Sunday, January 8, 2017


Hi friends! Oh boy, happy to be back :) Blogging is always just a soothing remedy to the stresses of life and sometimes it seems like I don't get to do this often enough! I've been feeling a little bit burnt out lately - just so demotivated and dull and at times, inexplicably upset about the minute things that go on in my life. I get stressed really easily, so it's not a good state of mind to be in. But nevertheless, the holiday atmosphere has gotten me up and at em - I love the joyful mood of the holiday season, and even work seems super chill. The weather is also beautiful lately, so despite my inner turmoils, it could not be a better time of year to be happy, healthy and grateful for everything we live for. 

Today, I'm bringing you a cool product to try out. I was sent a Face Mist from Griffin+Row, who are an Australian skincare company, known for being very natural and organic. Their packaging practically screams nature and trees and the environment! I specifically wanted a Facial Mist, because during the Summer, the sun can dry your face into an old raisin, so it's super duper important to moisturise and ensure your skin is hydrated and fresh~ However, I'd prefer not to slather cream on my face every few hours, because it feels sticky and heavy. So the perfect solution is having a mist that you can lightly spray, hydrate and continue on in your merry day without a heavy feeling. 

The overall philosophy of Griffin+Row is something that is extremely organic and I love the concept: It's all about healthy living and beauty; ageing naturally, yet being able to maintain your beauty whilst you do it, at a low cost. They don't compromise on cost when it comes to ingredients, placing that at the forefront of importance, so that our skin is getting nourished with the best materials there are to offer. Their products also promote living positively, with products that are quick and easy to apply, yet effective along the way. Lastly, they promote sustainability, through their recyclable packaging and refrain from using harmful chemicals or testing on animals. 

The Griffin+Row hydrating mist comes in a really cute bottle spritzer. It aims to give the user an uplifting refresh! The mixture is alcohol-free and natural, using this special ingredient called centess complex. This is a unique blend of natural plant extracts and ingredients to directly protect skin from ageing effects. It battles against lack of oxygenation, lack of hydration, free radical damage and diminished collagen. You can read more about the special mix here

You should definitely use this spray when your skin starts feeling tired or dehydrated! It is especially essential to have in air conditioned rooms where the humidity is completely sucked out. To apply, hold it at a distance from the face and spray. This won't ruin makeup or anything like that, so it's usable at any time. Make sure to close your eyes though!! 

When I use this, I always feel like those girls in the ads that spray perfume on themselves and then shake their hair all around hahahah you know what I mean? It feels great, all cooling and hydrating! And plus, the scent is really nice and fresh. There's a real natural smell, with a hint of citrusy flavour, which I adore. After spraying on my face, I tend to pat it down a bit as well and rub it in, to really ensure the locking-down of that moisture. Overall, I think it is a great product for those that can be bothered/remember to pull it out of your bag. It can get forgotten at time, I admit. 

The Griffin+Row hydrating mist spray is $32 and can be purchased online, on their website. If you are interested, please check it out! 

On the other hand, I will be also doing a giveaway, to send ONE lucky winner their very own Griffin+Row hydrating mist! HOW EXCITING? Thanks to Griffin+Row for offering to provide another product for a classic Heylinni beauty giveaway! All you have to do is FOLLOW ME ON BLOGLOVIN and also SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL and you will be entered in the draw!! Giveaway is open in Australia, so if you are interested in this product, I encourage you to enter! 

Good luck to all!

xx Heylinni 
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