Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ID Collective PR Showroom Fun! ☼☼

Hello everyone! How is it going? Atm, I'm in Victoria skiing! It's so fun but sometimes I get frustrated because I feel like I'm not improving hahah so dumb...I keep trying the ski parks but there's this one trick that I just cannot do and it's driving me crazy !! Oh well....persevere :) 

ANYWAY LMAO, a couple of weeks back, I went to ID Collective's Showcasing of the next seasons products from their clients. It was a fun experience and I felt more knowledgeable by the end of it haha. I had been to Portobello PRs showroom viewing in the past but I felt a bit less confident there and less looked after as a small blogger. However, ID Collective were absolutely fabulous in their service and friendliness! They are quite a big PR company situated in the City area - they represent a bunch of large brands such as Carmex, UNIQLO, Hush Puppies, Brite Organix, Nutribullet and more! I loved walking around their showroom and getting to look at everything on display and plus, the little freebies weren't so shabby either :D 

Hehe, let's get into the experience. When I arrived, parking was SO hard to find, as it is in the city. They were in this tiny block, hidden away by other buildings. But I went pretty late in the day, like around 5pm - the day right before my exam as well LOL. I was greeted by Katrina, who was extremely kind and accommodating. 

First off, she showed me the Nutribullet product. It was awesome because they had invited in a specialist who would show us the process of using Nutribullet and also make a juice of our choice. I chose the citrus flavoured juice because I LOVE the biting flavour of citrus fruit :) She talked me through using the Nutribullet as a convenient blender. It seemed highly technological but apparently very easy and intuitive to use - just a few simple buttons. However, the technology behind it is rather impressive and I was presented with a lovely lemon, orange, honey, etc. juice at the end, which tasted so delicious. She handed me the cup (pictured below) and I thought that we were supposed to pour the contents into a paper cup but she said I could just keep it, so I was pretty over the moon hahahah - such a quality plastic mug! I think the Nutribullet will retail for around $200, so maybe something to look out for when buying appliances or a new blender? 

Next, Katrina showed me around the showroom, starting with the shoes in the racks against the wall. I was able to have a look at the upcoming line for Hush Puppies, which mixed both style and comfort. I absolutely adore those pink 'oxfords' on the side with the cutout. The pastel colour is so cute and appealing and I think it would make for a cool yet feminine and cute outfit :)

Next up to geez were these sunglasses! Such a cute and lovely line and look at all the different designs and colours! I really need a new pair of sunglasses myself, so this style is what I'll be keeping an eye out for next time :P 

I was also shown this beautiful red bike, but not too sure from which brand it was (can't remember all those names! But check out a list of ID Collective clients here if you are interested) 

It was unexpected to see that ID Collective represented such a big brand as UNIQLO as well, so I was really pleased to see their promotions in the showroom. I love the sleek, sophisticated and simple styles of UNIQLO and also the superb comfort that they provide. 

I also got the chance to peek at this beautiful piece of homewares and lifestyle designs! The blue was so stunning in real life - one of my favourite colours in fact. This homeware brought such a brilliant shine into the room and I thought it was very very tumblr-like. 

Finally, I got to take some of these yummy Bondi Bircher snacks home. They were DELICIOUS! I took the chia seed and passionfruit pot and I just craved more. It had some fancy rose petals in it as well, which was unlike anything I ever tried before, but I enjoyed every bit of it.

As well as the Nutribullet mug and Bondi Bircher snack, ID Collective gave me a little gift bag to take home as well. When I say little, that is an understatement actually hahaha. This thing was huge and contained so many yummy items and beauty products, including Carmex lip balms, instant coffee sachets (we had these on ski trip - they were delicious!), protein balls, Tyrells Poshcorn, Spot Medic (for pimples), a Brite Organix hair mask and lots more. 

Overall, I had such a good time at the Showroom and want to thank ID Collective for every moment of it. I'm so grateful to be given fun opportunities like these and hope that you guys continue to visit and read my blog for many more adventures with me~~~

xx Heylinni 
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  1. I love your collections, mostly your thousands pairs of shoes! You ordered them so nicely.

    xo. tthuy | RubyliXious

  2. What a shame about Portobello! I had no idea they looked after uniqlo... I am ALWAYS at uniqlo XD

    Lily not Louise

  3. Glad you are having a good time skiing.


  4. I want those yellow sunglasses <3 Glad you're having a fun time! Skiing is very difficult, I remember crashing so many times when I tried it, haha.


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