My 3-Day Juice Detox Experience | Schkinny Maninny Review!

By Rachel Lin - 12:48 PM

Hello everyone! Guess what, I'm back with a very interesting experience. I was actually planning on making a video out of this, but then decided it was kind of repetitive, cos each day was quite similar and it wouldn't make for very interesting content. Thus, I felt a blog post could cover it all a little better.

On the topic of videos, my Youtube channel has just hit 2000 subscribers! Woohoo! Thought I might just keep you in the loop on that, cos I'm posting there quite regularly (well, a lot more regular than I post on this blog haha). Thank you all! Without you guys, I would be useless HAAHAHAH jokes i still am quite useless, but a little less so with your support :3 

Anyway, this title already gave away what I'm discussing in this post. It's all about weight loss and detoxing with SCHKINNY MANINNY, a really interesting juice/soup cleanse company, based in Australia. I find their service a fascinating one, especially since it's in the detoxing field, which I've always been quite wary of and tended to stray away from. I've always heard that detoxing is kind of a fad, which doesn't really work. Well, I'm always trying to lose weight, as can be evident in my previous tea detox post too (Hahah!), so I thought, hey if something is not working, change it up and approach it differently. As Einstein once said, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity. So I'm just trying all sorts of methods and seeing which one fits me personally, with my schedule and love for food hahaha. 

So I just want to talk about detoxing first, cos it's an interesting topic. Now, take careful note guys, I am NOT any kind of health expert - far from it, but this is just information I read online haha. And like they say, you can't believe everything you see on the Internet. Detoxing is basically where you avoid toxins entering your body - usually through a diet. In this case, I went through a gruelling 3 day Juice/Soup detox, where I literally ate no solid food, and just consumed six bottles of soup and juice a day. The point of it is to rid the toxins from your body, so in a way, I don't think you are necessarily meant to lose weight off it - instead, that's more like a side effect to detoxing. Many articles online speak of the dangers to detoxing, such as muscle deterioration, hair loss, protein deficiency etc. etc. Now, I got really scared of all these side effects, but in the end I took one for the team to find out what all the fuss was about. 

I think it's ok to do if you are on a 3-day detox or something, just to do some quick cleansing. But definitely those people that do it for 3 weeks need to be well prepared, mentally and physically, otherwise it could be a real danger to your body. Also, I don't think we should use detoxes to starve ourselves and lose weight - because the main point is flushing toxins out. I found that a good side effect was getting used to healthier consumption of food and not snacking out of boredom after the program, which definitely helped with weight management (though I fell back into my classic hole of fattyness, so I really need to get a hold of myself again!). If you're just curious to see how it is, Schkinny Maninny is the way to go because they offer you all types of options of cleanses, short or long, fruit or soup or both, with a garden salad and more. They deliver to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane DAILY, from Monday to Friday, so it's very easy and you don't have to think about making food for those days haha! 

So they are actually cold pressed juice detox program to clear toxins, kickstart metabolism and get you feeling fresh and healthy. Their six reasons to order the juice detox include:
  1. Increased energy
  2. Relieve illness 
  3. Glowing skin
  4. Healthier liver (by giving it a break)
  5. Convenience
  6. Support 
For 3 days, the price is quite steep at $175.00. But tbh, you get 6 pressed juices PER day, made of fresh, organic, pressed fruits. It's not like some banana and strawberry shake sourced from your local woolies. The customer service at Schkinny Maninny is also INCREDIBLE! They responded very quickly to emails, kept me updated, encouraged me during the detox and had helpful bits of information in their juice packs. Everything is so meticulate and thought out, which I thought was just lovely. They came in separate eskys for each day. 

Now, let's go to the diary of the three days and my thoughts on each of the juices! 

Day 1: Easy Peasy 

Day 1 was pretty simple, though I did break at dinner time and had sushi because I forgot my dinner juices LOL. Already failed first day in. But I tried to stay light, and just had some sashimi. Anyway, I woke up mega excited about my first day of cleanse. I was curious as to what the juices would taste like, since they all sounded like exotic and wonderful combinations of vegetables and fruits. 

Each day you also get a little pamphlet giving you encouragement and letting you know what is happening to your body, as well as some dos and don'ts. They provided a little cup of seeds for munching on in case you needed to exercise your mouth. 

As you can see, I had the six juices below to enjoy. The juices are also numbered, as you have to drink them in a special order for the detox to be effective, as their ingredients perform different miracles on your body. Also, you don't get TOO hungry because in total, the juices contain like 1500 calories, so it's not like you are starving your body of its nutrients. 1500 calories is more than my target daily intake!! 

So, first up was the Schkinny Water Frog - which I didn't get a photo of unfortunately, but it is similar to my Day 2 and 3 breakfast juices :3 It had a nice taste, really tangy and interesting - the kiwi fruit was a nice touch and stood out the most to me. After finishing off this first bottle, I felt pretty full and satisfied albeit. a bit sloshy hahah. 

Next, I got hungry around morning tea time - so I had my second juice. The Schkinny Triple C. This contained Carrot, Celery, Apple and Cucumber. As you can see on the bottle, it provides a lot of good side effects, like stronger hair and nails, night vision and prevention of certain diseases. It was really nice as I fell naturally into a routine of drinking the juice, so that I felt satisfied the whole day. I would have one for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and dessert. This one was alright - quite yummy and refreshing. The Apple made it so much better, since the other vegetables weren't sweet. It took a little to get used to but I managed to finish this one off as well. 

Then lunch time came around and it was time to try my first soup - the Lentil Luncheon! Yum! I was really excited to give this one a go, since it looked tasty and I was hunngrry. There were some lentils at the bottom of the bottle, which kind of was like solid food hahaha. The soup contained SO MANY ingredients and was delicious and spicyyyy! It had a nice Moroccan Taste, which I thought was great. The bottle also filled up 2 bowls worth so I was left feeling really full. 

For afternoon tea, around 4pm, I got peckish again. This time the Schkinny Rocky Orange Show was up to bat. It's a rockmelon, mint, orange, cucumber and apple juice. Definitely one of my favourites of the day. This was YUMMMMY! I kept going back for more little sips, which I greatly enjoyed. It was light, fresh and hydrating. 

After that, I forgot that I had to stay out in the city after work so I forgot my dinner juices. As a result, since I didn't want to starve myself, I just didn't drink them and had some light sushi instead. :( Was sad I missed out but I also didn't want to hurt my body by not consuming anything. The inconvenient thing about this program is probably the fact that you have to lug your 6 bottles around if you do go to work, so it's pretty difficult. 

Overall thoughts of the day were that I wasn't so hungry and DAMN I had to go to the bathroom so many times. Legit, like 6 times that day. All the liquids and toxins were just flushing out of my body haha. 

Day 2: Feeling it :(

Here is my spread of Day 2 juices. I'm really glad that they were different to Day 1, so I wasn't just drinking the same thing each day and I got some range - otherwise I'd get SO bored of the program. I hate repetition haha. 

In the morning I had the Schkinny Leap Frog. It was the similar to the day before - but I don't think this one had watermelon in it :( Made me sad cos watermelon is my life choice of fruit. It was pretty tasty, nothing special and I just continued the day as usual.

For morning tea, I drank the Schkinny Pine Grapple. This was pretty tasty! Some standard fruit juice stuff, but nevertheless, it tasted good and I continued feeling happy and chill for Day 2.

Lunch time was when disaster struck. They had allocated something called Schkinny Creme of Spinach soup. It was an alien green colour, so I was already feeling very wary of the soup. Plus, when I poured it out into the bowl, it looked mushy and lumpy. ZZZzzzzz.... anyway, I tried to spice it up by adding some pepper but NOPE - nothing could fix that taste. It had lemon juice in it, which made it so sour, but it was creamy, so the taste was not right at all for me. I didn't even get through half my first bowl and I just had to chuck it out - otherwise I would be throwing it up. HAhaha. I guess that's a downside of this program. If you get sent stuff you don't like, then you starve. I was left feeling pretty hungry for the rest of the day, till afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea did kind of makeup for it all. It was a Pink Sherbet, and already that name made it seem yummo. I think the Pink Sherbet had a lemony flavour to it, mixed with watermelon. What could be better! It was citrus-y, refreshing and made me feel a lot better, but I was still hungry cos it was so light. 

That made me look forward to dinner time a lot, where I'd be having the Vego Con Carne soup. This also looked shit - literally. It looked absolutely disgusting in the bowl, like some kind of dog food throw up. But it smelled really nice and I was so hungry. Surprisingly, it also tasted really nice :) It had a hint of chilli, which was great because I LOVEEE spicy foods. It went down well and I was back to feeling bouncy and joyful. 

Then the dessert drink made it even better! I was so sad to not have had that nut milk the first night, because it was so delicious and I'm craving it even now. It was sweet and milky, with the taste of nuts. It had a very lumpy texture, but I still enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Hehe, this is also something I spotted at my work kitchen during Day 2 and just made me laugh because of its immaturity. 

Day 3: The Final Stretch!

Woohoo! I woke up this morning, honestly just wanting the day to be over so I could eat food again. Honestly, I missed chewing so much ahahah we should never be apart again. This days Juices were a mix of the old and new types of flavours. I was especially glad to see that my lunch would be the yummy Lentils again and not the Creme Spinach! The program overall wasn't that difficult, but it felt long. I didn't lose any weight, and tbh I didn't feel all bouncy and light and healthy like reviews I had read before. I also didn't have any sickness, breakouts or discomfort surface - which was weird because that was what I was warned would happen. I think the reason for this might be because my mum keeps me on a strictly healthy diet, with heaps of fruits and veges on the daily already, so maybe I didn't need to flush out many toxins~~ I'm not sure that if I had to pay, I'd do this again. It did however leave me with some really good eating habits - eating on a schedule, portion control and drinking more liquids. I discovered that I actually eat a lot, even when I'm not hungry or when I'm already full, so that was a good revelation to come about. 

Breakfast was Schkinny Leap Frog once again. I'm kind of glad I won't be having this one anymore. I get bored really easily, so 3 days in a row and I'm pretty much done! hahah the excitement has worn off.

Morning tea was the BEAUTIFUL pink sherbet, which is one I don't think I'd be getting sick of anytime soon, because it was just simply delicious. A bit sour and a little bit sweet from the watermelon. Craving one right now.

Lunch was great as well! But I've already discussed it during Day 1. The Lentil Soup was a really great way to have my last lunch on the detox program. Very happy happy. 

Afternoon tea was this new flavour: Schkinny Beet Froot Tingles. Hmm, not sure how I felt about this one. It was okaaaay.... like bearable, but I don't really like Beetroot, so I didn't finish it off. It was kind of a weird taste. I'd drink it if I was starving, but not if I felt slightly peckish. 

Anddd the last juices of the day was dinner and dessert. Obviously I savoured every drop of dessert. But I didn't get the chance to have much of dinner as I went to my friends Orchestra concert. It was really cool and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed what I had of the Schkinny Butter Seed soup. It was very garlicky and when I had too much, it tasted so spicy - but there was a nice touch of cauliflower creaminess and the taste of fresh veges. It was lovely - kind of potatoey as well, but I knew there were no carbs in this one hahaha. It did look really gross though, so I felt a little bit embarrassed to drink it in front of people - plus I couldn't really heat it up so I never experienced it's full potential. 

And alas, that's the end of my Juice Detox experience with Schkinny Maninny! It was so much fun and I found it a unique and enjoyable experience. Definitely like nothing I've ever done before and it felt good to be challenged during those three days. You really do feel like you've accomplished something and I guess I did feel a little bit tighter and less floppy fat. LOL 

Definitely check them out if you feel like taking the challenge of a cleanse - but I'd recommend sticking with a shorter period, because any more than that and I probably would have hated it and just gotten rekt. 

Hope this was an interesting post to read! And thank you for reading guys! I love you alll :)

xx Heylinni 
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  1. sounds very interesting, I have always wanted to try a juice detox.

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  2. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!

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