How to Apply False Eyelashes & 1000HR Eyelash Review

By Rachel L - 4:55 PM

Hey guys,

I stopped promoting my Youtube vids here a while back because this blog was starting to become simply an advertising ground for my channel - which neither of us wants. But I figure, if it's an occasional plug, with lots of other content around, then it couldn't hurt too much right :) 

Also, admittedly I'm slightly frustrated with the drastic drop in views that my last few videos have taken - though I'm not sure why - so just experimenting with ways to promote the good old channel. 

Last week I made a "HOW TO PUT ON FALSE EYELASHES" video. It was a lot of fun and I used a pair of 1000HR lashes, which were sent to me by the company for review. I've also got a couple of variations of lashes from them, so I thought I'd do a proper review here since I didn't do that in my video. Btw, if you were interested in just the video, here ya go - it's pretty informative ^_^ 

So let's talk about the product then! The lashes from 1000HR that I own are: 

In the video, I'm wearing the Exotic Raven ones because I thought they looked the most normal, standard and natural out of the ones I owned! 

Inside the packet, you receive 1 pair of lashes and a little tube of eyelash glue. It's worth it because these lashes are reusable (probably 2-3 times?) and waterproof. They feel like they're good quality, hypoallergenic and safe to apply. I used to wear eyelashes bought from China and apply it with eyelash glue I got from Daiso and it was just a disaster because it felt dangerous and unhygienic. I seriously think I could have gotten some serious damage from that quality but I was working with a much tighter tween budget at the time! 

Anyway, this glue is strong yet doesn't feel toxic or burn on your eyes (that would definitely be a bad sign hahah). The eyelashes are sturdy and when you peel them off the packaging, they hold nicely and don't bend out of shape. I notice a big difference between eyelashes from Western brands versus Japanese brands like DollyWink is the packaging. 1000HR packaging is sleek, convenient but less cute and detailed. In comparison, the Japanese eyelashes have the cutest and prettiest packaging that makes you feel like a princess by just holding it :) 

However you can really see the effect on my eyes when I'm wearing them. They look natural, blending in really well. What's more, they are comfortable on my eyes! They don't bother me that much and after I while, I just forget that they're there. I love how false eyelashes can look because it makes your makeup look much more bold and complete and glam. It can make such a subtle yet slightly noticeable difference (completely paradoxical there, i know). 

So that was the Exotic Raven pair. In a brief overview of the other lashes and my first impression on them...

Black Vogue

The Black Vogue eyelashes are so much more thick and ...fake, I would say. They are definitely for a night out in town, rather than everyday wear. Now, just because I think they look fake, that's not necessarily a bad thing. I think when I do say fake, I simply mean thicker and more noticeable. They're a very full pair of lashes, which I am still tentative and wary to try, but when I do, you guys will be among the first to see :) 

Exotic Black - Day to Night Lashes

Now, I love these Day to Night lashes because they come with 2 pairs of lashes for just $15.99! It's cheaper than the single pair of lashes, which is a barGAIN~~ I also love the fact that they come for different occasions. The longer and thicker pair is obviously for those evening events or date nights, whereas the simple, half-lash is for a natural look during the day time - so you can enjoy the experience of falsies, without looking out of place at uni. The exotic black style is similar to the exotic raven, in that has more dispersed, natural lashes that are pretty standard for falsies. 

Daring Twist - Day to Night Lashes

Another double pack of reusable lashes! LOVE IT! These are a bit crazier, but not exactly in a THICK way but in their style. The lashes are designed in a criss cross, twist pattern to create a fuller look without it seeming too heavy or unnatural on the eyes. I ADORE the day lashes because they look so so natural, with the lash getting thicker and longer towards the outer lash part. Out of the two styles I have, I would certainly recommend this one because it looks absolutely fabulousss

Flared Medium Individual Lashes

Finally, the individual lashes. I have yet to try these properly, but I think these are a great alternative for an EVEN more natural look. Just add a few to plump up your existing lashes and you're good to go. These are great because you can create a more customised look to suit your eyes best, but if you aren't experienced, probably stray away from these for a while - just until you get used to applying lashes properly ^_^ (which is why I haven't used them yet!!) They can also be applied as lower lashes on the outer edges of your eye, which could be a cool and cute look. 

OK, so that was it for my entire lash review today :D Hope you enjoyed the video and also learnt a bit more about 1000HR lashes, which you can purchase online or at your local pharmacy (e.g. Priceline) 

yay, love u guys 

xx Heylinni

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