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Minxx Creme Lipstick and Liquid Lipstick Review!

Hello everyone! Surprised I am posting? Hehe, I am still here :) Hopefully you're all caught up on the new Youtube videos I've posted. Excitingly, I was also in LeendaDee's new video called 'Am I pretty enough?', which sends an amazing message about the people around you and how they can view you differently from the negative thoughts that you place on yourself. It's kind of different to what she usually does, but I really recommend watching it:

Today's post is all about this new beauty product I was sent in the mail. It contained 2 items: Minx Lipstick and Minxx Lip Gloss. I actually haven't heard of Minxx before this, so I had to do some researching to find out what kind of company they were and their story. Ok, so what was really annoying was that I thought they were called Minx, so I was trying to search information up online but I could not find them virtually anywhere. It was really frustrating, and I even went to Facebook pages...but finally, after looking at the search results on Instagram for Minxx, I found out that they had 2 X's!!! LOL. Anyway, here is their website: 

So Minxx is an Australian brand, led by Jo the creator, who wanted to produce different shades of lipstick for any mood on a given day. That's an interesting concept because I know that I am often wanting something like this in my life. When I'm feeling light and happy, I just want a shade to reflect that - and that'd probably be a very toned down pink. Or if I was feeling courageous, I'd go for a standout red! 

Minxx offers both creme lipsticks and also liquid lipsticks (which I thought was the lip gloss!). They're quite affordable at $28.50 and $32.50 respectively. The range of colours on the site is really fantastic, with oranges, nudes, purples, reds, pinks and so much more. I was really impressed by their extensive range. They also have a few signature shades in case you are having a hard time choosing. 

Let's see what they look like on!  

I started by trying out the creme lipstick. It came in a standard tube, which has the Minxx logo on it. It's simple and sleek, but doesn't give off the best impression, just because the quality of the packaging is average. It's a plastic tube and a little bit flimsy for a $30+ product. 

However, I was sent an amazing dark pink shade, which was great because I don't own any lipsticks in this shade already. It's girly, bold and muted down enough to not look too crazy on the lips. It has a wonderful romantic feel to it, which I really liked. So despite the packaging not being impressive, the product itself makes up for it.

Doing a swatch on my hand, the lip colour seems true to its appearance. It doesn't make way for any surprises, so you know pretty much what you are getting for each shade from first look. It's also quite creamy (of course, due to its name 'creme' lipstick, lol i am so dumb) and slicks on in a lovely way. I like that it has a tiny bit of sheen to it, so the lipstick looks glossy.

I loveee how it turned out on my lips. It's definitely different to what I usually wear. This bold pink comes out a bit brighter on the lips - looking slightly party pink. It's a perfect addition to girly, pop and even retro 80s looks. I also like that it isn't matte so that my lips don't look dry and yucky after applying. Due to having naturally dry, chapped lips, this creme lipstick is a good addition to moisturise those lips and leave them shiny and glossy. 

Next was this bubblegum pinky shade of liquid lipstick. It really just looks like a gloss to me, so I'm not sure why it is more expensive that the creme lipstick. It's a long, thin tube of liquid product - definitely looks better than the creme lipstick packaging though. I like the clear container, so you can see the actual shade of the product inside ~complete transparency 

In the swatch below, you can see the liquid lipstick does come out pretty much like gloss. It is glossy, wet and very subtle in colour. However, I do notice that it holds a tiny bit more opacity than normal glosses, to add that colour to your lips. It's an incredibly pale pink, which wouldn't have too much effect on your lips, so only go for this shade if you want a natural and light look. I'm sure they sell more vivid colours in liquid lipsticks on their website though, so if you're into that, it could be worth looking into. 

And so, on my lips, I've added it as an extra layer on top of the creme lipstick. It adds that natural, wet shine to the lips, keeping them looking healthy and moisturised! This also helps in making the lips look plumper and fuller as well - since wrinkled, chapped lips can cause a shrinking effect! 

Overall, it's a really nice product that I was more than happy to share with you readers about :)) 

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xx Heylinni

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