Friday, August 12, 2016

Etude House Color Lips-Fit Review

Hey everyone! I'm back with a fun review hehe - legit love the photos I took for this one tbh. In other news, I took a step forward with my Youtube and committed to posting two videos a week HAHAH - probs gonna crash. I feel like it's been another semester of overcommitting and taking on SO MANY RESPONSIBILITIES zzzzz...

Anyway, my review today is all thanks to the awesome Korean Cosmetics Store, Q-Depot. They are another choice for Korean makeup and beauty products. What's more, the site itself is so cute and pretty and easy to navigate - and the prices are incredibly low! It's a good option to check out if you are in search of some beauty or skincare products.

They kindly sent me the Etude House Color Lips-Fit product in PK001, as I requested. I really wanted something more bubblegum PINK and cute, since a lot of the lipsticks I currently own are very plum/bold colours. I decided it was time to go for a change and try out some feminine and flirty shades.

As you can see, there are 8 shades - 7 lip colours and 1 clear gloss. They are all very mild and princessy colours, with no crazy shades of red or purple. I like this range since its pastel and subtle, meaning this lip product could be worn on an everyday occasion. Apparently, the special point about this product is a 2-in-1 function, where it acts as a lip gloss AND a lip colour at the same time. The Etude House Color Lips-Fit product costs $6.90 USD on Q-Depot and comes with free shipping worldwide if your order exceeds $49! Too easy.

And nowww, it's time to see what the lip colour looks like ON and also if the colour is true to the photos. I do firstly want to say that I think the packaging is SO CUTE! It's also really similar to the Benefit products packaging imo. Plagiarism? Haha, though I'm sure the Benefit Lip Tints are slightly more expensive and higher quality.

The Etude House Color Lips-Fit has a bud application brush - totally not what I was expecting for a lipstick! The product inside the container looks really vivid and opaque, kind of like primary school paint? Haha.. However, the applicator brush is good for creating clean lines and applying very precisely, which I did like. The product also smells really nice ^_^ So it feels good to have on the lips.

Hmmm...on the lips however...I don't think this shade suited me that much? Maybe it's just not what I'm used to these days. I applied it across my lips quite evenly, and then tried to further matte it down a bit with a tissue. However, the product ended up being a little bit chalky on my lips. While that's not too bad a problem, since I did want it matte and dry, the bigger issue is that colour. WOW. ahha, I'm not too sure I could ever wear this out - I literally look like an asian barbie doll or something :O It's so disco, eighties, bubblegum-ness! I know I said I wanted a bubblegum pink before but I take that back haha coz I look a little bit ridiculous. Something I want to note though is that in the sample pictures, the shade is quite different. It doesn't stand out quite so much in their advertising and seems to be a much softer and milder pink touch. In my photos, it looked kind of fluoro even. I don't think it looks terrible, or like a disaster, but it definitely isn't my style and makes my lips stand out a bit too much - however I do think this is some people's style, so I wouldn't say this product is a completely bomb. Plus, it has many redeeming features like the affordable price, long lasting behaviour and moisturising effects before mattifying. So I'd recommend the product, but maybe in a different shade? :) You can check all the different shades out at Q-Depot anyhow!

Hope this was a review you enjoyed and thanks for continuing to support and read my blog!!

xx Heylinni
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  1. Wow I really love the lip colors! Thanks for the awesome review Rachel <3

  2. ahah, this color is kind of hard to pull off because it's so pink! I think this product will be popular soon since matte lips are so popular, I really need to try this soon :)


  3. Weowww great blog! I know it's hard to maintain so many things but I know you can do it :) keep up the great work!