewy, natural and innocent. When I first applied it in 2 strokes, it was so vivid and opaque - I was like, omg ...wot. But after spreading it along my cheekbones, it turned into something very very natural and mild, which I adore. The stick structure also allows you much more control over your strokes, making applying blush all the easier.

At first, it was very thick and opaque...

But after blending, look how soft and yummy it looks!

The second last item is this pen brush liner. I LOVE pen liners and they are the only type of eyeliner I really use to do my makeup, simply because they are so precise and give the same effects as liquid liners but even cleaner. Recently, I've been using Etude House Pen Liner or Dolly Wink Pen Liners, but this one is just as good - if not, better than the ones I've been using before. It's got a precise and thin tip to be used for neat liner application, creating strokes that range from fine and slim to bold and daring so you can achieve both simple and dramatic looks - whatever you are feeling on that particular day.

What's different to my older pen liners is that this one has such a short brush tip. I think that this allows for much less room for error - so my lines are straight, defined and exactly as I imagine them to be. Additionally, the eyeliner is so long-lasting, it didn't even smudge after 8 hours. My old Etude House pen liner, although I LOVE it so much, would smudge quite quickly and fade within the day. Not even joking, I'll probably buy this liner when I finish it. 

5. Duo Colour Face Blush - $RRP39 

The final awesome item I received from 3CE x Sephora was this compact duo blush. It's your more typical powder blush, except with a mix of 2 vivid colours that merge together to create some dramatic shades. There are 5 gorgeous shades that match complementing colours like orange and pink, or purple and pink. You'd use this soft blush duo to create a long lasting radiant glow that glides smoothly on to your skin. You have the choice to use them separately, or mix the two complementing colours.

I really liked this blush. I applied it underneath my line of pink cream stick blush, to add more shadow and create depth in my face so that the cheekbones popped out! By using multiple, fading shades of blush, you can subtly accentuate facial features better and also sharpen the face and make it seem slimmer. The shadow it caused on the hollows of my cheeks definitely made for a nice finish.

So there we have it! A complete review of the 5 awsome 3CE beauty items I was sent by Sephora.com.au :D I'm really thankful and glad I got the chance to work with them. However, I must make note that these opinions are truthful and my own and I'm not just raving on about it because it was sponsored. HONESTLY, I really did like these products A WHOLE LOT :D And I hope that if you ever choose to try them out, you'll agree with meeeee

Alright, that's it for now! Thanks for reading and Youtube vid will be coming out tomorrow on my channel Heylinni - so until then.....

Good bye!!

xx Heylinni 
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12 replies

  1. I'm so jealous of your 3CE haul! it's my new favorite brand! I use their eyeshadow on the daily!

  2. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!

  3. Really nice review! Makes me wanna shop in 3CE now! Your first photo looks so pretty! What filter did you used for it?

  4. I really want to try the Back to Baby BB cream, but I'm just worried that I won't end up liking the 3ce BB... I'm currently using and loving the Iope BB cushion.
    Thanks for your review! After reading this post, I ordered a lot of 3ce products during the Black Friday sale and did a 3ce Makeup Haul - link below. Enjoy!

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